Best Pillow To Prevent Flat Head 2023: Reviews & Buying Guide

newborn lying on his back with head resting on a pillow

If you’re in a hurry and just looking for the best pillow to prevent flat head, then the Cloud Lamb Organic Cotton Protective Pillow is the best one.

Have a newborn baby who is showing signs of flat spots on the head? Well, you don’t have to worry anymore.

This is because the right flat head syndrome pillow can round up the flat spots. Your beloved baby will then develop that desirable round shape we all crave as parents.

Unfortunately, there are thousands of models available from different brands. Hence, making the right choice can become a bit problematic.

We’ve compiled the most comprehensive baby flat head pillow reviews on the Web below. These reviews are the result of extensive market research and rigorous testing.

We’ve featured the highest-rated pillows available for sale to make the shopping process as easy as possible.

Feel free to choose any of the featured pillows. You can be confident that your beloved baby’s delicate skull is on its way to getting shaped nice and correct.

How To Choose The Best Pillow To Prevent Flat Head

Choosing the right baby pillow to correct your newborn’s flat head spots can be a daunting task. And the unlimited options available makes the search process even more difficult.

Here are the most important factors to help you choose the right model for your needs.


What are the dimensions of that particular model of baby pillow you’re thinking of buying?

Remember, a pillow that is too large for your baby can end up suffocating it and making him or her uncomfortable.

A small pillow could be no good either as it can impede the baby’s ability to sleep with comfort.

Hence, always choose the right size of pillow for your newborn to provide absolute comfort for him or her.


The right flat head pillow should be portable and easy to travel with.

Remember, your baby is likely to spend some time outdoors. A portable model provides the same head-shaping and skull-protecting performance at all times. 

This is regardless of whether your baby is lying in a car seat, bassinet, or baby stroller.

Machine Washable

It is only a matter of time before that shiny brand new baby pillow you choose gets dirty. When that happens, you’ll need to wash it to make it clean again.

Therefore, we recommend purchasing one that is machine washable or at least hand washable. 

This will ensure that the pillow stays fresh and devoid of foul odors detrimental to your baby’s health.


Newborns have sensitive and fragile skins. Thus, this puts them at the mercy of allergies and rashes.

We recommend choosing a hypoallergenic pillow to fight off dust mites and bacteria.

The Best Pillows that Prevents Flat Head

Cloud Lamb Organic Cotton Protective Pillow

The Cloud Lamb Organic Cotton Protective Pillow comes in an attractive lamb-like shape. If you’re looking transform the sleep quality of your adorable newborn baby, it could be the perfect addition.

Organic Cotton Baby Protective Pillow - Cloud Lamb

It comprises 100 percent natural organic cotton without any traces of toxic chemicals such as industrial dyes.

Also, the fabric is bleach-free and printing-free to enable your baby to enjoy sleeping right from day one. The pillow offers support without the risk of breathing in or making contact with any harmful materials.

The Cloud Lamb Baby Pillow comes in a super comfortable and functional design. It provides the ultimate platform for your baby’s head to prevent the dreaded flat head syndrome.

Also, double-sided engineering means your baby can sleep on each side of the pillow.

It is perfect for use in a bassinet and during diaper changes. The pillow can also be handy for breastfeeding and other common applications.

As a matter of fact, the pillow is easy to use and provides 100 percent satisfaction. No wonder the majority of parents say their babies fall in love with it instantly.

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OCCObaby Head Shaping Pillow

The OCCObaby Head Shaping Pillow is another great option for new parents. If you’re trying to protect infants and newborns from the flat head syndrome, it is worth a hard look.

OCCObaby Baby Head Shaping Memory Foam Pillow | Cotton Cover & Bamboo Pillowcase | Keep Your Baby's Head Round | Prevent Flat Head Syndrome in Infant & Newborns

The baby pillow is soft and feels supple. This is due to the manufacturer’s use of natural bamboo memory foam.

It provides superior levels of comfort without compromising on support for the baby.

The special shape keeps the baby’s head in alignment with the spine. This promotes proper positioning of the infant’s head during sleep to prevent flattening.

Does your newborn have an ultra-sensitive skin? The Head Shaping Pillow feels safe and gentle on the baby’s skin.

The organic cotton material and memory foam combo contain no chemicals.

Thus, you can rest assured that your baby will be safe. The organic material will protect him from developing skin rashes and other reactions.

This pillow is easy to use and provides head shape correction in a wide range of platforms. Hence, it is suitable for use in car seats, cribs, strollers, and beds.

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Newborn Baby Head Shaping Pillow

The Newborn Baby Head Shaping pillow allows your little one to enjoy revitalizing sleep daily.


