Best Book Lights For Reading In Bed [Reviews & Complete Buying Guide]

If you’re in a hurry and just looking for the best book lights for reading in bed, then the Regency Hill Exeter Table Lamps is the best one.Many people believe that reading in bed is one of life’s simplest yet meaningful pleasures. Yet how do you do this without the right bedroom reading lamps?Reading books, magazines, and other fine prints can be an enjoyable activity. This is because it offers stimulation for the mind while keeping you entertained.Many bookworms struggle to find reading lamps that produce the lighting they need.Horrible lighting does not only suck the joy out of reading but can also lead to significant eye strain. This can result in detrimental long-term and short-term effects on your eyesight.A reading light should provide enough illumination for every word to become clear.Thus, you’re able to read anything you find interesting non-stop regardless of what time of night it is.Let us take a look at the top options worth buying today when looking for the best reading lights for the eyes.

How to Choose The Best Book Lights For Reading In Bed

For dedicated old-school bookworms, reading is life. Only a few things offer the level of relaxation gained from reading before bedtime.But, it requires the right level of illumination to be able to absorb what a particular book has to offer.Here are the important factors to consider during the shopping process. Following these tips can ensure you end up with the best book reading light for your needs.


Nothing can be more frustrating than a bedroom reading light that is too dim for you to read.Sometimes, you may also end up with lighting that is too bright to the point of discomfort.Hence, order a model with the right level of illumination to suit your preferences.Additionally, try to select beams that produce a uniform lighting balance. This enables the ability to access every single book page without any shadows or dark spots.


The design of a prospective book light for reading in bed is another important factor. Failure to take this into account during shopping can end up being a costly mistake.Verify the connection of all parts for efficient lighting. Also, it is advisable to choose sleek models that can augment the general look and feel of your bedroom.Furthermore, consider whether that particular model on your radar is ergonomic.For instance, does it come with control buttons in easy-to-access spots? Is there an on and off switch?You’re on the right path to selecting the best book reading light if you answered yes to the questions above.


How much thought and innovation does a particular model integrate? Is it built to last?These are critical questions you need to find answers to before deciding on a specific model.Additionally, make sure it comes with some form of warranty or return policy. This can serve as insurance if something goes wrong after your order.Also, pay attention to any manufacturer instructions that ship with specific lamps. It can be the secret to achieving long-lasting performance.

Mode of Operation

Each prospective bed lighting lamp has a custom mode of operation. So, it is important to seek the necessary information about it.For instance, what source of power does a specific model use? Does it rely on lithium-ion batteries or AA batteries? Does it ship with a charger for plugging into electrical outlets?Having answers to the questions above and many others can be critical. The truth is, they can be the key to finding the right reading light for your bedroom.Also, make sure it is completely assembled or ships with a detailed assembly manual.You wouldn’t want to end up with a reading light that is impossible to assemble, would you?


What is the best portable reading light on the market? This is another popular question on the minds of consumers during shopping.In our humble opinion, the best reading lights should offer some form of portability. Also, they should be easy to transport, especially between different rooms at home.But, try to avoid models that seem too fragile. This is because they tend to break quite easily during transportation.This feature is even more critical if you live in a temporary apartment or moving in the not too distant future.

Ease of Use

What is the point of ordering the most attractive lamp on the market if you struggle to use it?We recommend that you choose book lights for reading in bed with simple designs.Also, make sure it ships with clear-cut instructions on usage.Besides, you should verify that the buttons work to perfection.


Finally, make sure to take into account other factors depending on your circumstances.For instance, if you share a bed with a partner or have a roommate, make sure to opt for a model he or she won’t find disturbing.Avoid bedroom reading lamps that interrupt your spouse or roommate’s ability to sleep.

Regency Hill Exeter Traditional Table Lamps 

The Regency Hill Exeter Table Lamps come in a 2-set matching lamp bundle. They give you the freedom to read your favorite books in bed.Exeter Traditional Table Lamps Set of 2 Bronze Wood Carved Leaf Creme Rectangular Bell Shade for Living Room Family Bedroom - Regency HillBesides, they can also serve as decorating lamps to transform the look and feel of any room.The finish is charming in the form of contemporary design and elegant wood-tone bases. This can be a sight to behold whether day or night.The Exeter Lamps feature simple on and off switches anyone can operate. Also, they’re compatible with standard bulbs of up to 100 watts.The tall nature of the lamps illuminates your books for smooth in-bed reading. This is true even for those who do not have the best eye sights in the world.These lamps fit very well when placed on tables and bed stands of different sizes and shapes.Additionally, they come with a price tag that feels right.So, you can snap a pair without making too much of a dent in your wallet.Check Price on Amazon

Barnes & Rosslyn Swing Wall Lights 

The Barnes & Ivy Rosslyn Swing Wall Lights are one of the most popular book lights for reading in bed.Rosslyn Swing Arm Wall Lights Plug in Set of 2 Lamps French Bronze for Bedroom Living Room Reading - Barnes and IvyThey come in the form of 2 plug-in style swing arm lamps which can make you enjoy your favorite books. You can also get the freedom to glance through important documents while in the comfort of your bed.The lamps’ French country-style design blends in well with any room decor. In effect, your bedroom or study room can be a fixture of peace, tranquility, and functionality. The days of sleeping or hanging out in dull and boring rooms at home can be over for good.One of the most impressive features of this bedroom reading light is the swing-arm design. It enables you to move the lamp as close as you want.The Rosslyn Swing Wall Light’s Resin construction oozes quality. Also, the bronze finish adds a touch of class to the appearance of any room.Furthermore, these lamps fit standard medium-sized bulbs of up to 60 watts.Check Price on Amazon

