Best Mattress Foundation: Unlock The Complete Advice

A wooden foundation in a room with cold hard floor

If you’re in a hurry and looking for the best mattress foundation, then the Zinus Premium SmartBase Mattress Foundation is the best one.

Once you’ve found the perfect memory foam or latex mattress, adding the right mattress foundation to the mix can be critical to getting guaranteed nights of restful sleep.

After an exhausting day, the ability to sleep well can be priceless.

The truth is, investing in a mediocre mattress foundation can be counterproductive especially after spending hundreds of dollars or more on a premium mattress be it a hybrid, innerspring, latex, or memory foam model.

This is the reason why I’ve compiled the best options in the mattress foundation industry right now to help you make a smart buying decision.

All you have to do is take note of what each model featured in our reviews has to offer and make the right choice. You’ll be glad you did.


How to Choose the Best Mattress Foundation

A mattress foundation provides a stable base for placement of your mattress and support for the sleeper’s body while lying on that mattress. While this may sound simple in theory, it can get a little bit tricky in practical terms.

Types of Mattress Foundations

Let’s take a look at the types of foundations available on the market so you can get a better idea of which one may be best suited for your personal needs.

Metal Foundations

These mattress foundations are manufactured from steel and other types of metals. They can be an attractive option for consumers looking for a strong base that provides the right level of support for their mattresses to enhance sleep quality.

So the question is … Are metallic bed frames more supportive than other types such as wood by default? Well, this may not necessarily be true.

This is because the thickness of a particular metallic bed frame, as well as critical parts such as bars and wires, may determine how much support it can offer to the sleeper’s body.

If you decide to go with a metal foundation, always choose a model with thick bars to prevent them from cutting into your mattress and causing unnecessary damage to it. They offer a great bed base for memory foam mattresses.

Wooden Mattress Foundations

Wooden foundations are popular among consumers looking for more esthetic bedroom environments. They can easily blend in with other types of furniture including drawers and nightstands.

Mattress foundations made from wood can also augment the painted colors of your bedroom and make the whole place more attractive.

Don’t forget that these foundations are also able to offer just the right level of support needed to sleep well throughout the night just like their metallic rivals.

if you’re looking for an attractive bed base for memory foam mattresses, wood can be a great choice.


Box Springs

These types of mattress foundation typically come in the form of wooden frames and steel springs built inside the frame to withstand the pressure of the mattress laid above it.

Box springs are especially recommended for pure innerspring mattresses as well as hybrid models with memory foam and coiled spring components.

This popular type of mattress foundation can be detrimental to the physical structure of memory foam mattresses so please stay away from them if you own or plan to invest in a memory foam model soon.

Also, memory foam mattresses usually come with warranties which can be easily voided when placed on top of box spring foundations.

Remember, it is better to set up your memory foam mattress on the cold hard floor than a box spring.

Adjustable Foundations

An Adjustable foundation is specially engineered for a mattress to bend to its unique contours to enable you to watch TV, lounge in a more relaxed position, or take a quick afternoon nap.

This type of foundation can be perfect for latex or memory foam mattress owners.

Sadly, the coil component of innerspring models means they’re usually not suitable for use as adjustable mattresses.

This is because the integrated coils make it almost impossible for the mattress to bend towards the unique contours of the adjustable frame.


You cannot afford to choose a foundation that looks very different from your mattress in terms of shape. The result is a significantly battered mattress that may not even be recognizable anymore.

If you have plans of changing your entire sleeping setup, it is recommended that you get a clearer picture of the type of mattress you want to sleep on before ordering a particular foundation.

Fail to do this and you’re looking at a recipe for disaster.


This may seem straightforward but lots of consumers make the mistake of ordering a particular mattress foundation without verifying its dimensions to ensure it can fit the specific mattress model they own.

This can lead to a mattress that is too small or too large for the newly ordered foundation, neither of which bodes well for sleeping comfort and stability.

The best base for memory foam mattresses fit the mattress snugly.