Newborn Baby Head Shaping Pillow,Preventing Flat Head Syndrome(Plagiocephaly),Made of Memory Foam Head and Neck Support Baby 3D Pillow for 0-12 Months Infant

Remember, good sleeping can be the secret to a happy and healthy baby.

This revolutionary headrest features 100 percent cotton which produces no odors or smells. 

The manufacturing process stays clear of dyes and other toxic chemicals. Thus, your baby gets protection from any materials that can affect his well-being.

Many parents report falling in love with the pillow’s innovative concave center design. This center keeps the newborn’s head, spine, and neck aligned while rounding the head shape.

Why do you think many consumers believe it is a solid choice for flat head prevention?

The EDELFEEL Pillow guarantees a beautifully shaped head for your beloved newborn.

This pillow can be conveniently used anywhere your baby usually lies. It produces the same world-class head support and refreshing sleep as always.

The EDELFEEL Newborn Baby Head Shaping pillow comes in a lightweight design. It can be a convenient option due to its compact footprints.

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W WelLifes Baby Pillow

The W WelLifes Baby Pillow can be your newborn’s best sleeping buddy. It offers just the right amount of support he or she needs for a refreshing sleep on a routine basis. 

Baby Pillow for Newborn Breathable 3D Air Mesh Organic Cotton, Protection for Flat Head Syndrome Bambi Pink

The pillow provides a cozy resting environment for your adorable bundle of joy. This is thanks to its 3D Air Mesh construction which stores cool air in the summer and warm air in the winter. 

Only a few rival models come close to the great deal of comfort this pillow offers for your baby.

This flat head syndrome pillow features organic GOTS certified cotton. The fabric integrates reinforced bonded sponge to provide the right level of cushioning for the baby’s head.

Thus, it guarantees proper head alignment to supercharge your baby’s sleep quality.

The WelLifes Baby Pillow does not only come in a cute design. But it features a concave center for flat head prevention and correction.

Furthermore, it sports top quality materials to give you the best bang for your buck.

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Babymoov Lovenest Baby Head Support

The Babymoov Lovenest is another flathead baby pillow that continues to attract lots of attention from new parents. Many family and friends looking for the perfect gift for newborns also turn to it.

Babymoov Lovenest Baby Head Support | The Worlds First Pediatrician Designed Pillow to Prevent Infant Flat Head (From 0+)

The manufacturing process features expert guidance from Dr. Manuel Maidenberg, a renowned pediatrician. This explains why the pillow has been impacting on the skull development of babies worldwide in the last decade.

It comes in a patented design that distributes pressure uniformly across the skull. It achieves this without impeding on the ability of babies to move their heads.

The Lovenest is soft, thanks to Babymoov’s commitment to using breathable and luxurious fabrics. Hence, it can provide world-class comfort while staying gentle on the child’s skin.

Additionally, this pillow offers great head and neck support for babies to develop round shaped heads. It is also easy to care for and machine washable.

This unique heart-shaped pillow comes in 6 different colors. Therefore, everyone gets the complete freedom to choose suitable colors matching their style.

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Baby Love USA Newborn Baby Head Pillow

The Baby Love USA Newborn Head Shaping Memory Foam Pillow is an impressive head pillow. It allows your baby to develop a healthy skull shape right from infancy.

Newborn Baby Head Shaping Memory Foam Pillow with Organic Bamboo Washable Pillowcase I Prevent Flat Head Syndrome (Plagiocephaly) and Torticollis Correction

This pillow is very comfortable and can enhance your baby’s ability to sleep and wake up recharged.

It is perfect for babies from 3 months through to year 3. Additionally, it is suitable for baby heads with circumferences ranging from 16-19 inches.

Have you noticed any cosmetic flat spots on the head of your baby? This pillow can correct these spots as well as any signs of congenital Torticollis.

The Baby Love USA Pillow is easy to wash with the hands while the complementary pillowcase is also machine-washable.

This flat head syndrome pillow performs well on all manner of flat surfaces. This includes bouncer seats, cribs, swings, strollers, and car seats. 

Each order ships with a breathable organic bamboo pillowcase as a free bonus.

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MIMOS Baby Pillow

The MIMOS Baby Pillow is a premium skull-shaping model. It is suitable for babies showing signs of the flat head syndrome.

MIMOS Baby Pillow New (S) - Air Flow Safety (TUV Certification) - Size S (Head Circumference 36-46 cm)

It rounds up baby heads by providing uniform pressure distribution across their soft skulls. 

This pillow is one of the most popular models in the market right now. It appears in the majority of baby flat head pillow reviews on the Web today. 

The MIMOS is a great preventative pillow against flat heads. But what if your baby is already showing signs of flat spots on one side of the head?

