Best Water Pillow For Neck Pain Cure: Reviews & Buying Guide

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If you’re in a hurry and just looking for the best water pillow, then the Mediflow Fiber Pillow is the best one.

Are you looking for magical neck support and world-class sleeping comfort? Water pillows are the way to go.

Also known as hydro pillows, they’ve become sought after since their release on the market. 

Many people have heard or experienced their sleep transformation effects first hand.

The only problem is the wide range of options available on the market. This can cripple the ability to make a quick and well-informed choice.

The good news is that we’ve compiled the top models in the current marketplace. We’ve also provided comprehensive reviews of each one of them below.

Take a glance and choose wisely because your sleep fortunes could be on the line.

How To Choose The Best Water Pillow

There are several factors to consider during shopping. This will increase the chances of snapping up the best one for your needs. Well, let’s take a look at a few of the most critical ones.


Some water pillows can be quite complicated to clean. That is an open secret.

Different brands have different instructions. So, it is important to consider the cleaning guidelines laid out for a specific model. This can prevent problems in the future when you’re trying to keep it clean and fresh.

We recommend choosing a pillow with a cover that is removable and machine washable. This will ensure that you can keep it looking and smelling fresh over the long-term.


Like regular pillows, water-based models come in different sizes. Hence, always choose the most suitable size for your needs so you don’t end up with one that is too small or large.

Remember, they follow the same size dimensions as regular pillows.

Shipping & Delivery

Before hitting the order button, check out the vendor’s shipping and delivery terms. How quick will the pillow ship after your order? Does the vendor offer free shipping? Does the specific pillow qualify for Amazon Prime shipping?

Seek answers to the questions above and choose wisely.

Warranty & Returns

Does your preferred model come with a money-back guarantee or warranty of some sort? What happens if you notice any manufacturer defects after the item arrives in your home?

Again, don’t forget to seek answers to the questions above. We recommend choosing a model that offers some sort of warranty if anything goes wrong.

The Best Water Pillows for Neck Pain

Mediflow Fiber Water Pillow

The Mediflow Fiber is the original and most prominent water pillow on the market. This pillow adopts the manufacturer’s patented Waterbase technology.

Mediflow Fiber: The First & Original Water Pillow, clinically Proven to Reduce Neck Pain & Improve Sleep. Therapeutic, Ideal for People Looking for Proper Neck Support

Hence, you get an extensively tested pillow by scientists from Johns Hopkins University. The pillow continues to prove to be effective at enhancing the total quality of sleep.

This water pillow’s industry-changing design makes it an expert in keeping neck pain at bay. It results in consumers getting the best night of sleep possible.

The Mediflow Fiber is convenient for sleeping whether you’re a back, side, or stomach sleeper.

Combination sleepers love it thanks to the integrated water’s ability to move with the head. 

This means no need to fluff or adjust it as you alternate between sleeping positions.

It is machine washable and easy to dry. The 200-thread count cover feels so soft that it is suitable for those with the most sensitive skins.

Many consumers love the easy customization options available with this water-based pillow. It allows everyone to choose their exact firmness preferences.

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Blissbury SpineRight Water Pillow

The Blissburry SpineRight is another great adjustable water pillow. It has taken the industry by storm thanks to the level of comfort it provides.

Blissbury SpineRight Adjustable Water Pillow with Ultra Soft Gray Cover, Bamboo and Polyester, Queen Size - Side Sleeper, Pregnancy, and Neck Support Pillows - Quilted, Premium, Luxurious Bedding

This hydro pillow adapts to each’s sleeping needs by default. This guarantees that you’ll never have to compromise on your snoozing comfort ever again. 

The bamboo and polyester combo material provide gentle molding to the sleeper’s head. The result is the most amazing sleeping experience you’ll ever get.

This ergonomic water-based pillow offers the perfect level of comfort and elevation. Thus, it is suitable for all sleeping positions, body weights, and other circumstances.

Tired of waking up with head, shoulder, or spinal pain? The SpineRight can transform the quality of your sleep. This is thanks to its optimal alignment of the head with the lumbar region.

It achieves the right angle you need to sleep and wake up pain-free.

No wonder experts rate it as the best water pillow for the elderly, pregnant women, and many others.

Besides, this pillow feels plush and cozy which can be what you need after a long, hard day of work.

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Mediflow Water Pillow Memory Foam

The water pillow + memory foam combination has proven to be a winning formula. It continues to impress even the most vocal of skeptics.

