How to Sleep Under a Tree Comfortably [Best Guide]

I have fond memories of taking an afternoon nap under a tree in my family house backyard. Honestly, that was one of the things I looked forward to during the summer holidays. As I sit here reminiscing about the good old days, I can’t help but wonder whether it was a safe thing to do back then.

Is it Good to Sleep Under a Tree?

The answer is it depends. Sleeping under the tree during the day can be a great way to relax on a hot summer afternoon. When you’re sweaty from the hot temperatures at home, you can always take a nap under a tree in your backyard to get a dose of fresh air.

Staying indoors and keeping the air conditioner running 24/7 will always be an option. But the atmosphere gets stuffy over time and besides nothing beats the feeling of fresh air on a hot afternoon.

However, sleeping under a tree during unfavorable weather can be dangerous in many ways no matter what time of day it is. This is why staying indoors during rainy and thunderstorm days is the smart thing to do.

Who Can Enjoy An Afternoon Tree Nap? 

If you’ve lived in the city all your life then you’ve probably never witnessed the peace and tranquility of taking an afternoon nap under a tree. The heavenly feeling of the cool breeze on your skin alone is priceless. But, that is one of the numerous pleasures of living in the suburbs and country.


kid running in the woods

Day-time tree naps are common among kids. During the hot summer holidays, many kids engage in numerous kinds of physical adventures. From playing hoops to soccer, baseball, and football, these kids undergo a lot of physical exhaustion.

This can make under-tree naps magical in many ways. The naps also offer active kids an avenue to relax and recuperate from the fatigue as well as any minor injuries they may have suffered during those playful times.


After chasing their kids up and down all day, many housewives enjoy a bit of downtime by taking tree naps. If this sounds like you, feel free to grab a copy of your favorite magazine and take a nap under the shade of that tree.

Some members of the housewives club also use this time to bond with their neighbors and friends over the latest gossip in town. Iced tea and lemonade are popular snacks that go with these bonding episodes.


Are you one of the few lucky ones enjoying their retirement? If yes, regularly sleeping under a tree in your backyard during favorable weather can give you the time of your life.

This can be a great period to catch up on your favorite newspaper and check out weather updates on your Smartphone.

Do you have a backyard trampoline overshadowed by the branches of your tree? You could sleep under it with your grandchildren and share your favorite stories with them.

We recommend that you read the article we wrote on sleeping on a trampoline.

Work From Home Professionals

If you work from home, a chance to get a breath of fresh air can be great for you. This is why many professionals enjoy sleeping under trees in their backyards when the weather is conducive.

Staying at home all day can take a toll on your mental health and increase your stress levels. A quick power nap can reset your brain and allow your creative juices to flow again in the middle of the day.

Have you seen the article we wrote on how to quit sleeping during working hours? Click here to check it out.


caregiver comforting her patient

If you’re a caregiver, taking your patient out to get some fresh air can be a great way to de-stress and unwind.  It can also be a good time for both of you to take a short, rejuvenating nap. 

The time spent outdoors can speed things up if the patient is recovering from an injury or disease.

Dangers of Sleeping Under a Tree Overnight

Sleeping under a tree at night can put you in a lot of danger. This is why it is not advisable to go down that route regardless of how clear the weather may seem. Here are a couple of dangers napping under a tree at night exposes you to.

Falling Branches

Falling branches can be a nuisance when you spend the night under a tree. They can also cause all sorts of injuries. There have even been cases of deaths arising from these injuries.

Remember, you’re more likely to sleep deeper at night than during the day. This breaks down your defenses and puts you at the mercy of your surroundings.

Falling branches are more common during windy times of the year. Some people try to eliminate the risk of these rogue branches by setting up tents under the trees for sleeping. While this may be enough in many instances, a bigger branch can destroy your tent and injure you in the process.


No matter how hard life may get, getting mauled to death by a carnivorous predator such as a tiger or lion is not anyone’s idea of exiting this world.

Unfortunately, sleeping under a tree can expose you to these animals. There have been several cases of people losing their lives in the wild in a similar fashion and you wouldn’t want to join that club, would you?