The good news is that it can correct flat heads within a few months of regular use.

It embeds organic fabrics certified by TUV for exceptional breathability. Besides, the textiles used are OEKO-TEX certified as safe for use in babies and young children.

This pillow produces phenomenal head shape development results for babies when introduced early. Many experts recommend getting this pillow for your baby within a few weeks after birth.

It operates by distributing pressure evenly across every inch of the baby’s skull. Therefore, your adorable little man or lady grows up with a round head.

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What is Flat Head Syndrome?

The flat head syndrome is a condition common in newborns. Also known as positional plagiocephaly, it involves the development of flat spots on one side of the skull.

According to studies, the condition affects almost half of babies under 3 months old.

Fortunately, the flat head syndrome is usually self-correcting as babies grow and develop.

One may ask. Does flat head syndrome have any effect on the cognitive development of babies? 

The simple answer is no (in most cases). The majority of parents desire their babies to have round heads purely for aesthetic reasons.

Causes of Flat Head Syndrome

The majority of new parents in the United States lay their babies on their backs right from day one. This sleeping position is the number one reason why many infants develop flat heads.

Remember, baby skulls are soft and malleable. And this makes them susceptible to the pressure from lying at the same spot on a firm mattress for up to 16 hours daily.

Over time, the pressure begins to take a toll on their skulls, leading to flattening spots on one side.

Also, babies delivered naturally have a high risk of suffering flat heads. This is thanks to the shape of the female vagina which puts a lot of stress on the baby’s skulls during delivery.

The good news is that most flathead spots developed at birth tend to self-correct within a couple of weeks.

But, what if your baby still has flat spots on one side of the head by the eighth week? Then, it is time to seek one of the tried and tested infant pillows for flat head prevention on the market.

In severe cases, you may have to resort to a flat head helmet to round up the baby’s head’s and make it look more attractive.

Can A Flat Head Syndrome Pillow Fix the Problem?

The short answer is yes, the right pillow can get the job done. As stated above, this medical condition is self-correcting in most cases.

Yet, many parents decide to take matters into their own hands by investing in flat head pillows. This is especially common if their babies are still showing signs of the condition by the 2nd month.

The right pillow can provide a uniformed distribution of pressure across the baby’s head. 

This helps to shape the skull while providing pressure relief on the head and neck muscles.

In some cases, your pediatrician may recommend a flat head helmet. Unfortunately, they can run into thousands of dollars and require out-of-pocket payment.

This is because the majority of insurance policies do not cover them.

These helmets can be quite inconvenient for babies as they demand all-day and all-night wearing

Sure, your doctor may have recommended a baby helmet. But, you may want to try one of the baby flat head pillows we’ve reviewed here first due to the following reasons.

First of all, these pillows are a much cheaper option, with price tags hovering from $15-$30 in most cases. 

They’re also easy to use and most babies find them comfortable to sleep on. 

The majority of them also come with generous refund policies meaning you can buy them risk-free.

How To Fix Flat Head Without Helmet

Many doctors recommend the use of helmets for correcting flat heads in babies. This is especially true if the condition still exists after your baby is 3 months or older.

But, these helmets can run into several thousands of dollars and usually not covered by health insurance. Additionally, many babies find them uncomfortable to wear.

Before looking into the fix, there are a few points to consider. Remember, the main cause of this condition is excessive back sleeping by babies. 

So how do you fix flat head without helmet? Well, here are the tried and tested ways to round up your baby’s head and get rid of those flat spots.

You can begin by increasing your baby’s tummy time. Make sure the baby is always on his or her tummy when not sleeping or feeding. 

But how do you get that adorable baby to spend more time on the tummy? Distracting him or her with baby toys can be one of the simplest to achieve that.

Here are a few more tips to round up your baby’s head without using a helmet.

  • Carry the baby more often – this minimizes the time he or she spends lying on the back which can help fix any flat spots.
  • Alternate the baby’s positions through each sleeping session so he or she doesn’t lie at one spot for a long time.
  • Buy the right head shaping pillow for placement not only in the baby’s crib but other platforms as well.

Following the tips above can lead to great results which will give your baby that round head we all crave. They can also protect the soft and delicate skull.


The Cloud Lamb Organic Cotton is the best pillow to prevent flat head. If you’ve noticed flat spots on one side of your newborn’s head, this pillow can come in handy.

It is sports certified organic cotton fabric infused with zero synthetic chemicals. 

This makes it suitable for not only shaping the skull of your adorable bundle of joy. It can also protect his or her lungs and delicate respiratory system as well.

If you have any suggestions or questions on your mind, please leave them here and we’ll be happy to respond.

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