Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets [The Ultimate Guide]

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If you’re in a hurry and just looking for the best Egyptian cotton sheets, then the Mayfair Linen Bedding Collection is the best one.

With a third of our lives spent in bed, why would you compromise on the quality of your sleep when you can make it so much better?

Many of us pay thousands of dollars for the most comfortable mattresses, and other sleep aids, while forgetting that bed sheets are the ones which make direct contact with our bodies in bed.

Finding the best Egyptian cotton sheets can infuse more comfort and luxury than you could ever imagine into your sleep. These sheets are usually manufactured from organic cotton grown along Egypt’s famous Nile River.

While Egyptian cotton is widely accepted as the best cotton fabric in the world today, it is still important to know what to look for during the shopping process to prevent making avoidable mistakes.

How To Choose The Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets

If you’re desperate to find perfect sheets derived from the finest Egyptian cotton yarns, you can’t afford to ignore these critical factors.


The quality of the cotton material is what makes Egyptian cotton sheets so revered in the industry.

If you get this part wrong, that dream of deluxe sleeping could be thwarted even before the sheets arrive at your doorstep.

In an industry where many brands intentionally mislabel their products with exaggerated claims and pure lies, it is important to make sure any model you purchase is manufactured from pure cotton cultivated in Egypt.

This is especially critical due to the thousands of bed sheets labeled Egyptian cotton yet made from other synthetic materials such as microfiber.

As long as you get true organic Egyptian cotton sheets, you can experience memorable sleep every night. If you want to avoid night sweats during the summer, we recommend bamboo Egyptian cotton sheets.

Cotton Type

Cotton comes in several varieties but the 2 most popular types are Egyptian and Pima cotton.

Sure, many bedding accessories are manufactured from cotton. However, the fact that a particular model may be labeled “100% Cotton” doesn’t necessarily mean it is Egyptian.

Organic Egyptian cotton sheets are made from cotton grown in Egypt. This cotton comes with lots of distinct qualities including higher levels of breathability and absorbency.

They also offer a conspicuously silky feel compared to the other types of cotton.

Pima cotton, on the other hand, is grown across the southern half of the United States from Alabama to Texas and 15 other states.

It is commonly referred to by its trademarked name “Supima”.

Weave Style

There are lots of weave styles to choose from depending on personal preferences since each type feels different on the skin.

Sateen Weaves are popular among consumers on the hunt for warmer, super comfortable, and slippery bed sheets.

Percale, on the other hand, is perfect for those who prefer cooler and crispier sheets.

Thread Count

Thread Count is simply the number of horizontal and vertical threads found in every square inch of a bedsheet. More often than not, sheets with higher thread-counts tend to be slightly more expensive.

While thread count has traditionally been associated with quality and sheet feel, it is no longer the most accurate standard since some manufacturers have found ways of increasing thread count via deceptive formulas.

Therefore, don’t necessarily assume that a 400 thread-count sheet is automatically inferior to a 1000-thread count rival.

Instead, consider the quality of the fabric, weave, and finish to determine which model comes out tops.

More importantly, take your time to read multiple customer reviews of each model you’re interested in.

You’ll be amazed at the level of insights you can gain in your bid to make an informed choice.


The Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Mayfair Linen Bedding Collection

The Mayfair Linen Bedding Collection is the model for anyone serious about transforming his or her sleep from ordinary to extraordinary.

Mayfair Linen 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheets, Dark Grey Queen Sheets Set, 800 Thread Count Long Staple Cotton, Sateen Weave for Soft and Silky Feel, Fits Mattress Upto 18'' DEEP Pocket

This exclusive model features a top and bottom sheet as well as 2 pillowcases. It is handcrafted with linens that feel decadent and delicate to touch.

This sheet is derived from a 600-Thread Count 100% Egyptian cotton which is extremely soft and perfect for year-round sleeping.

It effortlessly keeps the body cool during the summer heatwave while providing warmth for those chilly late autumns and winter nights.

This hotel-standard sheet is perfect for your master bedroom as well as special guest rooms that accommodate the most cherished friends and family. No wonder it is so popular among consumers looking for a bedroom makeover.

Additionally, it is easy to care for and machine washable.

As long as you follow the no-bleach and tumble dry low instructions, it’ll look and feel new throughout its lifetime.


