Dear neighbours, please turn down the loud music!

Neighbors that live close to you can be a blessing or a curse. They may be your best friend, someone who is always willing to help if you need it. On the other hand, they might also be the person next door who insists on playing their music too loud at all hours of the day and night.

There are many things people do when living in close proximity with others that have an effect on how we feel about them as neighbors. One such thing is noise pollution-loud music being played late into the night or early in the morning. For instance-which can make it hard for those not playing it to sleep well, study peacefully, enjoy meals together with family members without interruption. The list goes on and on.

This article will discuss neighbor noise complaints and how one can go about handling them in a neighborly fashion, by approaching the neighbor first before going to an authority figure such as the police.

How do you deal with noisy neighbors?

Here’s a list of some tips that you may find helpful when dealing with neighbor noise pollution:

  • Address the neighbor directly in person or over text message to talk about your needs and how they might be able to help. They may not realize that their volume is too high and so they’re happy to make adjustments.
  • Make an appointment with the neighbor to chat and then let them know in advance what you would like them to do.
  • Send a letter for them to read explaining why it bothers you and give them a week’s notice before taking any steps towards legal action, such as calling the police.
  • Give some tips on what they can do to make the noise less loud, such as turning it down a little during certain hours, going into another room or closing the door when they play their music, or wearing earphones.
  • Try reaching out to other neighbours and ask them if they’ve experienced similar issues with the neighbor playing loud music. If there are enough neighbor complaints, then the neighbor will be evicted.
  • If you live in an apartment building, speak with your property manager or landlord about the neighbor making too much noise for you to live comfortably and be able to sleep.
  • Move away from the neighbor who is bothering you, if possible.

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What to do if your neighbors continue playing loud music?

If none of these suggestions work and your neighbor simply doesn’t care about your needs as a neighbor or a person, then it might be time to take legal action against them. However, this should only be done after trying every other option. For example, if the neighbor is a family member or your spouse’s parents then asking them to reduce the volume of their music might work better than threatening legal action.

Contact the police with a report of neighbor noise pollution and try to get as much information from other neighbors who have also been impacted by this behavior so that you can corroborate your story if the neighbor decides to contest it.

Can a landlord evict a tenant for loud music?

A landlord can evict a tenant for loud music if the tenant is in violation of any conditions specified in the rental agreement. However, there must be objective evidence of such violations-such as documented complaints from other tenants or neighbor. A landlord can also evict a tenant for playing loud music if the neighbor or other tenants have sent a letter to the landlord stating that there is an issue with the neighbor’s volume of music.

The reasons for evicting a tenant for playing loud music are clear, as having to listen to neighbor’s loud music can drive one crazy. If you have had instances where you have been disturbed by neighbor’s loud music, your best approach would be approaching the neighbor and asking if he or she could do something about it. Wait cautiously in case the neighbor is in fact unaware of the loud music that he or she is playing but doesn’t want to turn it down.

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What happens if your landlord doesn’t solve the issues?

If your neighbor’s noise is still going on and your landlord has failed to address the problem after multiple complaints or requests, you can take legal action.

In many states, tenants are required by law to notify their landlords about neighbor problems . A tenant may go so far as to file a complaint with his local municipal code enforcement office or health department if the neighbor’s actions are considered an immediate threat to the tenant. If the neighbor is creating a nuisance, landlords may also need to seek legal action against the neighbor (and/or evict them) due to violation of private property rights .

(To find out about noise ordinances in your area, contact your local municipal code enforcement office or police department.)


Neighborhoods are supposed to be a place where people come together and live in peace. However, neighbor noise pollution can make it hard for those who live nearby to enjoy their homes or apartments. If your neighbor is playing music too loudly-and you’re sure he hasn’t been made aware of the issue-then there’s no need to avoid him or her altogether; just give them some tips on how they can keep the volume down during certain hours so that others aren’t disturbed. You could also try talking with other neighbors about whether this neighbor has violated any other community rules (i.e., speeding up and down the street). If enough neighbor complaints have been filed against one person, then they may be evicted from their home due to neighbor noise pollution.

If anyone has any experience with neighbor noise pollution, please share your story below-it’s always nice to have a voice of support when you feel like you’re all alone in the neighborhood!

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