Best Nursing Pillows For Twins: Reviews & Buying Guide

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If you’re in a hurry and just looking for the best nursing pillows for twins, then My Brest Friend Supportive Nursing Pillow is the best one.

 Are you looking for a convenient way to breastfeed your twin babies one by one or at the same time? The right twin nursing pillow can make your life so much easier.

These special pillows come in handy when the babies graduate to bottle feeding. Fathers, grandparents, and older siblings can also use them to prop up babies’ heads during feeding.

But how do you choose the best twin feeding pillows when there are lots of options on the market?

Well, we have compiled the top-rated models worth purchasing right now. We identified these pillows after extensive testing and reading of customer reviews.

You can take a few minutes to go through the detailed reviews and buying guide below. Then visit Amazon to see what verified independent buyers have to say about any pillow on your radar.

That is the winning formula for finding the perfect pillows for nursing twin babies.

What Is A Twin Nursing Pillow?

Twin nursing pillows are jumbo-sized pillows that provide support for nursing mothers. The comfortable platform design means little stress for mothers to feed their twins.

What makes these pillows stand out is their generous dimensions compared to standard ones. They ensure that one baby is not fed at the expense of another.

These pillows are a true revolution. If you’re a freshly minted twin mother, you’ll love everything it brings to the table.

Sure, they’ve only been around for a couple of years. But, twin nursing pillows have been well received by consumers.

It takes a first-hand experience to know the challenges of raising twin babies. This becomes pretty obvious during the early weeks and months after birth.

Luckily, these pillows are here to stay and available for any new mom that comes across them.

If a loved one has had successful multiple births, a great nursing pillow for twins can be the perfect gift.

The recipient will be grateful due to the amount of weight the pillow can lift off her shoulders.

How To Choose The Best Nursing Pillows For Twins

Ever since their release, twin nursing pillows have always attracted lots of attention. From new parents to would-be ones, everyone is taking a peek at one of these pillows.

Several brands are producing models to get a piece of the market for themselves.

Here are the most important considerations to make during shopping. Follow them to ensure you order nothing less than a stellar pillow for those twin bundles of joy.

The Size

Nursing pillows come in different sizes so getting it right can be critical.

First of all, it is important to choose a pillow both babies can lie on with comfort. This means enough space for both babies without putting pressure on one another.

Babies stretch a lot during the infant stage as they acclimatize to the new environment. Any pillow you order should give them the freedom to stretch their bodies with no hindrances.

Also, don’t forget to order a model crafted with dimensions that those adorable twins can grow with.

The rate at which new babies grow during their infant stages can be a shocker. Hence, make sure the size is large enough to accommodate their bodies by the time they’re at least a year old.

Foam Material

What type of foam material does your preferred pillow model feature? This is an all-important question you need to find an answer to before deciding to order a specific model.

Remember, the quality of the foam will determine the level of comfort available. The right foam should not only suit the delicate babies but the nursing mother as well.

The best material for nursing pillows is memory foam. Other quality polyurethane foams can also be useful as well.

These foams offer the right cradling experience for infant babies. The result is proper relaxation with comfort whether you breastfeed or bottle-feed them.

The right foam should be comfortable but not too soft as that can be a suffocating hazard for your babies.

A firm twin nursing pillow can also be detrimental to the health of infants. Babies have very soft and delicate skulls so a firmer pillow can be very uncomfortable.

Such pillows can also apply pressure to the skulls which can lead to the development of the flat head syndrome.


Getting a hypoallergenic twin nursing pillow can be very critical.

The right pillow should be able to provide natural protection against bacteria. It should also repel other allergens that can have adverse effects on the health of your babies.

These properties can be lifesaving for infants with allergies and the most sensitive skins.

Back Support

The strain of having to feed two babies can take a toll on the bodies on the healthiest women.

In the past, twin mothers had no choice but to try to carry both babies whenever they exhibited signs of hunger. This led to significant back strain and associated problems.

As such, the back support has always been one of the reasons behind the evolution of nursing twin pillows. This is why you cannot afford to get this wrong during shopping.

Make sure to choose a nursing pillow that offers back support for the nursing mother and both babies.

Also, order a model that allows proper alignment of the mother’s spine with the neck and head. It should also provide alignment with the other parts of the upper body.

The babies should also be able to lie in the correct posture during feeding. This should prevent any physical conditions that can result in lots of pain down the line.

We recommend that you avoid any pillows that disappoint on the back support front. And one of the best ways to know this when shopping online is by reading customer reviews from past buyers.


Accidents are bound to occur when feeding twins. This is why waterproof twin nursing pillows can be so critical.

The pillow should be able to repel against various forms of soiling. This does not only mean poo and pee but breast milk, water, and other liquids as well.

You wouldn’t want to create a mess that becomes difficult to clean later, would you?


So many things can go wrong when you order a twin nursing pillow. Unfortunately, a money-back guarantee or free trials for these pillows are rare.

So, does this mean you should go out there and hit the order button on the first pillow that pops up on Amazon? We honestly do not think that will be a very good idea.

In our humble opinion, you should only buy models that give you at least free exchanges. If you receive a damaged product or one with a couple of quality control issues, a free exchange will be great.

This can give you some form of respite in the unlikely event that something goes wrong with your order.

