23 Plants That Make You Sleep Like a Baby

bright looking Elecampane

Plants can be great for our sleep in many ways. Taking a cool nap under a tree on a hot afternoon is one of the popular ways to unwind. But, that may not be an option when you live in the city.

Still, you can improve your sleep by bringing indoor plants into your home. Here are the top indoor plant choices that can enhance sleep from the comfort of your bedroom.

23 Plants That Make You Sleep

1. Jasmine

jasmine plant in a pot

Do you know why Jasmine is a popular ingredient in massage oils, teas, and even rice? It’s because of the distinct aroma.

According to Sleep.org, Jasmine lowers anxiety levels when you inhale its sweet scent. This leads to longer durations, reduced restlessness, and overall improvements in the quality of your sleep.

We found a beautiful indoor Jasmine plant that ships in a 4-inch pot on Amazon. 

2. Lavender

lavender plant in a garden

Another great option to get rid of your insomnia is Lavender. Lavender has been touted for its stress-reducing capabilities and therapeutic smell for centuries. It activates sleep by calming the nervous system which results in a powerful relaxation of the brain.

Drifting off to sleep becomes inevitable at that point. No wonder many people report a significant increase in their sleep quality after getting Lavender oil massages.

This sweet-scented natural Lavender on Amazon is grown in Idaho and ships safely thanks to the innovative packaging.

3. Golden Pothos

golden pothos plant in the field

Can you imagine how much your sleep can improve when you add a toxin-removing plant to your bedroom? This is exactly what Golden Pothos brings to the table, according to a NASA study. If you have puppies or cats at home, growing it in an aquarium may be the best option as direct contact with this plant can be toxic.

4. Spider Plant

spider plant in a pot

NASA’s Clean Air Study also lauded the Spider Plant for its ability to remove different kinds of toxins from the environment. But unlike the Golden Pothos, the Spider Plant is safe for your pets.

It can be a welcome addition to your bedroom without putting your cats, dogs, or other pets in danger.

5. Dwarf Date Palm

a dwarf date palm plant in a peach pot

While this plant can grow bigger outdoors, the limited sunlight usually found in indoor environments can stifle its growth. The good news is that this does not affect the built-in ability to eliminate toxins from the environment in any way.

Your nights can only get better when you add this plant to your bedroom.

6. Areca Palm

Areca palm plant in a black pot indoors

The Areca is another option from the palm species with proven benefits for stimulating sleep. Also known as the butterfly palm, this plant purifies the air in your bedroom.

If you suffer from breathing problems and allergies, the Areca Palm can be lifesaving.  Unlike other Palm plants, it thrives in most indoor environments including bedrooms.

7. Rubber Plant

leaves of a rubber plant

Have you heard of the Rubber Plant? It is a popular indoor plant that can enhance your ability to relax before and during bedtime. It is hardy and low maintenance – 2 great attributes for those of us who live ultra-busy lives.

However, make sure to keep it away from kids and wash your hands thoroughly if you ever touch it because it is deadly.

8. Heart Leaf Philodendron

heart leaf philodendron in a white pot

Formaldehyde is a toxic industrial chemical common in mattresses. Heart Leaf Philodendrons particularly absorb formaldehyde from the environment. This can purify your sleeping space leading to optimum breathing and improved relaxation.

You’ll have a better chance of sleeping tight when your bedroom is chemical-free.

9. Aloe Vera Plant

leaves of aloe vera plant

Aloe Vera is not only a popular remedy for relieving cuts and acne breakouts. But it can also turn your bedroom pollution-free. This plant sends signals about the quality of air in an indoor environment via its leaves. When your bedroom air becomes too toxic, brown spots start appearing on the leaves.

Check out this live Aloe Vera plant from Costa Farms that ships in a pot available on Amazon.

10. English Ivy Plant

English Ivy Plant in the field

The English Ivy Plant provides another way to enjoy a clean bedroom environment. It prevents exposure to excessive amounts of formaldehyde which can lead to the risk of severe health complications including cancer.

Essentially, the English Ivy Plant can save your life. No wonder it is so popular in the bedrooms of people from different backgrounds.

