Can You Use A Mattress Protector With An Electric Blanket?

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Mattress protectors and electric blankets can be valuable components in a bedroom. While the protector offers insulation of the main mattress against spills, dirt, and dust, electric blankets can provide warmth during the chilliest nights.

For cold region residents who rely on electric blankets to go through the night unscathed, the debate as to whether they can integrate these protectors into their bedrooms can linger for a long period.

Is it possible to use a mattress protector with an electric blanket? Yes, mattress protectors can be used side by side with electric blankets effectively. Depending on whether a consumer’s priority is body warmth or protection from spills and stains, the protector may be placed on top of the electric blanket or vice versa.

How To Use A Mattress Protector With An Electric Blanket

As established earlier, electric blankets can be seamlessly integrated into beds with mattress protectors. However, there are 2 options to choose from depending on a consumer’s preferences at any point in time.

1. Mattress Protector On Top of Electric Blanket

Do you like to eat in bed or own a brand name mattress such as Tempur-Pedic that needs to be protected from spills and stains at all costs? Laying the electric blanket on the main mattress before placing a protector on top may be the best idea.

This method can be smart for those living in regions with mild levels of cold or during the latter stages of winter when temperatures can be quite forgivable.

Unfortunately, the thick membrane-like material component of mattress protectors can prevent the blanket’s heat from reaching the sleeping surface. This may result in minimal warmth, if any at all, especially in mattress covers with breathability problems.

The heat produced by the electric blanket can build up underneath the protector. With the latest blankets integrated with auto-shutoff features, it is only a matter of time before the electric blanket shuts off completely.

Over time, the heat buildup from the electric blanket can cause severe damage to the protector by ripping apart its membrane-like material.

2. Electric Blanket On Top of the Mattress Protector

If you’d rather sleep in a warm bed during cold nights than gain protection from stains and spills, placing the electric blanket on top of the mattress protector is the way to go. With the protector underneath the blanket, the issues of heat accumulation can be eliminated.

The result is direct heat blasting from the blanket to keep the sleeper warm and cozy throughout the night. The downside is that this can expose the blanket to the spills and stains mattress protectors are designed to safeguard against.

Additionally, fluid spills, in particular, can increase the risk of suffering electric shocks if any of the wires have unraveled. This is why ditching old electric blankets in favor of new ones can be the way to go.

3. Read The Manufacturer’s Instructions 

user manual

Some electric blanket brands forbid the placement of their products over mattress toppers, sofas, air mattresses, and other sleeping surfaces. This is why reading the instruction manual thoroughly before ordering is recommended.

A good tip may be to contact the customer support department of your preferred brand and seek the necessary answers before making your order. Remember, going contrary to the manufacturer’s instructions can void the terms of any warranty on the blanket.

How To Put An Electric Blanket On A Bed

Fitting an electric blanket properly on your bed may be the key to getting maximum benefits during the unforgivable cold winter nights. Remember, an electric blanket should be able to fit the bed properly and retain heat efficiently which can only be possible when fitted securely to a mattress.

Here are step by step instructions for putting an electric blanket on a bed:

  • Clear any flat or fitted sheets from the mattress 
  • Open the electric blanket fully and spread it on the bare mattress
  • Place the blanket such that the mains lead ends up on the head of the bed
  • If the blanket is slightly shorter than the entire length of the bed, pull it a bit downwards to shift away from the pillows
  • Secure the blanket to the mattress by pulling the elastic straps underneath the mattress to prevent slippage during the night
  • Connect the mains lead to the electric blanket’s socket once the blanket fits snugly on the mattress
  • Drape a protector, fitted, or flat sheet on the mattress and enjoy a restful sleep

How To Store An Electric Blanket

An electric blanket can be a vital part of the bedroom environment during cold weather. However, once winter comes to an end, you may have no use for it until several months later when chilly weather returns. Putting the blankets into storage can be the smartest option as spring and eventually summer approaches. 

Here’s how to store an electric blanket successfully:

  • Leave the blanket alone for several hours to cool down completely
  • Unplug the wires from the mains and lift the mattress to pull out the electric straps 
  • Fold the blanket loosely and place in a storage bag 
  • Store the folded blanket in a cool, dry place
  • Avoid placing heavy stuff on the folded blanket during storage

Can You Use An Electric Blanket With A Weighted Blanket?