Long Lasting Model

Shopping for a new mattress foundation is hard enough. Nobody wants to be doing that year after year.

Therefore, it is advisable to choose a model with tried and tested durability to ensure value for money while saving you the stress of having to look around and purchase a new one after every couple of months.

I’d recommend that you choose a model that can last for 3-5 years to save money without compromising on the quality of sleep you deserve.


Any foundation that cannot support the weight of your mattress, as well as the bodyweight of you and your partner, should be avoided at all costs because it cannot be a worthwhile investment.

Therefore, always choose one that is sturdy and stable enough to handle the combined weight of 3-4 people without any problems even if you intend to sleep solo.

You never know what the future holds and you could end up needing to share the bed with one or more people.

A good tip is to check out online reviews of that particular model you have in mind to verify its stability and overall performance.

The Best Mattress Foundations

Zinus Premium SmartBase Mattress Foundation

The Zinus Premium Smartbase is a premium mattress foundation that eliminates the need for a traditional bed frame or box spring. It offers super strong support for an amazing night of sleep consistently.

The Zinus Premium SmartBase foundation in a plain white background

This foundation is constructed from durable steel that has multiple points of contact with the floor to ensure that you’ll never have to worry about stability regardless of your weight.

Whether you own a coiled spring, latex, memory foam or any other kind of mattress, this foundation provides superb tranquility and reliable support to take your sleeping to Cloud 9.

It is designed for mattresses with low profiles such as 6, 8, and 10-inch models and delivers extra storage under the bed while providing the lift we all crave.

This model also features plastic caps for protecting the floor of your bedroom from all kinds of dents and scratches. It is the best base for memory foam mattresses.

The Zinus Premium Smartbase is the Number 1 option if you want a super strong and sturdy mattress designed with a ton of innovation and support.

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Sleep Revolution Upholstered Platform Bed

This model is another great option in the Zinus range of advanced mattress foundations built to make sleeping more restful and satisfying.

the Sleep Revolution Upholstered Square Stitched Platform Bed with Wooden Slats in a neutral background

The Sleep Revolution Upholstered Platform Bed is engineered with a core comprising of wooden slats and steel frames as well as knitted polyester fabric. It is super easy to assemble with every single part located in the zippered space found in the headboard.

It ships with 10 wood slats and frame so everything you need to set up and get a good night’s sleep is not left out.

This mattress foundation also comes with a foam-padded tape added to the steel frames for an ultra-quiet use especially during the most intimate moments with your partner.

The manufacturer provides a worry-free 5-year warranty for every single purchase, ensuring that you can buy in confidence without worrying about manufacturer defects and issues caused by accidents.

You should definitely order the Zinus Lottie Upholstered Platform Bed when looking for a classic-style mattress foundation with super strong support.

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Olee Sleep Heavy Duty Steel Slat

The Olee Sleep Heavy Duty Steel Slat walks the talk and gives you that strong support you’ve always craved in a mattress foundation.

Olee Sleep Heavy Duty Steel Slat/Non-Slip Support Bed Frame with its dimensions inscribed

The innovative sturdy design comes in the form of a frame that encloses the mattress to eliminate any form of slippage while also providing plenty of under-bed storage.

This steel mattress foundation ships with every single tool required for seamless and stress-free assembly. It is compatible with standard headboards of the same size.

Size options include Twin, Full, Queen, and King so you’re covered as long as your mattress follows standard size guidelines.

The manufacturer’s Fast Furniture Delivery ensures that it is mailed right to your doorstep regardless of where you live.

Additionally, the generous 5-year warranty gives you more confidence to buy.

The Olee Sleep Heavy Duty Steel Slat provides the coziest sleep for anyone on the hunt for a non-slip heavy-duty steel mattress foundation.

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Zinus SmartBase Deluxe Mattress Foundation

This mattress foundation is a smart choice if you’re tired of sleeping on a traditional bed frame or box spring.