11. Bird’s Nest Fern

picture of a bird's nest fern

A bit of bedroom humidity is good for sleep and superior overall health. However, keeping an eye on the humidity levels in your bedroom can be hard. So why not just add the Bird’s Nest Fern to your bedroom?

The physical state of the plant gives you an idea of how much humidity is around your home. Whenever the plant looks terrible, take that as a reminder that your room is too dry. 

12. Chinese Evergreens

potted Chinese Evergreens

This plant comes in the shape of a spider. It is exceptional at removing numerous pollutants from your bedroom. From carbon monoxide to formaldehyde and benzene, the Chinese Evergreens can enhance the quality of the air you breathe especially at night.

Once that happens, cozy sleep won’t be too far away.

13. Peace Lily Plant

indoor pot of the peace lily plant

If you’re desperate for a better sleeping environment, the Peace Lily Plant can be a great option. According to NASA’s study of air-purifying plants, the plant removes multiple toxic substances from the environment.

Thus, a much better sleep beckons with the Peace Lily.

14. Dracaena Colorama

Dracaena Colorama in a white pot

Do you believe your room could be at risk of toxins such as xylene, toluene, formaldehyde, and benzene? Dracaena Colorama may be the perfect antidote for your bedroom.

Since studies have shown the importance of a cleaner bedroom to your sleep, why would you pass up on this plant?

15. Gerbera Daisy Plant

colorful Gerbera Daisy plant

Can you envision better sleep from a plant that breathes oxygen into your bedroom and sucks out CO2? I bet you can. And this is why Gerbera Daisies are one of the popular plant recommendations by sleep experts.

16. Snake Plant

a green snake plant

Never mind the deadly name, Snake Plants can be influential for a great night of shut-eye. It is one of the few plant species that convert carbon dioxide into oxygen at night. This double-benefit that ensures the best-case scenario for your sleep.

17. Chrysanthemum

bright golden chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum is another great option to enjoy a good night’s rest. Effective at removing a majority of the common toxins that invade bedrooms, this plant can transform your life in many ways.

The fact that they also thrive in indoor environments means they can make your room more visually appealing. Just keep it out of reach of your pets because they’re poisonous.

18. Kimberly Queen Fern

the Kimberly Queen Fern in a white background

This is a queen among plants from the fern species that absorb toxins from the environment. Native to Australia, this plant thrives in a wide range of indoor environments.

The only caveat is that you have to place it near a window to enjoy some direct sunlight. Also, it is non-poisonous so your cat can hang around it without any problems.

19.  Valerian Flowers

Valerian Flowers in the field

Ancient literature has consistently referred to Valerian roots for its ability to boost sleep. If you’re an insomniac, placing the flowers in your bedroom can lead to significant rewards for your rest.

The aroma is pleasant and spell-binding. It is also flexible for placement anywhere around your home. Unlike many others on this list, it is not only safe for your pets, but it enhances their sleep as well.

20. Boston Fern

the Boston Fern in a pot

The Boston Fern is famous for its ability to get rid of a wide range of toxins from the environment. Aside from its range of pro-sleep benefits, this stylish plant can make your room look much more attractive.

Just be careful to keep it out of the reach of your cats and puppies.

21. Chamomile

bright Chamomile outdoors

Are you a fan of Chamomile tea? If yes, then you’ve probably enjoyed many blissful nights of sleep after drinking your tea. But did you know that placing the plant in your bedroom can create an enabling environment for you to sleep tight as well?

Even Chamomile oil has an amazing calming effect on the body. No wonder they’re so popular in the massage industry.

 22. Gardenia

blooming Gardenia flowers

Keeping Gardenia close to your bed is another great way to transform your sleep. It gives off a pleasant aroma that can curb deep levels of stress. This does not only allow you to fall asleep quickly but improves the duration as well.

23. Passion Flower

beautiful passion flower

There’s something about the Passion Flower that just invites sleep. Sure, it gives off a really good aroma but it is a little more than that. If you’ve been struggling to sleep for some time, you should consider bringing in the Passion Flower.


Here are the top plants that can enhance the quality of your indoor environment and boost your sleep. If you want to enjoy a distinct aroma, Lavenders, Jasmines, and Passion Flower are popular options.

Whichever plant you choose, make sure to check on it from time to time for watering and monitoring. You can finally look forward to great nights of sleep.

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