Bears are another danger you can face at night when lying down under a tree overnight in the middle of nowhere. The Great Australian Drop Bear folklore tells of a predator that hid on top of trees and waited for target prey to get into proximity. It then attacked the prey from the top with a fatal blow or fatal neck bites. While this story may be a hoax, it indicates the dangers of lying down under a tree at night.

Snakes & Scorpions

snake in the forest

Sleeping under a tree overnight can leave you at the mercy of snakes. There are thousands of species in the wild that will not hesitate to attack you and release venom into the bite site. This will not only lead to extreme pain but can also kill you.

Scorpions are another risk when you lie down under a tree at night. They also release venom after biting. Quick medical attention can save your life but you could be too far away to get in time.

This is another reason why an overnight nap under a tree is such a bad idea.

Thunderstorms and Lightning

Spending the night under a tree during bad weather can place you in the path of thunderstorms. Have you noticed that trees tend to attract lightning? This is due to their tall nature and large moisture content.

If you’ve ever come across a large tree struck down by lightning, you’d have an idea of the kind of risks inherent when you sleep under a tree during unfavorable weather. 

You may think that choosing a larger tree can protect you from thunder and lightning but that may be far from the case.

There have been many instances of thunder and lightning causing severe damage to some of the largest tree species in the world.


This is quite obvious but sleeping under a tree can expose you to direct rainfall. Waking up to heavy rainfall in the middle of the night is no fun. It can be extremely uncomfortable while increasing the probability of catching a cold or flu.

The risk of your camping gear getting wet from the rain becomes more likely. Also, clothes, food items, shoes, and other personal effects can be unusable when wet.

Additionally, exposure to water can cause damage to Smartphones, digital cameras, and other tech gadgets.

If staying dry during your time outdoors is high on your list, overnight sleeping under a tree might not be right for you.

Bird Poop

Waking up to a discolored face from dripping bird poop is no fun. But there’s always that possibility when you sleep under a tree at night. A daytime tree nap does not spare you from bird poop but at least you’re able to react in time before it causes more damage.

Mosquitoes and Other Insects

If you’ve ever traveled or lived in tropical regions then you’re aware that mosquitoes are no fun. These insects are more prevalent in the night so sleeping under a tree puts you at a greater risk of waking up to blisters from mosquito bites.

The truth is, mosquitoes can be so disturbing that you’ll probably have a hard time getting a good night’s rest anyway. Also, mosquito bites increase the risk of malaria and dengue fever, two potentially fatal diseases.

Even in the absence of mosquitoes, there are lots of insects in the wild that can prevent you from getting restful sleep.

What is the Best Way to Sleep Under a Tree Comfortably?

While sleeping under a tree during the night is not advisable, you could be in a situation where you have little choice. Here are the best tips to gain comfort whether you’re lying down under a tree during daytime or overnight.

Bug Spray

Insects can be a nuisance whether day or night. Fortunately, bug sprays contain chemicals that can kill or at least repel various types of insects. Hence, the right brand can be the secret to getting that much-needed rest.

Camping Tent

A camping tent can serve as a buffer between you and bad weather during an overnight tree sleeping. Just make sure to order one with waterproof properties so you can gain the necessary protection during rainy nights.

A camping tent can also protect your expensive electronic gadgets from exposure to snow, water, and other harsh weather elements.

Sleeping Cot

Camping cots should be high on your list whether you’re sleeping under a tree during the daytime or overnight. Unlike other popular outdoor sleeping surfaces, these cots are elevated from the ground. This can eliminate the risk of critters such as ants and spiders.

Their raised nature can also protect you from poisonous creatures such as scorpions and snakes. 

Check out the article we wrote that explains everything you need to know about sleeping on camping cots.


We are happy you’ve taken the time to read this detailed guide on sleeping under a tree overnight or during the daytime. Keep in mind that your safety is always paramount during outdoor environments.

As long as you follow the tips we’ve shared, you should be fine.

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