How Long Do Yorkies Sleep? [Extended Guide]

yorkshire terrier lying in bed

Yorkshire terriers are a popular dog breed in many homes across the world. Like most dogs, sleeping is one of their main habits especially in households and animal shelters where they do not get the chance to engage in too much physical activity.

Anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors will probably get the impression that Yorkies sleep all day and night since they’ll either be deeply asleep or engaged in a light nap almost every time they’re seen.

How Long Do Yorkie puppies Sleep?

Like every dog breed, Yorkies sleep more during the pup years as the complexities of their physical and mental development can weigh heavily on their overall energy levels. These pups take their own time to transition from the womb to the new environment.

Yorkie pups sleep up to 22 hours a day as they typically snooze throughout the night and take long naps during the daytime as well. Unless a pup is showing signs of distress from an infection or some sort of illness, the minimum amount of sleep it gets in a day is 16 hours.

Allowing your pup the ability to sleep in peace can be rewarding to its overall health and development while giving members of the household the peace and tranquility to go about their normal duties.

How Long Do Adult Yorkies Sleep?

The average adult Yorkie sleeps from 14-18 hours within a 24-hour period which typically involves snoozing through the night and a few naps lasting a couple of minutes to an hour during the daytime.

 As the dog grows, the need for sleep reduces gradually but consistently until it gets to the point where it adopts other interests. This is the period where the canine may be desperate to play and engage in other physical activities even when the owner seems uninterested.

If you have a vibrant and physically active lifestyle that involves a lot of outdoor activity then Yorkies will love to be a part of that. You can take them for long walks and even hiking in the woods.

Often, dogs living in quiet and uneventful environments can sleep for longer compared to those in noisy and active places where a knock on the door comes through every couple of minutes or so.

How Long Do Older Yorkies Sleep?

Yorkshire Terriers live for an average of 13-16 years. The closer your dog gets to that age range, the higher the need to nod off becomes. Remember, an older Yorkie may require 18-20 hours of shuteye within 24 hours to be able to function properly.

Just like senior citizens need more sleep than young adults and the middle-aged, you should expect your Yorkie to sleep more after hitting age 10.

However, be aware that several health conditions may interfere with the ability to sleep in old age. This is why proper veterinary care is essential when any dog breed reaches the senior citizen age range.

The pain associated with arthritis, kidney failure, and cancer can keep older Yorkies awake day and night. This may lead to further deterioration of its health and quality of life.

Extra comfort in terms of providing the right sleeping crate and dog beds should be a priority for older dogs.

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What Are The Most Popular Yorkie Sleeping Positions?

yorkie lying on the floor

Yorkies enjoy sleeping in a variety of positions depending on their moods then as well as the prevailing conditions in the environment. Shall we take a good look at a few of the most popular positions these pooches love to lie down in?

Snuggled Up: Yorkies snuggle up to their owners or other dogs when feeling cold or lonely. This position can also be a way to express their love especially when they can feel that you’re showing signs of stress or depression. 

Side Sleeping: Dogs love switching to the sides when they’re relaxed in a safe and comfortable environment with little risk of threats. It can be difficult for new dogs to adopt this position until they build trust with you and other members of the household.

On The Back: Some Yorkies love to lie down on the back with the paws in the air especially during hot afternoons in the summer. This position helps them cool down their body temperature on hot nights as well. 

Since the fur in the belly is always thinner than the other body parts, the circulating cool air penetrates deeper and allows the Yorkie’s body temperature to be maintained in normal ranges to ensure comfort.

Curled up: My Yorkie loves to sleep in a curled-up-like-a-ball position during the chilliest periods of the year. This ensures that the most critical body organs are protected from the harsh weather elements. When the weather gets unbearable, this position also allows the pooch to get up easily.

Superman: This position involves Yorkies lying down on their tummy with the legs outstretched in different directions during hot weather. They love to sleep on the floor especially since it is usually the coldest surface in any room during warm weather. The Superman position also allows dogs to spring up quickly to their feet in the event of emergencies to take charge.

Is It Safe For Yorkies To Sleep Under The Covers? 

The answer is yes. Yorkies love to burrow under comforters, blankets, and sheets during the night. If you live in a city where the climate makes it convenient to sleep under lots of covers, your favorite Yorkshire Terrier will typically enjoy the time spent under those bedding.