Mediflow Water Pillow Memory Foam re-Invented with Waterbase Technology - Clinically Proven to Reduce Neck Pain & Improve Sleep Quality. (Single Pack)

Memory foam is famous for its ability to provide responsive cervical support. The material achieves this by conforming to the unique shape of each sleeper’s neck and head. 

Also, Waterbase technology provides the needed response to flip from one sleeping position to the other.

Thus, the Mediflow Water Pillow Memory Foam gives you the best of both worlds. Super memorable nights of sleep become the norm right from the very first day this model arrives.

Do you need a much softer or firmer pillow? You only have to adjust the water level to reach your preferred firmness.

Furthermore, the built-in ventilated air pockets keep you cool throughout the night. Hence you’ll never have to sweat on this pillow whether you live in the tropics or during summer.

The sealed integrated water pouch embeds hypoallergenic European memory foam. This provides world-class comfort for not only the neck and head but other parts of the body as well.

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MODERNJOE’S Luxurious Water Pillow

Desperate to treat yourself to an amazing pillow that offers a magical night of sleeping? This popular hydro pillow should come to mind.

MODERNJOE'S Luxurious Queen Size Water Pillow (20x28), with Extra Supportive Fiber Fill. Adjustable Orthopedic Support and Hypoallergenic Waterbase Pillow by Modern Joe's

The ModernJoe’s Luxury Water Pillow is a premium model that can help you achieve quality levels of sleep. It allows you to experience what peaceful sleep feels like instead of imagining it.

The pillow delivers adjustable support for all body shapes and sizes. It also helps get rid of neck pain and improve the duration of your sleep in the process.

Whatever your desired level of support, the Modern Joe’s water pillow can get the job done and in style as well. You only have to reduce the water content to achieve more softness or add more water to make it firmer.

This water pillow undergoes rigorous testing and quality control processes. Hence, it comes out with the necessary grit to last long even under the harshest conditions.

And this helps you save a ton of money in the long run.

If anything goes wrong, the manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty for all orders. This means you can get a replacement or your money back without problems. 

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Chiroflow Waterbase Waterpillow

The Chiroflow Waterbase Pillow is clinically proven to transform sleep quality. It provides world-class therapeutic benefits for anyone after a long, stressful day.

Chiroflow Waterbase Waterpillow, Standard, White

The fact that you can add or remove water to adjust firmness is one of the reasons why it has become such a huge hit.

The procedure is very easy and inexpensive. Chiroflow recommends regular tap water although many people opt for distilled water.

The Waterbase Pillow is perfect for easing long-term neck and shoulder pain. Even if it doesn’t get rid of all your pain, you’ll notice a huge difference. 

This can help take your sleeping comforts to unimaginable levels.

The pillow is perfect for kids’ bedrooms as well as Master Bedrooms and even guest rooms.

No wonder it continues to gain legions of fans who keep making repeat orders.

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Mediflow Chiroflow Travel Pillow

Looking for the best water pillow to supercharge your sleep quality while on the road? The Mediflow Chiroflow Travel Pillow is a must-have.

Mediflow Chiroflow Travel Pillow

It comes from the stable of Mediflow, a pioneering brand in the water pillow industry. 

Hence, it is no surprise that many current customers report world-class transformative sleep.

Are you suffering from the effects of long-term cervical pain? Do you wake up with all kinds of joint and muscle discomforts? This iconic pillow can augment your treatment.

It offers the right amount of support to enable you to sleep like never before and wake up with a smile on your face.

It is no coincidence that American chiropractors continue to recommend the Mediflow Chiroflow.

Dreaming of getting an improved quality of sleep on a nightly basis? This water pillow can turn those dreams into a reality.

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Mediflow Elite Waterbase Pillow

Are you on the hunt for a premium water-based pillow that delivers next-level results? We recommend taking a good look at everything this model brings to your sleep.

Mediflow 1066 Elite Fiberfill Waterbase Pillow - The world's first water pillow, clinically proven to reduce neck pain and improve sleep.

The Mediflow Elite Fiberfill responds to your sleeping movements and position. This instant response maintains the correct spinal alignment. 

It features deluxe StaLoft Dacron polyester fiber filling for improved hardiness and loft. 

The hypoallergenic cotton cover protects the premium filling material.

Also, it protects the sleeper from allergens while providing unimaginable levels of comfort.

This makes it perfect for those recovering from injuries and long-term pain sufferers. 

Besides, the Elite pillow promotes natural body movements to prevent pain aggravation.

It adopts the most powerful Waterbase technology in the industry today. This offers enhanced sleep while eliminating neck pain and other related discomforts.

Mediflow invests world-class engineering into this pillow. Hence, the confidence to offer a 3-year warranty for factory defects and accidents. Ordering it also gives you a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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What is A Water Pillow?