The combination of an electric blanket and a weighted blanket may be bad news in so many ways. It can cause excessive heat accumulation which may not only affect the sleeper’s comfort levels but can also draw excessive electrical current thereby increasing the risk of a fire.

This is why many manufacturers explicitly forbid laying weighted blankets on top of electrical blankets in their user manuals.

Have you read our reviews of the Best Weighted Blankets available right now? Click the link to check out the top-rated models according to independent buyers online.

How To Stay Safe When Using Electric Blankets  

Electric blankets can be a fire or shock hazard due to its component electrical wires. No wonder many consumers living in some of the coldest regions in the world stay clear of these blankets despite their potential benefits.

Here are a few safety techniques to follow during the use of electric blankets:

No Direct Skin Contact: No matter how cold the weather gets, avoid sleeping directly on the blanket or draping it directly on the skin. This can increase the risk of electric shocks and the resultant discomfort from the integrated electrical wires.

Check All Wires: Never plug in an electric blanket without making sure that all wires are intact first. With the numerous electrical cords that ship with these blankets, it can be easy to forget that one cord or the other may not be intact. Again, this can increase the risk of electrical shocks, particularly if an accidentally disintegrated cord makes physical contact with a wet surface.

Unplug Before Folding: Make sure all wires are unplugged before folding and putting the blanket in storage. Folding the plugged-in wires can also increase the risk of getting exposed to a naked wire which may also be a fire or electric shock hazard. 

Switch On The Auto-Shutoff: Always make sure the Auto-shutoff feature is working to prevent accidentally falling asleep and suffering burns from overheating. If you own an old blanket model without this feature, maybe it is time to shop for a new one.

Switch off Electrical Blanket When Not In Use: Always switch off the blankets when leaving the house. Do not forget to unplug the wires from the mains to prevent the risk of a fire caused by faulty blanket wires.

Personally, I love sleeping on the Serta Reversible Sherpa/Fleece Electric Throw Blanket from Amazon during cold nights. It feels cozy on the skin and offers 5 heat settings to ensure custom comfort for consumers depending on the prevailing circumstances.

What Is The Safest Way To Use An Electric Blanket?

The safest way to use an electric blanket is to switch it on an hour or so ahead of your regular sleeping time. Once you’re ready to go to bed, turn off the blankets and unplug it from the power outlet.

With the bed pre-heated sufficiently, sleeping through the night comfortably should not be a problem especially when a few comforters and regular blankets are thrown into the mix. This can eliminate the risk of suffering electric shocks or spiking a fire in the middle of the night when you’re already savoring the delights of Dreamland.

Pre-heating the bed is especially recommended for senior citizens with mobility issues as well as others with neurological problems that can affect their sensitivity to heat and electric shocks.

 Drawbacks of Using Electric Blankets

Few things can feel cozier than jumping into a heated bed on a freezing winter night. However, electric blankets do not come without a few drawbacks. Shall we take a look at a couple of concerns associated with the use of these innovative blankets?

1. Electric Shocks and Burns

caucasian man with an electrical wire

Plugging in and sleeping on a blanket that features lots of electrical wires will always expose sleepers to the risk of suffering electric shocks. The slightest frays in these wires can shock any part of the body that makes contact with the blanket.

There have been many instances of severe injury and even fatalities from electrical shocks and fires caused by electric blankets.

2. Circadian Rhythm Interference

Studies have shown that the human body temperature needs to plummet before sleep can kick in. Heating a bed with these blankets can interfere with the body’s ability to cool down, leading to tossing and turning all night long.

This can be a huge problem among those with a history of insomnia.

3. Overheating and Burns

Some consumers have reported signs of overheating and even physical burns after using electric blankets. This is especially common in diabetics and other neuropathy sufferers with limited sensitivity to feelings of pain and discomfort.

Such people may continue sleeping even when their beds have overheated to the point of physical discomfort to the body.


The decision to use a mattress protector with an electric blanket is a personal one. However, keep in mind that it may go against the warranty terms and conditions spelled out by the blanket manufacturer.

While there may be a few physical risks associated with combining a mattress protector with an electronic blanket, it can offer tons of benefits as well. Thus, it is up to each consumer to weigh the risks and choose accordingly.


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