The 600-Thread Count 100% Egyptian cotton yarns used are super luxurious and comfortable for everyone

The excellent elastic sheets fit mattresses with densities of up to 16 inches snugly

6 different rich and vibrant colors to choose from

Easy to wash and dry with simple instructions


The only downside is the manufacturer’s use of a single-ply fabric

Why We Love This Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets

Firstly, the Mayfair Linen Bedding Collection is manufactured from 100% Egyptian cotton sateen with elegant hemstitch so the level of quality and luxury is world-class.

Also, the fabric is efficiently breathable and famous for its natural ability to wick away moisture to keep the sleeper’s body cool and dry throughout the night.

Therefore, investing in these sheets means you’re finally saying no to those frequent nightly sweats.

Lastly, Mayfair Linen is renowned for using luxuriously long woven cotton yarns and the latest innovations in the industry to produce exceptionally soft bedding accessories for consumers. If you’re looking for the best organic cotton sheets for sleeping, this could be it.

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Thread Spread True Luxury Sheets

The Thread Spread 100% Egyptian Cotton welcomes you to the world of luxurious sheets with an authentic model derived from soft sateen and quality long-staple cotton.

True Luxury 1000-Thread-Count 100% Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets, 4-Pc Queen Dark Grey Sheet Set, Single Ply Long-Staple Yarns, Sateen Weave, Fits Mattress Upto 18'' Deep Pocket

Made by a manufacturer with over 100 years of experience in the bedding industry, no need to worry about compromising on comfort because this model has got you covered.

Thread Spread offers top and bottom sheets distinctively designed to ensure you have no option than to sleep easy.

These sheets are enhanced with Combed Compact Yarn Technology which is the latest style that eliminates impurities.

This results in the longest and straightest fibers for world-class quality and smoothness.

Also, this bedding is derived from a chemical-free and 100% eco-friendly manufacturing process.

Hence, you can rest easy knowing that your sheets have been made with industrial processes that take the safety of our planet into consideration.


Made from 100% organically grown Egyptian Cotton

An incredible 1000-Thread Count crisp sateen sheet set with 4-inch Hem at the top

Exceptionally designed pillowcases inspired by 1920s artwork

Available in 11 unique colors that accentuate any design direction with a subtle statement


Available only in 3 sizes i.e. Queen, King, and California King

Why We Love This Egyptian Cotton Sheet

The Thread Spread Bed Sheets are manufactured from 100% Egyptian cotton grown organically to eliminate any traces of potentially dangerous chemicals.

These bed sheets feature soft sateen weaves which guarantee world-class breathability and the utmost comfort.

Even during extremely hot summers, you can expect these sheets to rise to the occasion by keeping you cozy night after night.

Finally, it fits mattresses of up to 17 inches deep without popping off thanks to the unique 4-way elastic integrated into not just the head and foot of the fitted sheet but every other area as well.

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Chateau Home Collection Egyptian Cotton

The Chateau Home Collection Egyptian Cotton is designed to give you the finest sleep you’ll ever experience.

CHATEAU HOME COLLECTION 800 Thread Count 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheets Sets Deep Pocket Best Bed Sheets - Single ply Pure Natural Cotton Sheets Queen Size Sateen Weave Queen Cotton Sheet Sets, Taupe

If you’ve been struggling to find the perfect level of luxury in bedsheets, you probably have to stop searching right now.

They are woven from the finest Egyptian cotton yarns by a manufacturer with decades of experience in the industry. Is it any wonder that these sheets feel so soft, breathable, and luxurious?

Unlike the numerous fake models which have flooded the market in recent times, these sheets are made from authentic cotton originating from Egypt’s Nile River region. Therefore, you can expect a crisp, smooth experience every time you lie in bed.

Each set comes with a flat sheet and an extra fitted sheet as well as 2 tailored marrow stitched pillows oozing with class.

Also, it is available in 4 sizes ranging from Full to Queen as well as King and California King.


Finely-made from 100% Egyptian cotton with 800 Thread Counts

The use of top-of-the-range Egyptian Cotton Yarns results in the most cradling, breathable bed sheets

Features deep pockets to fit all kinds of mattresses with densities of up to 15 inches

15 distinct colors are available to choose from


A bit heavier than other standard bed sheets

Why We Love These Egyptian Cotton Sheets

The Chateau Home Collection allows everyone to experience the grandeur of world-class royalty.

To say these sheets are super soft is a serious understatement.

If you’re desperate to transform the look and feel of your bedroom, the 15 distinct colors are available at your disposal.

Therefore, you get to choose the most vibrant colors that can augment the general decor of your bedroom to induce sleep.