Zinus SmartBase Deluxe Mattress Foundation in full view

The Zinus Gene Deluxe Mattress Foundation comes in a smart design with reinforced edges for world-class support throughout the night.

This prevents sagging of the mattress and resultant effects such as pain and discomfort especially around the body’s most troublesome pressure points such as the back, neck, knees, and shoulders.

If you have limited space at home, this mattress foundation provides an incredible 15 inches of storage space under the bed frame for important personal effects and other belongings.

The stability of your mattress is guaranteed by the 2 non-slip parts included in the shipment for use above and below the bed skirt.

Buy the Zinus Gene Deluxe Mattress Foundation if you’re in need of a stable and supportive mattress foundation that doubles as a second closet due to the amount of space afforded you.

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Zinus Deluxe Wood Platform Bed

The Zinus Deluxe Wood Platform Bed delivers robust support and stability in the form of a strong wooden slat and steel frame.

Zinus 14 Inch Deluxe Wood Platform Bed in a green painted room with wooden nightstand, reading lamp, framed wall picture and 2 multicolored pillows

The frame can increase the lifespan of any mattress by providing just the right amount of support. This ensures it stays in shape, devoid of sagging and any other conditions that can be detrimental to the original shape of the mattress.

Additionally, the steel frame features foam which is padded with tape to ensure noise-free use while the specially designed non-slip tape on the wooden slats keeps the mattress from sliding.

Also, keep in mind that there are 2 color options available for consumers to choose from.

The only downside is that this wooden frame isn’t meant for integration with a headboard or footboard.

Order the Zinus Moiz Deluxe Wood Platform now if you desire a quality wooden slat mattress foundation with incredible functionality for a well-rounded sleeping experience.

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Classic Brands Hercules Metal Bed Frame

The Classic Brands Hercules Metal Bed Frame provides the right support for any kind of mattress. It is perfect for anyone looking for a worthwhile replacement for a traditional bed frame foundation or box spring.

Classic Brands Hercules Heavy-Duty Platform Metal Bed Frame placed inside a wooden bed frame with large headboard

This foundation is suitable for all kinds of mattresses thanks to the rigid surface and foldable metal platform design. It is compatible with standard headboard and footboard brackets to take your sleeping experience even further.

The Hercules is easy to assemble and requires absolutely no tools. This means anyone with little mechanical ability should have no problems setting it up.

This 14-inch high mattress foundation provides an impressive 13 inches of under-bed storage for stashing all kinds of personal belongings.

Shipment is quick and arrives at your doorstep in a small, portable design which easily fits through doorways and narrow staircases.

The Classic Brands Hercules Metal Bed Frame is a smart option when looking for world-class support from a quality, heavy-duty steel mattress foundation.

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LUCID Foldable Metal Platform Bed Frame

The LUCID Foldable Bed Frame is another formidable mattress foundation according to reviews from current and past owners.

the LUCID Foldable Metal Platform Bed Frame and Mattress Foundation fully assembled

It simply eliminates the need to buy a box spring or another sophisticated bed frame for your mattress.

The frame is sturdy and made from reinforced steel with the ability to support up to 2,500 pounds of weight.

This mattress foundation comes in a world-class heavy-duty wire grid that provides ample support for all kinds of mattresses including memory foam, latex, and coiled springs.

It provides 13 inches of clearance which comes in handy when you require extra space for personal effects and important stuff.

LUCID reassures you of the quality of this mattress foundation by providing a 5-year warranty for each purchase.

Don’t overlook the LUCID Foldable Bed Frame when looking for a mattress foundation that can support multiple sleepers regardless of their total weight.

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The Zinus Premium SmartBase Mattress Foundation is the best mattress foundation available today. It provides just the right level of support for a great night of sleep whether you own memory foam, latex, innerspring, or a hybrid model.

This mattress foundation also provides ample under-bed space for storage of important personal effects.

It is very stable thanks to its reinforced steel construction and promises the most peaceful sleeping sessions night after night.

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