7 Reasons Why Expensive bedding is Worth It – Quality Bedding review

There are many reasons and benefits to investing in a high quality, expensive bedding set. Here’s what you should know: the fabric is softer, more durable, and it will last longer than a cheap set; the colors are brighter and won’t fade with washing; there are many different styles to choose from so you can find something that suits your taste. This article will list 7 reasons why you should buy expensive bedding. Then I will give some tips on which bedding to buy.

Why is more expensive bedding worth it?

It is worth paying more for better quality bedding because of the following benefits.

  1. The fabric is softer. 
    The reason this is true is that higher quality bedding sets are made of finer yarns, which produces a softer fabric. Also, the thread count tells you how many threads are woven into one square inch of fabric; a high thread count means more threads were used in the same area and therefore, your material will be softer.
  2. It will last longer.
    Although the price tag is higher, you won’t have to buy new expensive bedding for a long time because it is more durable. For example, luxury sheets are made with sturdier fabrics that are resistant to pilling and wrinkles; therefore, they’ll stay looking newer for longer than bargain options.
  3. The colors are brighter and won’t fade with washing.
    This is because expensive bedding sets are dyed using better quality dyes; therefore, the colors don’t fade over time and they last longer than cheaper alternatives.
  4. There are many different styles to choose from.
    If you want your bedroom décor to match or you want to suit your personal taste then it is worth investing in a high quality luxury set. You can find many styles so that you are guaranteed to find something suitable for your bedroom.
  5. It’s easy to care for.
    You won’t have to spend much time caring for expensive bedding because it is made of fabrics which don’t wrinkle or pill easily.
  6. It is the best type of gift to give.
    You can’t go wrong when you buy someone expensive bedding as a gift because it is truly a present they will enjoy and appreciate for many years to come. Another great reason why this makes an excellent choice for a gift is that, if you shop wisely, you can find sets that suit the personality of many different people regardless of their age.
  7. It is more luxurious and comfortable to sleep in.
    The higher price tag gives this option a great advantage over cheaper brands because it means companies have spent more on research and development, quality materials, technology, design, innovation and craftsmanship; therefore, you can be sure this option is more luxurious and comfortable to sleep in.

All of these reasons show why expensive bedding is worth it because the fabric, durability, craftsmanship and colors are better quality than less expensive alternatives; therefore, you won’t need to replace your luxury set for a long time which ultimately saves you money.


JELLYMONI Denim Blue Cotton Duvet Cover Set – Luxury Soft Bedding Set with Buttons


JELLYMONI Denim Blue 100% Washed Cotton Duvet Cover Set, 3 Pieces Luxury Soft Bedding Set with Buttons Closure. Solid Color Pattern Duvet Cover Cal King Size(No Comforter)


Ultra-soft comfy and breathable fabric for a restful night’s sleep. The nature wrinkled fabric gives the room a relaxed, lived-in look. Colors available are neutral and can easily bring a vintage feel to any room’s decoration. Crafted from quality whisked cotton, the reassuring feel of this natural fabric draped around you in bed combined with its protective quilted layer both help your body stay at an even temperature all night long. The denouement level of attention to detail and quality for crafting these duvet covers also ensures that when washed they will not lose their shape nor color fade. Practical yet stylish, our button closure offers ease of use while maintaining minimalistic vibes.

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Madison Park Signature Shades Of Grey King Size Bed Comforter Duvet 2-In-1 Set


Madison Park Signature Shades Of Grey King Size Bed Comforter Duvet 2-In-1 Set Bed In A Bag - Grey , Geometric – 9 Piece Bedding Sets – Ultra Soft Microfiber Bedroom Comforters


This is a beautiful, formal bedding set that will bring the perfect feel to your bedroom. Utilizing thick textured materials in light colors, this piece features an insert with decorative buttons around the sides for easy on and off. The comforter, sham covers, and pillowcases come in coordinating shades of grey to make a cohesive design statement. There are two accent square pillows featuring embroidered patterns and one accent rectangle cover featuring overlapping weave pattern stitching. A must-have for any modern master bedroom decor! I hope you consider adding this majestic Madison Park Signature bedding set as the finishing touch to your bedroom!

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INK+IVY Rhea 100% Cotton Comforter, Clipped Jacquard Stripes Modern Luxe Set


INK+IVY Rhea 100% Cotton Comforter, Clipped Jacquard Stripes Modern Luxe All Season Down Alternative Bed Set with Matching Shams, King/Cal King, Ivory/Charcoal 3 Piece


The INK+IVY Rhea Cotton Comforter Mini Set brings you a sophisticated design with a comfortable feel. With hidden bartacks, and 100% cotton this comforter is machine washable for easy care. The ivory and charcoal horizontal stripes are visually appealing while providing a chic country-style look to the bedroom décor. This ribbon like weaving detail creates an eye catching popping accent as it finishes off the duvet-like bedding set. Effortlessly bring peace into your space with this elegant and cozy new bedding, complete with matching shams!

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HOMBYS Oversized King Size Goose Down Comforter


HOMBYS Oversized King Size Goose Down Comforter, 120 x 98 Inches White Pinch Pleat Palatial King Duvet Insert with 100% Cotton Downproof Cover, Fluffy Cal King Down Feather Comforter for All Season


Get cozy in winter with HOMBYS Oversized King Size Goose Down Comforter. This luxurious quilt is a great addition to any bed. The king-sized version is 120 x 98 inches with an 85 ounce filling weight, and extra large models are also available. Constructed of innovative super washable fabric so you can get the most from your down comforters without worrying about water damage, this fluffy warm up makes for the perfect cold weather companion as it retains heat while offering high insulation. A baffle box design prevents feather movement and keeps more warmth inside where it belongs even after low temperature washing and drying. What a relief it will be when you enjoy winter sleep with your king size down comforter!

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While many people may have a hard time justifying the price tag of luxury bedding sets, there are several benefits to investing in this type of high quality product. The article goes over 7 reasons why expensive bedding is worth it and more importantly how you can determine which set is right for your bedroom. Luxury sheets are made with higher thread counts that make them softer than those found on bargain brands. If you want to invest in an item that will last longer then buy luxurious bedding! I hope this article has been informative and that you now know why luxury bedding is worth it. Remember, the price tag is high for a reason: better quality!

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