The good news is that a few nursing pillow brands allow you to do that.


The brand name is quite critical when shopping for twin nursing pillows. While these feeding pillows are getting more popular, the industry is still young.

This means new entrants are popping up regularly. You can end up getting so many things wrong buy buying from a brand with little experience in the industry.

This is why sticking to renowned manufacturers is such a great idea.

My Brest Friend and Pillow Z are the two leading brands in the industry right now. This is due to the quality of their product offerings as well as their attention to detail. The level of customer support they offer is also world-class.

Thus, ordering any of their products means a higher probability of making a great choice.

The Best Twin Nursing Pillows

My Brest Friend Twins Nursing Pillow

The My Brest Friend Supportive Nursing Pillow is a huge hit among many newborns. It is the number one pillow for tandem feeding twins.


My Brest Friend Supportive Nursing Pillow for Twins 0-12 Months, Plus-Size, Dark Grey

It embeds 100 percent polyester material to provide the utmost comfort upon contact.

The manufacturer knows how sensitive the skins of infants can be. And this is the reason for integrating this healthy and comfortable raw material.

Are you suffering strained necks, backs, and arms as a result of trying to feed both newborns at the same time? This nursing pillow can be lifesaving.

My Brest Friend Pillow offers the perfect level of support to gain the right posture. During those intense and satisfying breastfeeding sessions, this guarantees protection for your spine.

Many parents report being fond of the large dimensions of this pillow. It simply allows the feeding of twins at the same time.

This prevents one baby from starving while his or her sibling gets fed.

The pillow sports a large pouch that is useful for keeping maternity supplies close by.

Additionally, the wrap-around design makes it a great fit for all mothers. They’all get the same level of amazing support regardless of body weight and size.

Birthing consultants and lactating experts recommend this pillow for expectant and nursing mothers.

Check Price on Amazon


The Twin Z Pillow eliminates the stress of nursing twin babies. For many new mothers, this can be the most challenging aspect of caring for the double blessing.

The TWIN Z Pillow - Lime Green -The Only 6 in 1 Twin Pillow Breastfeeding, Bottlefeeding, Tummy Time & Support! A Must Have for Twins! - Lime Green

The good news is that this pillow can come to the rescue.

What makes this twin nursing pillows stand out is the amazing back support offered. Apart from the newborns, nursing mothers get the right level of support as well.

This makes it easy to nurse your babies from any position you’d like.

It is the perfect gift for women expecting twins who want to breastfeed the duo themselves.

Aside from nursing, this pillow can offer the perfect platform for your two bundles of joy to lie down and play. But, make sure you don’t leave them sleeping on it as that can be a suffocating hazard.

What happens if this pillow arrives at your doorstep with defects? The manufacturer will be happy to exchange it for a brand new one with no issues.

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THE TWIN Z Waterproof BIRDIES Pillow

The Twin Z Pillow takes the convenience of nursing infant twins to whole new levels. It provides amazing back support for women or men nursing twins.

THE TWIN Z PILLOW - Waterproof BIRDIES Pillow - The only 6 in 1 Twin Pillow Breastfeeding, Bottlefeeding, Tummy Time & Support! A MUST HAVE FOR TWINS! - No extra cover

This is thanks to the innovative design and finish.

Searching for the perfect platform for tandem breastfeeding or bottle-feeding of the duo? This twin nursing pillow rises to the occasion every time. 

The Twin Z Pillow gives you more playtime with your newborns so you can build the right bond with them. It provides the correct support to help remove possible issues including Infant Reflux.

It also eliminates potential risks linked to feeding children at the wrong angles.

We love the fact that this pillow features super soft waterproof material. This makes it easy to clean up any accidents that occur during the nursing of your babies.

Tucking extra pillows under the Z pillows can make tandem feeding of twins a whole lot easier.

Additionally, the pillow arrives ready for use without the need for any form of assembly.

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Baby Trend Twin Nursery Center

Looking for a high-tech nursing system that offers more than regular twin nursing pillows? The Baby Trend Twin Nursery Center could be what you’ve been waiting for all along.

Baby Trend Twin Nursery Center, Circle Tech

It is perfect for bottle feeding twins right from birth throughout the first months. It can also be a solid buy when switching from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding.

Once introduced into their lives during infancy, most twins grow into the Table for Two. The attachment can be so strong that they still sit in it much later when they’ve graduated to spoon-feeding.

Many parents say this feeding system remains the favorite seats for their twins.

It provides the utmost level of comfort for not only the twins but their parents as well during feeding.

Another highlight of this advanced twin feeding system is the sturdy foam construction. It makes it suitable for babies of all weight levels.

Also, it comes in an attractive gray color with white arrow patterns that kids will fall in love with.

Check Price on Amazon


My Brest Friend Supportive Nursing Pillow tops our list of the best nursing pillows for twins.

It is the original twin nursing pillow to hit the market. And this pillow continues to attract the highest reviews from newborn twin mothers.

It offers the right size for feeding twins from infancy to the toddler stage. Also, it provides outstanding back support for nursing mothers and their babies.

Besides, Pillow Z’s models are also available to meet twin mothers’ feeding needs.

If you’d rather go with another pillow other than our top pick, feel free to choose one of Pillow Z’s models.

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