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It’s time to get your lazy self out of bed, and what better way than with a snuggly morning robe? A robe is an essential piece in any household. Maybe you’re looking for something warm and cozy or something chic enough to wear as part of your day-to-day wardrobe. There are many different types of robes available on the market today. For example women’s robes, men’s robes, children’s robes and even plus size robes! They can be long or short sleeves, hooded or not – there are plenty of options that will suit your needs. If you’re still not sure which one to buy – we’ve compiled this list of common robe types below.

Richie House Women’s Plush Soft Warm Fleece Bathrobe


Richie House Womens Fleece Medium Robe RHW2233(Grey)-A-S


Women of all shapes and sizes will love the feminine feel and warmness that comes with wearing this fleece bathrobe. It is large enough to wrap comfortably around your whole body, but light enough that you won’t want to be too restrictive while you use it. There’s something for everyone when it comes to who can enjoy this cozy friend.

The Richie House Bathrobe is made from plush and soft polyester fleece for the most comfortable experience possible. While you lounge around the house, you can still look stylish! The robe comes in a variety of different colors including white, blue, pink and more!

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DAVID ARCHY Men’s Soft Fleece Plush Robe Full Length Long Bathrobe

DAVID ARCHY Men's Hooded Robe Plush Coral Fleece Warm Cozy Long Bathrobe (S, Dark Gray)


You might not be a celebrity just yet, but can you think of anything better than getting to cozy up in this lavish and luxurious plush robe after a long day? It doesn’t matter if it’s all tucked snugly around your neck or you’re just chilling in your living room watching TV. All the days worries will soon start to drain from your body, as if by magic, with every second that goes by. And at only $42 for the large size hooded bathrobe–which includes an adjustable belt designed specially so there’s no chance of slippage–who knows whether fame is right around the corner!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Place your order now before stock runs out!

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Ekouaer Women’s Lace-Trim Kimono Style Short Satin Robe Sleepwear


Ekouaer Robe Solid Bride Bridesmaid Silky Kimono Robes Sleepwear Loungwear for Wedding Party


Bring out your inner fashionista with this sexy sleepwear robe. You’ll be able to show off some leg or wear it appropriately up to the knee. It will assure comfort and coverage. The Silk robes are classy enough, yet not too formal. This makes them appropriate for any occasion from lounging at home to a little bit of something extra for bedtime fun on date night!

Made of 95% polyester and 3% spandex, these short lady shower robes feel luxurious without pinching or restricting. Like silk against your skin but much more reasonably priced, these satin robes have just enough give that they never get in your way.

From amazon: “I love these robes! I ordered one for myself and my Mom, and we both loved them so much I just bought another set as a gift.” ~Julie Cassidy, North Fort Myers, FL.

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KEMUSI Hooded Herringbone Men’s Soft Spa Full Lenght Bathrobe,Comfy Full Length Warm Nightdress


KEMUSI Hooded Herringbone Men's Black Soft Spa Full Lenght Bathrobe With Grey Kimono Shawl Collar(S)


You deserve all the spoils of being an elite gentlemen. This is a luxurious herringbone bathrobe, distinguished by black trim and traditional patch pockets. Keep warm on cool winter days in this soft cotton fleece robe with a hood to keep your neck and ears warm. KEMUSI is known for producing high-end garments. The garments can endure decades worth of washing cycles without any signs of wear and tear. This is thanks to the company’s special anti-shrinkage technology. Slip into throw back or timeless style with one of these winter essentials.

Get rid of those itchy wool sweaters bringing you down when you should be up enjoying every day leading up to Christmas!

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PAVILIA Soft Plush Women Fleece Robe, Cozy Bathrobe, Female Spa Robe, Waffle


PAVILIA Soft Plush Women Fleece Robe, Blue Navy Cozy Bathrobe, Luxurious Female Long Spa Robe, Satin Waffle Trim, S/M


Fleece Plush Women Robes bring you warmth and comfort the second they touch your skin. We accent this robe with a beautiful satin trim to make it even more luxurious. This style comes with 2 side pockets for all your essentials and a couple trendy features we’re sure will brighten things up in the morning or evening: our notorious shawl collar neck, ensuring neck comfort; plus a waist strap buckle that you can adjust for whatever size you need! The best part is that it’s made from fleece, which means less weight on flights or after long days at work when walking around campus. Plus, their fabric feels amazing against all your most delicate areas of skin – now who doesn’t want that!?

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What is a morning robe?

A morning robe is a light garment, usually made of cotton or silk, which is typically worn around one’s home.

What are the main types of morning robes?

There are two main types of robes: short-sleeved and long-sleeved. Longer sleeves will keep you warmer than shorter sleeves will especially during the colder seasons. You should also take into account that some people prefer hooded bathrobes while others prefer sleeveless bathrobes. Hooded bathrobes are better suited for balmy or chilly mornings. They cover the head and protect you from the cold but keep your ears warm as well. On the other hand, sleeveless bathrobes are perfect for sunny mornings where a hooded robe would make you feel too hot to be outside while wearing it.

To choose between short-sleeved and long-sleeved robes can be hard. Ask yourself if you’re going to be indoors during the winter or outdoors. If you intend on staying inside your entire morning, then a short-sleeved robe is a good choice.

What fabric should you look for?

woman wrapped in a blanket

Your selection will depend on what materials and fabrication you like. If you want a robe for lounging around the house, consider silk fabrication. If you’re looking for something to wear outside to the store or in public, look for cotton fabric.

Cotton morning robes/gowns are great for spring and fall mornings when you need to be outdoors but don’t want to get too cold/hot because of a light breeze or sun rays. Polyester morning robes are perfect during the winter season as they can keep you nice and warm even outdoors. Satin morning robes are soft to the touch, easy to clean and can often come with a matching belt. These types of morning robes do come in other fabrics as well but satin is definitely one of the most popular ones.

Can you sleep in a bathrobe?

It’s possible, but it mainly depends on the type of robe you invest in. While cotton robes are great for lounging or being outside, they’re not ideal when you want to sleep in them because they’ll be uncomfortable and might move around during the night. If you have a silk bathrobe though, then sleeping in it isn’t a difficult task. Silk fabric keep their shape without showing any signs of wrinkles even after years of use!|


The next time you’re in the market for a new robe, consider going with one of these different types and styles. Whether your morning routine includes lounging around at home or getting ready before work, there’s something here to fit your needs. Pick out a style that will keep you comfortable throughout the day while also adding some flair to your outfit! I hope you liked the article and found the information useful. Please don’t forget to share this article on social media websites, such as facebook and pinterest!

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