Mighty Bright HammerHead Book Light

The Mighty Bright HammerHead Book Light is another superior reading light for bed.Mighty Bright 44812 HammerHead Book Light, SilverThe manufacturer offers an endless list of innovative features and functionality. Hence, it continues to attract a legion of fans from different spheres of life.This booklight sports 6 energy-efficient LEDs that produce 28 lumens of bright light. Hence, it can provide ample illumination regardless of how dark your bedroom or study room may be.The crafted optical grade lens spreads light uniformly across every area of reach. This ensures efficient illumination no matter what time of night it is.Also, it comes with 2 built-in brightness settings that give users full control. Thus, you’re able to choose as much light as you need to be able to read.Replaceable batteries that last a considerable amount of time power the HammerHead Light. This eliminates the need to buy replacements on a regular basis.Check Price on Amazon    

The Lamborghini of Book Lights 

The Lamborghini of Book Lights - Warm, Cool and Natural Light Types in One Superb Reading Lamp - All in All, Adjustable, Long Lasting, Rechargeable, Portable, Elegant - Best Investment for Book LoversThe Ecological Mart Reading Lamp has everything you need to be able to read in bed. You can enjoy your favorite books without compromising on comfort, style, or illumination.Nicknamed “the Lamborghini of Book Lights”, this is a powerful bedroom reading light. The majority of its buyers say it provides more flexibility than they’ll ever need.It can be quickly hanged on a music stand or the edge of a desk as well as any bedroom wall.The 2-arm design provides bright illumination while eliminating any dark areas. This effectively means zero impediments on the ability to read.We love the fact that the “Lamborghini Lamp” provides many light options. Hence, everyone gets to choose custom eye-relaxing light colors while reading favorite bestsellers.This book reading lamp ships with a wide range of accessories to make its use easy and simple. From an extra-long USB cable to a charger and a stylish carryback, it ships with everything you need.Ecological Mart offers a lifetime warranty for each sale. This can come in handy should anything go wrong after ordering this stylish reading lamp.Check Price on Amazon    

Newhouse Lighting LED Clip on Light

Looking for affordable yet stylish and efficient book lights for reading in bed? They don’t come better than this model.Newhouse Lighting LED Clip on Light/Clamp Lamp/Reading Book Light for Desk, Bed, Office, and Dorm Room, BlackThe Newhouse Lighting LED Clip On Light comes in a sleek modern style. It features a mind-blowing gooseneck design that makes it extremely versatile.Energy-saving LED bulbs that deliver natural warm lights power this lamp. This guarantees efficient and non-flickering lights throughout each reading session.The built-in illuminating diffuser helps to prevent eye strain. It can be lifesaving if you have a knack for reading for several hours each night.The integrated LED lights deliver 350 Lumens and 3000K of white light which is warm and bright. The long-lasting life of these LEDs means no need to worry about replacements anytime soon.This can save you a ton of money in the long run.The powerful functionality and compact design make it perfect for all manner of persons. This ranges from college students to anyone living in areas with minimal space.Check Price on Amazon

WalterDrake Headboard Light

The WalterDrake Headboard Light is a quick-hanging personal reading bed lamp. If you desire to take the pleasure of your night-time reading sessions to whole new levels, you can’t pass it over.WalterDrake Headboard Light, Cream, One SizeIt delivers a soft, direct, and efficient illumination right above your reading area. This eliminates dark corners or any less than bright spots that can lead to eye strain.Also, this bed light features hooks that allow you to slide it to any preferred spot on your headboard.The shade provided by the Headboard Light measures 6 inches deep and 10 inches wide. This ensures that it can fit any space to perfection regardless of the size.The light can be conveniently turned on and off without getting out of bed. This is one of the reasons why it is so sought after by consumers. Whenever you need perfect lighting, the WalterDrake Headboard Light fits the bill.Check Price on Amazon

BenQ Genie E-Reading Lamp 

The BenQ Genie E-Reading LED Light is a premium model that does more than serve as a bedroom reading light. Many consumers believe that it is the best reading lamp for the eyes.BenQ E-Reading LED Desk Lamp - World's First Desk Lamp for Monitors - Eye Care, Modern, Ergonomic, Dimmable, Warm/Cool White - Perfect For Designers, Engineers, Architects, Studying, Gaming - SilverIt delivers more flexibility by allowing you to switch to warm tones for casual reading. Cooler tones for important documents and other work-related stuff are also available.The light is adjustable to suit any preferred angles. This allows the right amount of illumination for any reading jobs.This reading lamp integrates Zero Flicker technology which delivers consistent lighting. This feature also ensures world-class stability to protect the eyes from straining.How do you choose the right lighting tone to suit your needs at a particular moment? All you have to do is to twist a knob and you get many options to choose from. Impressively, the Genie comes with an integrated ambient sensor. It measures the amount of lighting in a room and adjusts its brightness accordingly.Check Price on Amazon


Congratulations on reading up to this far. You’ve absorbed every bit of information shared here and ready to find the right bedroom light. Finally, you can relax and enjoy your in-bed reading sessions.Remember, the Regency Hill Exeter Table Lamps is our number one pick on the list of the best book lights for reading in bed now. It offers a traditional design that can transform the aesthetic value of your bedroom. It is suitable for study rooms while making reading enjoyable.The good news is that the Exeter Table Lamps is also budget-friendly. Thus, you won’t have to break the bank bring it home.

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