Best Bedside Tables: Top Picks for 2023

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Bedside tables are an essential piece of furniture in any bedroom, providing both functionality and style.

A bedside table can be used to hold stuff, such as a glass of water, phone, books, or an alarm clock. Who doesn’t need that alarm clock in the morning?

There are various types and materials to choose from, including traditional wooden tables or sleek, modern designs made from metal, glass, or plastic.

When selecting the right bedside table for your bedroom, it should consider factors such as size, storage options, sturdiness, and how it fits in your room.

When purchasing a bedside table, pay close attention to its height in relation to your bed, as this will affect accessibility and comfort.

In addition, consider the amount of storage space you require, whether it be drawers, shelves, or a simple tabletop. Read this guide to learn more about bedside table dimensions.

In this article we will guide you through our top picks for the best bedside tables available, taking into account different styles, sizes, and budgets.

Best Bedside Tables

Discover our curated list of the best bedside tables to enhance your bedroom and meet your storage needs.

Sobro Smart Side/Nightstand Table

sobro Smart Side/Nightstand Table - with Cooling Drawer, Wireless Charging, Bluetooth Speakers, USB-C and 120V outlets, LED Light, Black/Black

If you are looking for a modern and tech-savvy bedside table, the Sobro Smart Side/Nightstand Table is a great option worth considering.


  • Multiple connectivity options and features
  • Built-in thermoelectric cooling drawer <- This is the coolest ever!
  • App-enabled RGB LEDs for customizable lighting


  • Priced higher than traditional nightstands
  • Might require regular firmware updates. Nothing I have stumbled upon yet.
  • Some sleepers may find the cooling drawer’s noise level bothersome

As a feature-rich smart side table, the Sobro Smart Side/Nightstand Table offers plenty of connectivity and convenience to keep you organized and well supplied.

It is equipped with Bluetooth speakers, wireless charging capabilities, USB-C, and 120V power outlets. You can keep your devices powered and within reach at any time during the day or night!

The built-in cooler drawer with thermoelectric cooling technology ensures your cold drinks are always near.

The basic storage drawer provides room to store your belongings.

The customizable lighting options, ranging from the app-enabled RGB LEDs to the front-facing LED nightlight bar with motion sensor, allow you to create an atmosphere suited to your mood.

However, it’s worth noting that the Sobro Smart Side/Nightstand Table comes at a higher price point compared to traditional bedside tables.

Additionally, the table may require firmware updates to keep it up to date, and some users might find the cooling drawer’s noise level irritating.

Nevertheless, for those looking for more tech in their bedroom, the Sobro Smart Side/Nightstand Table is a great choice.

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Bamboo Stackable End Tables, Living Room Nightstand


Bamboo Stackable End Tables, Living Room Nightstand, Bedside Tables for Bedroom/Nursery Room/Laundry Room/Study Room Small Spaces Storage by Pipishell, Set of 2


The end tables-set of 2, are made from eco-friendly organic bamboo which is a renewable and sustainable material. This multifunctional set can be used as bedside tables, printer stand or sundries rack. They are designed with trapezoidal structure to provide a sturdy, easily movable set of side tables for your living room. Made from eco-friendly organic bamboo this end table is an excellent alternative to plastic which can be hazardous to the environment and takes thousands of years for it to decompose. These stackable side tables are perfect in all places around the house such as beside a bed or couch in order store small items on them like books and magazines. Though these end tables have many functions they take up little space so you have room for other things too!

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WLIVE Nightstand with 2 Fabric Drawers


WLIVE Nightstand with 2 Fabric Drawers,Bedside Furniture & End Table Dresser for Bedroom, Living Room, Steel Frame, Wood Top, Easy Pull Handle


The WLIVE Nightstand has a stylish design that holds lamps, alarm clocks, books and more. Designed to be as functional and practical as it is attractive, it will provide you with storage for all of the things that are most important to you- from toiletries, books or reading glasses to blankets or baby clothes. Keep them organized and at hand when you need them very much! It features two removable foldable drawers. Easy pull handle helps open and close the drawers simply. This nightstand also comes with easy-to-read assembly instructions.

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VECELO Modern Versatile Nightstands X-Design Side End Table Night Stand


VECELO Modern Versatile Nightstands X-Design Side End Table Night Stand Storage Shelf with Bin Drawer for Living Room Bedroom, Set of 2 (Brown)


The VECELO Modern Versatile Nightstands X-Design Side End Table Night Stand will do just that, in any room. You’ll be able to find space for your lamp, bedside items, or as an artistic statement piece! Constructed of high-quality MDF Board and durable enough to hold the end it stands on and all the stuff inside it. One drawer with handle offers ample room for storing private or other things you might want out of sight. Easy to assemble with measurements 11″wide x 15″long X 21″high at only 8 lbs., this little table can be moved around easily to suit your need anywhere in your bedroom or living room.

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FURINNO Just 3-Tier End Table


FURINNO Just 3-Tier End Table, 1-Pack, Columbia Walnut/Black


Introducing Furinno’s best-selling and affordable home furnishings. These beautifully designed pieces are sure to meet all of your needs, wants, and desires in terms of getting the best products at the lowest prices. The stylish medium density composite wood can be oriented in whichever direction you need it! This series are made of medium density composite wood made from recycled materials of rubber trees, featuring reversible two-tone both side lamination for one product two color options. Fits in your space, fits on your budget. Sturdy on flat surface 5-minutes no tools no hassles assembly.

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VECELO Modern Versatile Nightstand


HALLOLURE LED Nightstand, Modern Design End Table Tall 2-Drawer Nightstand Stand Storage Shelf Bedside Side Table Bedside Furniture Black


Tired of feeling like you’re living in the dark? HALLOLURE LED table takes care of that for you with its colour changing RGB light. It’s a perfect nightstand to house your bedside essentials, and can be used as a side tables too. The tabletop is made with triamine board, which has been upgraded for improved durability and stability – no more worries about frequent moves! Simplicity is another way of life; modern, stylish and simple high-gloss finish makes up this sleek studio unit. Comes ready complete with multi-colour RGB backlight (remote included) to put on an epic display every night.

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Although there are countless options for bedside tables on the market, you don’t have to spend a fortune in order to find one that will meet your needs. In this article we explored five of the top affordable pieces available today and provided reviews and pros/cons so that our readers can make an informed decision before spending their hard-earned money. If none of these table styles work for you then contact us and ask if we have any other tips. Hope you found the article helpful!

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