Furthermore, it is perfect for pillow-top and deep mattresses because the sheets are fully elasticized with 15-inch deep pockets.

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Mellanni Egyptian Cotton Striped Sheet

The Mellanni is one of the finest quality Egyptian cotton striped bed sheets money can buy right now.

Mellanni 100% Egyptian Cotton Striped Bed Sheet Set - 450 Thread Count Sateen Luxury Bedding - 6 Piece (Queen, Gray)

If you’re looking for not just luxury but long-lasting durability as well, these sheets can be a great purchase.

It comes in an unbelievable 450-Thread Count single-ply 100 percent heavy-duty Egyptian cotton fabric.

Woven in a mercerized, damask stripe sateen finish with industry-leading standards of workmanship, these sheets are engineered to go through the distance.

They are distinctively soft and luxurious for everyone to sleep better and wake up fully energized.

Even those with chronic insomnia have reported significant improvements in the duration and overall quality of sleep they experience after landing these sheets at home.

Looking for the perfect gift for special occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Christmas?

These sheets can come in very handy because your friends and family will fall in love instantly.


Conspicuously soft and comfortable for the most remarkable sleeping experience

Deep pockets and breathable thanks to the use of top quality Egyptian yarns and the finest sateen weaves

OEKO TEX certified to be free from potentially hazardous manufacturing chemicals

Lifetime Guarantee with each purchase


The Mellanni Egyptian cotton sheets are imported

Why We Love These Egyptian Cotton Sheets

The Mellanni stands out from other Egyptian cotton sheets because they are woven from extra-long-staple cotton which is flamboyantly smooth, soft, and up to 50% more robust and durable than other types of cotton.

It is completely chemical-free. This is evidenced by the OEKO TEX certification awarded to it.

Why do you think it has become so popular among consumers who’re dedicated to keeping themselves and their families safe and healthy?

Mellanni offers a Lifetime Guarantee for each purchase meaning you can always shoot the manufacturer an email at any point after your order for a full refund if you’re unsatisfied for any reason at all.

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Mayfair Linen Hotel Collection

The Mayfair Linen Hotel Collection is created for anyone who’s had enough of sleeping rough and suffering related consequences such as tiredness and lack of energy.

Mayfair Linen 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheets, White Queen Sheets Set, 800 Thread Count Long Staple Cotton, Sateen Weave for Soft and Silky Feel, Fits Mattress Upto 18'' DEEP Pocket

It is manufactured from genuine 800 thread-count 100% cotton sheets by an industry giant renowned for releasing products featuring the softest and most comfortable bed sheets on the market.

Sleeping on this amazingly comfortable Egyptian sheet allows you to experience the magnificence of 5-star indulgence right in the comfort of your bedroom. You can finally say goodbye to those restless nights for good.

Painstakingly engineered from the finest 100% Egyptian cotton yarns, these sheets are manufactured with nothing but your comfort in mind. If you thought you’ve had a fair share of luxury sheets, wait until you lie on this model for the first time.

Available in 8 unique and exceptionally beautiful colors, consumers get to choose which ones can flawlessly match their bedroom décor. It is one of the best organic cotton sheets money can buy at the moment.


Genuine comfort from authentic Egyptian cotton yarns

Stain-free, dust mite resistant, and hypoallergenic

Available at an unbeatable price

30-day free returns for a complete refund


Sheets wrinkle after a couple of washes

Why We Love These Egyptian Cotton Sheets

The Mayfair Linen Hotel Collection comes in a classic tailored look that can make sleeping more attractive even before your body lands in bed.

The 4-piece model features a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and 2 well-designed pillowcases.

Everyone knows that nothing can be more frustrating than buying a luxurious bed sheet that struggles to fit your mattress.

Thankfully, these sheets are fully elasticized with deep pockets to snugly fit mattresses of up to 15 inches deep.

Finally, Mayfair Linen gives everyone the best customer experience in the form of a 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee with each purchase.

All you have to do is to contact their customer service within the stipulated time frame for a 100% refund if you’re unsatisfied with your order.

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The exceptionally soft and luxurious nature of Egyptian cotton means they are recommended for everyone with a desire to experience a touch of royalty in bed.

These sheets are top quality and get softer with each washing, giving you an improved experience on a nightly basis.

The Mayfair Linen Bedding Collection is the best Egyptian cotton sheets available in the marketplace right now.

However, any of the models reviewed can equally serve your needs well so feel free to order whichever one catches your eye.

Welcome to the world of luxury sleeping!

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