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When it comes to reading in bed, many people have a tough time with the perfect lighting. Whether you’re a parent, student or just enjoy the feeling of going into your own world for a few minutes before tucking yourself in, we all know that reading in bed can be quite enjoyable. But with so many different book lights available on the market today, it might get confusing as to which one would best suit your needs. That’s why we did some research and came up with five factors that we have used to pick the best book lights for reading in bed.

What you need to know when choosing a book light for reading in bed

The five factors are style, size, price, light quality and extra features.

  1. Style. Book Lights come in various styles such as clamp-ons or clip-on lamps that attach easily to your book and are usually powered by batteries. They also come in various colors and designs so you can pick one that matches the feel of your room, or even with a fun design to make reading more enjoyable.
  2. Size. Although not all book lights are created equal, some have special features such as LED bulbs which give off increased light and don’t need to be replaced as often. Some book lights are also smaller and more compact so you can transport it easily with your books.
  3. Price. Price is probably the most important factor for many people when purchasing new products, but not when it comes to book lights. It doesn’t matter if you’re purchasing a book light for yourself or your child, more expensive does not necessarily mean better quality.
  4. Light Quality. The best feature of LED lighting is the crispness and brightness of the light it emits. It can also last longer than regular bulbs, which means you don’t have to constantly stop reading to replace them. It also allows you to read in darker areas without interrupting those around you.
  5. Extra Features. Although not all book lights have these, some book lights come with extra features such as rechargeable batteries and a flexible arm for easy positioning. These are especially useful if you do a lot of traveling or commute between your home and office.

Energizer Clip on Book Light for Reading in Bed


Energizer Clip on Book Light for Reading in Bed, LED Reading Light for Books and Kindles, 25 Hour Run Time, Kindle & Book Reading Lamp (Batteries Included) , Black


Go to bed with a story. Energizer Clip on Book Light for Reading in Bed, LED Reading Light for Books provides optimal brightness using advanced LED technology. This book light is small and portable so you can read anywhere! Compact design with a flexible neck allows you to position it where you need it most. Comes with an adjustable clip for hands-free use. Runs up to 25 hours at a time with 2 CR2032 Batteries included. Take this clip on reading light everywhere and brighten your day!

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Glocusent LED Neck Reading Light, 3 Colors, 6 Brightness Levels, Bendable Arms


Glocusent LED Neck Reading Light, Book Light for Reading in Bed, 3 Colors, 6 Brightness Levels, Bendable Arms, Rechargeable, Long Lasting, Perfect for Reading, Knitting, Camping, Repairing


Glocusent led neck reading light, an innovative book light with bendable arms and 3 useful color temperature modes, brings a clear, bright glow to your favorite reading spot. Unlike traditional lamps or torches which have uneven illumination on the page and often create a yellow glare for the eyes after long periods of use. You can now adjust this lamp’s brightness level and angle to achieve pure white lighting. It is effective and comfortable. The rechargeable battery gets up to 80 hours of usage in one charge. You won’t need expensive batteries (or worry about dealing with trying-to-find sustainable energy sources). Glocusent has been engineered carefully with advanced LEDs in order to filter out any blue light emitted by digital screens. There will be no more eyesterain or headaches when reading at night. Whether you enjoy cozy bedtime stories, novels, comics, textbooks or just need something for the holidays – with Glocusent’s awesome 3 color modes (Warm White/Reading/Cool White), it’s perfect for anything! Also great as a gift for grandma/grandpa because of its unique features and high-quality material.

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LEPOWER Clip on Light for desk or bedside table


LEPOWER Clip on Light/Reading Light/Light Color Changeable/Night Light Clip on for Desk, Bed Headboard and Computers (Black)


LEPOWER Clip on Light/Reading Light/Light Color Changeable. With its extendable arms, you can easily clip this pencil-thin bedside lamp to any table, desk or headboard for a bright and even light with the touch of a button. The highest setting is perfect for reading in low artificial office lights.

A colorful LED adds ambiance by alternating through four vibrant colors by pressing the single button that allows you to adjust the brightness level to suit your needs: dim and bright. This device requires no batteries because it does double duty as a power station with 2 prongs providing enough electricity from normal household current 110V.

Peak strength is powerful up to 15 Lumen’s output so say goodbye to those aggravating eye strain ands welcome the ease and comfort of soft lighting. This lamp has a really sleek design that will add some style to your table or desk.


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Ozeri Kandle LED Reading Light Designed for Books and eReaders


Ozeri Kandle LED Reading Light Designed for Books and eReaders, Black


This innovative reading light features a patent-pending design that attaches securely to books and eBooks, with no blocking screens on eBook readers. It provides bright LED illumination for any area of study.
The Ozeri Kandle’s newly updated version is brighter than ever before, powered by two high-performing LEDs optimized for wide coverage that won’t create glare or eyestrain. The double pivoting arms can be positioned to provide tailored lighting for all your spotty needs. Special bonus – it ships with 2 CR2032 batteries and a protective pouch!


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A book light is the perfect way to wind down at night. Whether you’re a parent, student or just enjoy the feeling of going into your own world for a few minutes before tucking yourself in, we all know that reading in bed can be quite enjoyable. I hope you got some useful tips on the type of book light reader you needs, and that this article has helped you find the best book light.

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