Best Futon Mattress in 2023 [Complete Guide]

Green futon with 4 pillows and with grey seat located next to it

If you’re in a hurry and looking for the best futon mattress then the Milliard Memory Foam Tri-fold Mattress is the best one.

A futon comes in handy when you’re looking for a portable mattress for hosting unexpected guests or for sleeping on the floor.

Originating from Japan where sleeping on the floor is very popular among people of all ages, these multi-functional mattresses may also be folded upright for use as a couch or sofa cushion.

They’re cost-effective and easy to set up which has made them a favorite among outdoor buffs involved in fishing, camping, hiking, and other activities.

Futon mattresses can also be lifesaving for those living in limited spaces including studios and dormitories as well as RVs, camper vans, and trailers.

Feel free to go through our comprehensive futon mattress reviews below to have a feel of the features each model brings to the fore to help you make a smart choice.

Types of Futon Mattresses

There are 2 main types of futons i.e. American and Japanese. Each of these offers different characteristics and often the choice comes down to personal preferences.

American Futon Mattresses

American futon mattresses are the thickest types on the market. They’re usually manufactured from foam, springs, coils, cotton, or a blend of multiple materials to ensure a bouncy and often firm but flexible feel.

They’re usually engineered to be multifunctional i.e. folded upright for use as sofas or laid down as floor mattresses.

American futons can be very comfortable and often, act as a replacement for regular mattresses in many homes.

If you’re going for an American-style futon, make sure you order one which is made in the USA.

Japanese Futon Mattresses

These styles of futons are known for their thin sizes and ease of folding during storage.

They originate from Japan and the majority of the bestselling models on the market today are actually imported from the Asian country although it is not uncommon to find some derived from other countries.

It is recommended that you choose a true Japanese-made model if you prefer this type of futon.

Critical Features to Look Out for

The best futon mattresses come with a wide range of features. However, some are more critical than others so it’ll be smart to focus on those in order to increase your chances of making a great choice.

The Thickness

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to thickness. In fact, it usually comes down to personal preferences.

It is important to consider your weight when shopping for a futon. Often, the heaviest sleepers tend to thrive on thicker futons in order to prevent their bodies from sinking in and making them feel like they’re virtually sleeping on the floor.

Most thin mattresses also wear down quicker when used on a daily basis for those weighing say 200 pounds and over.

That being said, I believe it is important to choose one which is at least 3 inches thick in order to feel the right level of comfort especially if you have plans of sleeping on a cold hard floor.

If you’re heavy, choose an 8-inch futon mattress to be on the safe side.

Another important factor is the makeup of the sofa or bed frame intended for use with the futon.

If your bed frame or sofa-cum-bed frame is made from materials such as metal or hardwood, choosing a thicker futon mattress will always be a smart move.

The Primary Mattress Material

You cannot make the right pick without considering the primary material used in the manufacture of the mattress.

Sure, you may be able to get away with buying a cheap futon with less durable material if the main intended use is for hosting guests who only visit once every couple of months.

But if you’re a big fan of on-the-floor sleeping and looking for a futon for daily overnight sleeping then it is important to choose a model manufactured from quality materials such as memory foam or latex.

The primary benefit is access to a more refined sleeping experience devoid of bed sores and other forms of body pain.

Secondly, a model manufactured from a long-lasting memory foam material delivers great value for money by staying in shape throughout its lifetime.


Nothing compares to sleeping on a plush mattress after a long, hard day of work. It is the most surefire way to recharge your batteries, replace your dead body cells, and get yourself ready for the next day.

Why would you consider any mattress that has the potential to increase your stress further?

Always choose a futon with the ultimate level of comfort to make sleeping more satisfying.

Since futons can also double as sofas, it is important to choose one which allows you to watch TV, read, or simply relax even when folded in a sofa style with much comfort.


The size of futons is one of the most popular reasons why many of us are turning to them.

Always make sure your mattress fits the bed or sofa frame. This can be achieved by knowing the exact size of the frame you intend to use and stick to that during shopping.