Did you experience the awkward movements and feeling from earlier generations of waterbeds? If yes, then we can understand why the idea of getting a water pillow may not be so attractive to you right now.

But, you should know that hydro pillows look and feel like other premium pillows on the market today. The manufacturing process is similar. 

They also feature fillings from memory foam, microfiber, and cotton.

The only difference is that water pillows embed water pouches, reservoirs, or bladders.

So why bother with a water pillow and not order a regular memory foam pillow instead? Well, these pillows are special because they maintain their original shape for a lifetime.

Sure, memory foam and other materials can be a great basis for pillows. But, they tend to flatten out over time due to the sleeper’s weight.

The water reservoir part of hydro pillows helps maintain their shape. The height and weight also stay the same right from day one to the last day.

We love the fact that the water component allows the pillows to conform to your unique head shape. 

Additionally, these pillows provide custom comfort levels for each consumer. You only have to decide your preferred firmness and add or remove water to achieve that.

Types of Water Pillows

Water pillows come in different types. If you’re thinking of getting one of them, it is advisable to be aware of the different options available.

You should also know the properties of each type so you can make smart decisions.

Pouch Waterbase Pillows

This is the most popular Waterbase type available on the market right now. The majority of the top-rated models in the industry feature this style.

Pouch Waterbase Pillows sport polyester-based pouches that can be filled with water.

The water pouch is usually placed under a layer of polyester filling. This pouch also serves as the direct resting place for the sleeper’s head during sleep.

Pouch Waterbase Pillows provide a deluxe resting platform for the head. You get the therapeutic benefits of water too.

The water pouch is easy to fill and protects the pillow from falling flat from the weight of the user’s head.

Memory Foam Waterbase Pillows

These water pillows come with memory foam fillings. Instead of water, they feature significant portions of gel. 

Remember, the gel provides similar head and neck cradling effects as water.

The natural cooling properties of the gel component come in handy during hot periods.

Benefits of Waterbase Pillows

Sleep experts advocate for the use of water pillows compared to regular models. Here are a few reasons why you should consider getting one of them.

Maintain Their Original Shape

The ability to stay in shape for long periods is one of the hallmarks of water pillows. These iconic pillows can hold up well for years even when slept on by heavier people. 

They’re unlike regular pillows that flatten out within a short time. 

Adjustable Comfort

No type of pillow gives you the amount of flexibility water pillows provide. All you have to do is to add more or less water to make them firmer or softer.

Perfect for All Sleeping Positions 

A water pillow can be a great choice whether you’re a back, stomach, or side sleeper. These pillows provide the correct level of elevation for the head to align with the spine. 

And this ensures that you do not only sleep deep but you can wake up with minimal pain if any.

These pillows are also recommended for combination sleepers. They contour to your head angle while you drift between alternative positions. 

Neutral Body Temperature

Water pillows can be the perfect solution for anyone who sleeps hot or cold. The water regulates the sleeper’s body temperature and ensures comfort.

It prevents sudden spikes in body temperature due to the weather or other conditions.

Pain-Free Sleeping

The majority of middle-aged and senior citizens wake up with one form of pain or another. The good news is that a water pillow can reduce this pain so you can start experiencing happier mornings.

Rejuvenating Sleep

Have you always desired rejuvenating sleeping without much success? A water pillow can be the perfect companion for you. 

The innovative features integrated means you can finally enjoy a deserved sleep. Sleepers also get more flexibility, luxury, and superior therapeutic benefits. 

Drawbacks of Water Pillows

Like many things in life, water pillows come with a couple of downsides. Taking them into account while shopping will prevent any surprises down the line.

Relatively Heavy

Water pillows can be heavy. This is as a result of the water pouch and water filling. If you prefer firmer pillows then adding more water skyrockets the pillow weight too. 

This can make it difficult to move them around especially during sex with your partner. 

This is why you should order a separate sex pillow to enhance your bedroom activities.

Durability Issues

Unfortunately, the polyester component of water pillows is usually mediocre. This can result in durability issues in the long-term.

Make sure any prospective model contains high-grades of polyester filling material. And you can expect long-lasting performance.


Congratulations on digesting the information we’ve provided up to this point. You’re now equipped to find the best water pillow for your needs and budget.

The Mediflow Fiber Pillow is the best water pillow on the market. It offers a world-class ability to improve the sleep quality of consumers. Various forms of pain are also eliminated when you lie on this pillow regularly.

It offers everything you need to start enjoying your sleep and wake up with a smile on your face.

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