Yorkies do not only get warmth from the often heavy sheets but they also get a genuine sense of security that they’re in safe surroundings.

Many dog lovers who share beds with their Yorkies worry that the canines may suffocate when allowed to sleep under the covers. However, as long as you do not use big plastic bags as covers, a Yorkie will be just fine.

Remember, dogs can also tell when there isn’t enough oxygen to breathe while burrowed under any covers and will not hesitate to come out in situations like that.

Is Your Yorkie Crying At Night?

One of the biggest problems you can face with Yorkies is constant night cries. While you may have the best intentions, many pups may misunderstand the crate training process as a way of abandoning them.

The typical reaction is to cry and whine at the beginning of crate training which can be disruptive to the whole process. Here are a few ways to put an end to crying Yorkies at night.

1. Ignore the Crying Completely

The first step to getting a Yorkie to stop crying is to ignore her reactions completely. That means no amount of whining, screaming, or barking should draw your attention whether positive or negative.

Avoid yelling at her or even giving off any clues that the cries are a bother because it will only give the dog more incentive to continue. As time passes, the dog will catch the drift that you’re not ready to pay any attention no matter how long the whining and barking continues.

It is only a matter of time before the Yorkie stops crying at night, leading to a more peaceful sleep for everyone.

2. Remove Food and Water Before Bedtime

dog eating a doughnut

Dogs go to bed at consistent times each night. One of the easiest ways to make the pooch’s life more comfortable is to remove all sources of food and water at least 3 hours before bedtime. No matter how big the Yorkie may be, know that it has a tiny bladder that gets filled up quickly.

Allowing food and snacks at bedtime means she’ll keep consuming them and hence need to go out of the crate regularly to empty the full bladder. Sure, the crying may be nothing more than an attention-seeking stunt but what if it genuinely needs to get out of the crate to take a toilet break?

Taking the food and water away means you can ignore all of the whining and loud barking without any guilt. This also means the dog gets ample time to digest the consumed food properly before bedtime.

3. Toilet Break Right Before Bedtime

Taking the food and water away is a good start but a final toilet break can come in handy too. A short walk right before bedtime allows her to do one last bit of business while getting a dose of fresh air as well.

For dogs under a bit of stress, the short period outdoors can also help provide some relaxation to speed up the time it takes to fall asleep as well as the quality of her nighttime shuteye.

4. Offer a Chew Toy

Chew toys may calm down even the most agitated Yorkies crying loudly at night. If possible, playing low-tempo music may also boost the dog’s ability to calm down meaning a better chance of falling asleep.

Music can also reduce the dog’s anxiety levels caused by feelings of loneliness in its crate. Most dog owners continue to tout the benefits of playing classical music to their canines but other genres can be effective as well.

I offer my Yorkie the Benebone Maplestick/Bacon Stick Durable Dog Chew Toy from Amazon each time she gets agitated. It offers authentic Maplewood flavor that dogs love which calms her down and enables her to stop whining. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.

5. Provide A Dog Blanket

Covering the dog’s crate with a blanket can be another way to stop the crying and loud screaming at night. A warm blanket may provide reassurance to the Yorkie that it is safe while offering protection from cold weather elements.

Thick layers of blankets can also offer the pooch some material to burrow into during those lonely nights.

My Yorkie has been sleeping way better and calmer since I ordered the Luciphia Super Soft Fluffy Premium Fleece Blanket from Amazon 3 months ago. It offers amazing comfort for dogs and cats while being easy to wash.

Why Does My Yorkie Sleep Between My Legs?

Yorkies sleep between the legs of their owners for comfort. This may happen whether you’re lying down in bed or even relaxing the legs on the sofa. Either way, know that it is a perfectly natural habit for virtually all known dog breeds.

Thus, it is nothing to freak out over as long as you have no problem with clingy pets. However, you can train the dog to sleep in other spots if desired.


Yorkies may sleep anywhere from 13-22 hours depending on factors such as age, weight, and health. The puppies sleep the longest, often averaging about 22 hours a day while adult and vibrant Yorkies may snooze up to 18 hours a day.

Older Yorkshire Terriers on the other hand may sleep up to 20 hours a day within 24 hours. It is important to know how much sleep a Yorkie should get at every period of its life so any unusual signs can be sorted out quickly.

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