Size doesn’t matter much when you’re primarily looking for a futon for floor sleeping as long as it fits the size of the room or sleeping space.

Number of Folds

How many folds does your preferred futon come with? You’ll likely have to make the choice between a bi-fold and tri-fold.

A bi-fold mattress is crafted to fold once in 2 separate pieces. On the other hand, a tri-fold folds 2 times in 3 separate pieces.

The type of frame you own will determine the number of folds to target. Try to read the detailed specifications of any prospective model to find out whether it’s a bi-fold or tri-fold.

If in doubt, you can always give the manufacturer a quick phone call to find out.


If style and appearance are important to you then you should think about aesthetics during shopping.

Sure, you may want an exceptionally comfortable mattress but ask yourself if you’ll be satisfied with a dull looking model.

The most attractive ones tend to be those manufactured from memory foam. These models also come with the benefit of staying in shape throughout its lifetime which can be several years.

The Best Futon Mattress

Milliard Memory Foam Tri-fold Mattress

The Milliard Memory Foam Tri-fold is a great futon mattress that allows you to sleep with comfort wherever you find yourself.

All-white Milliard Tri-fold Mattress - the best futon mattress available now

It is manufactured from luxurious memory foam integrated with world-class therapeutic functionalities and support. This ensures that you wake up with a deeply recharged body devoid of pains.

The top layer features a 1.5-inch plush memory foam over a 4.5-inch supportive foam base to provide a great sleeping experience.

Whether you prefer to sleep on the floor, camper van, or tent, this futon has got you covered. After a night of blissful sleep, it folds away in a couple of seconds for storage.

The foams used are CertiPUR-US certified and stay in shape throughout the lifetime of the mattress.

Additionally, each purchase includes a removable cover manufactured from a blend of bamboo and super soft jacquard material.

Buy the Milliard Memory Foam Trifold Mattress if you’re desperate to orchestrate the best sleeping experience in temporary accommodations.

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D&D Futon Shikibuton Trifold Foam

The D&D Futon Shikibuton Trifold Foam has quickly become a permanent fixture in the lives of many who primarily buy this for outdoor recreational activities such as camping and hiking as well as hosting of guests at home.

Gray colored D&D Shikibuton Trifold Futon

If you love sleeping on the bedroom floor or any other place indoors or outdoors, you’ll fall in love with this mattress in a heartbeat.

It is easy to fold and takes up narrow space which makes it ideal for use in trailers, RVs, and trucks.

Additionally, this futon is built to last long and experiences zero compression as well as minimal wear and tear even if you sleep on it daily for years.

The fabric cover is comfortable to sleep on in the absence of a traditional bed sheet.

The D&D Futon Shikibuton Trifold Foam is a smart choice if you’ve been searching for a quality all-round futon mattress that gets the job done and then some.

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DHP Independently-Encased Coil Futon Mattress

This futon mattress is the definition of true comfort. It is perfect for hosting guests or for personal use as a comfy couch during the day and full-sized bed at night.

the all-black DHP Premium Futon Mattress folded in a sofa

The DHP 8-inch Independently-Encased Coil Premium Futon is engineered from a combination of durable foams and polyester layers as well as independently encased coils.

It provides a genuinely luxurious touch and feels really smooth on the skin thanks to the innovatively designed tufted microfiber cover.

Charcoal, Black, Chocolate, and Cobalt are a few of the super attractive colors to choose from when shopping for this mattress.

The result is a true innerspring futon mattress with the right level of top layer comfort and base layer support for a good night of sleep.

Own any full-sized futon frame? You can be sure that this mattress will fit snugly with no issues.

Buy the DHP 8-inch Independently-Encased Coil Premium if you’re looking for the best innerspring futon mattress on the market today.

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EMOOR Classe Japanese Traditional Futon Mattress

The EMOOR Classe is a top Made-in-Japan futon mattress available at a generous price.

EMOOR Japanese Traditional Futon Mattress Classe (39 x 83 x 2.5 in.), Twin-Long Size, Made in Japan

It is very comfortable for side sleepers, stomach sleepers, and those who prefer lying on their backs. And the fact that it folds nice and easy makes it a handy addition for those with temporary living arrangements.

This mattress can also be a great addition to other outdoor gear which makes it a favorite among hikers, campers, hunters, and other dedicated outdoor enthusiasts.

It is easy to adjust to and the process takes anywhere from a few days to a week depending on the type of mattress you’ve been sleeping on in the past.

The EMOOR Japanese Traditional Futon Mattress is manufactured from materials with anti-bedbug properties. This can be extremely beneficial for those of us who prefer sleeping on the floor

If you’ve been scouting for the best Japanese Traditional futon mattress, this is it.

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D&D Traditional Floor Rolling Futon Mattress

The D&D Traditional Japanese Floor Futon Mattress is a 3-inch piece that delivers amazing comfort for floor sleeping.

The D&D Futon Traditional Japanese/Thai Floor Rolling Futon Mattresses with strings for storage

It is manufactured from 90% white cotton, a layer of polyester fiber  material with a layer of top-grade foam to form a nice sleeping platform that is easy on your back.

Additionally, it is engineered to be resistant to the sleeper’s body weight which eliminates wear and tear after extended use.

This futon is suitable for everyday sleeping as well as various forms of outdoor activities. It is also perfect for lounging during TV watching times, hosting visitors, and even for college.

This Japanese futon mattress is easy to set up and folds with ease during storage which makes your life so much easier if you’re always on the move.

Traveling with it is trouble-free because it can easily slot into the backseat of your car.

The manufacturer ships this futon in a compressed package to save money on shipping fees. However, it can be easily corrugated to regain the original size once the package arrives in your home.

Don’t hesitate to order the D&D Traditional Japanese Floor Futon Mattress if you’re looking for Japanese sleeping mat which stays comfortable after many years of daily use.

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Mozaic Cotton Twill Futon Mattress

This is one of the best memory foam futon mattresses available on the market right now.

The Black Mozaic Futon Mattress laid on a wooden bed

The Mozaic Cotton Twill Memory Foam Futon Mattress is specially made by the hands of expert craftsmen with decades of experience in producing the best quality futons.

The dual-sided nature makes it an excellent fit for daily long-term use. The cotton twill cover is another great feature which enhances its durability and keeps the mattress fresh after several years.

The great degree of versatility integrated into its engineering means this futon can be quickly folded in an upright sofa position for watching TV or flat in a bed position for sleeping overnight.

It is proudly made in the United States to conform to the highest federal standards including Federal Flammability Standard CFR 1633.

The Mozaic Cotton Twill is a no-brainer if you’re on the hunt for a top handcrafted memory foam futon mattress.

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Artiva USA Futon Sofa Mattress

The Artiva USA Futon Sofa Mattress is a firm sleep worthy futon with a solid finish. It is versatile and suitable for slumber parties, hosting guests, watching TV, or reading.

The Grey Artiva USA Futon Sofa Mattress unfolded

It features 8 inches of lasting fabric, cotton, and coil springs to provide the ultimate support for long-lasting couching or sleeping. This American futon is extremely durable yet comfortable for daily use without any form of pain and discomfort.

Also, the off-white poly cotton cover features 23-lace tufting which delivers extra support and comfort for your body while sleeping.

The result is a luxurious futon mattress with a stunning and modern finish perfect for any home.

This futon mattress is a great space saver which can be laid out when you have a guest on the way and quickly folded up for storage when he or she leaves.

Purchase the Artiva USA Futon Sofa Mattress if you’ve been scouring the internet for a cheap yet comfortable futon mattress.

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The Milliard Memory Foam Tri-fold is the obvious winner when looking for the best futon mattress today.

It is no mere coincidence that this 6-inch luxurious American futon is the best-selling model online right now because it is a true masterpiece with amazing memory foam for world-class comfort whether you’re sleeping on the floor or folded upright for use as a sofa.

It comes with a spectacular high-density construction that stays in shape for several years of daily use.

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