How To Keep Mice Away From Your Bed [Complete Guide]

mouse looking on while a woman sleeps

Waking up to mice snuggling in your bed is every sleeper’s worst nightmare. While it may not be a common occurrence, nobody wants these pesky creatures in their homes and especially not in their bedrooms at night.

Mice are known for making chewing and gnawing noises that can be disruptive to even the heaviest sleepers. This is why it is important to make sure these rodents are kept away from coming near the home permanently.

If you’ve seen signs of rodent droppings or rodents moving around in your ceiling in the middle of the night, it is time to spring into quick action.

Keeping mice away from the home involves sealing cracks and other points of entry as well as relying on substances and activities that repel these rodents. A clean home that provides no food sources for mice can also keep them away while decimating any thriving populations.

Shall we do a deep dive into tried and tested methods for keeping mice away?

How do you Keep Mice Away From Your Bed?

The best way to keep mice away from your bed is to make sure these creatures do not enter the home in the first place. If you’ve already live-spotted mice or seen signs of their existence, it is time to look for ways to get them out.

Here are the top 18 ways to keep mice away:

1. Clean your Home 

Mice are attracted to dirty homes that get cleaned once in a while. If you’ve been too lazy to clean your home in a few months or so, that could be the underlying reason for the thriving mice population you may have noticed.

A thorough cleaning of all areas of the home, especially the bedroom can keep these troublesome rodents away for good.  Remember, they thrive in dirty areas so a clean bedroom environment can be of little interest to adult mice and their young ones.

If you’re too lazy to clean the home yourself perhaps enlisting the services of a cleaning company should do the trick.

2. Get Rid Of Garbage 

Homes with uncovered and overflowing garbage cans can be attractive for mice and rats. This is because they get the chance to get in and out of the trashcans during times of hunger to sample food for themselves.

Remember, mice are not picky eaters meaning they consume whatever is available. This is why rodent experts believe regular disposal of trash can be a good start in the quest to win the war against home mice.

Trash cans should always be properly covered to keep out these rodents even if they’re semi-full. Additionally, make sure food waste is properly disposed into the trash cans and try not to leave any crumbs lying around.

3. Do Not Eat In Bed

Eating in bed is one of the surefire ways to attract mice to the bedroom. These rodents have a sharp nose for smelling food and do not hesitate to approach areas where they can find something to eat.

No matter how careful you may be, the probability of leaving food crumbs on your bed will always be high. The best way out is to avoid snacking in bed no matter how much you may be tempted.

If you cannot quit the bed-eating habit completely, make sure the bedroom is properly cleaned afterward and change your sheets regularly.

4. Seal Off Food Including Pet Food

Leaving food out in the open can attract lots of mice to the home. These creatures will not mind chewing through packaged food when hungry. Cereal, pet food, and snacks are a few examples of foods that can attract mice on kitchen counters and other exposed areas.

The only way out is to make sure all foods in the home are properly sealed off when not in use. Also, avoid leaving them out in the open after use if you’re serious about keeping mice out permanently. 

5. Set up Mousetraps 

mouse caught in a trap

Mousetraps can be a great option to catch and eliminate these rodents from the home. They come in various types with varying degrees of success so it is up to you to decide which type can work best.

For efficient results, set the traps in areas where mice like to roam and hide. In my experience, setting a trap around the entrance of the kitchen as well as close to the cooker and kitchen sink can be a good way to catch mice.

If you’ve spotted these creatures in the bedroom then do not hesitate to set a few traps around the bedroom door and under the bed as well. Some of the most popular types of mousetraps include:

  • Catch and release traps 
  • Glue traps 
  • Snap traps 
  • Electric traps 

6. Empty Pet Water Bowls At Night 

Apart from food, mice also require adequate quantities of water to thrive and go about their normal duties. As far as these creatures are concerned, any water source is fair game. This is why cutting off all possible water sources can be an important action to keep them away.

Make sure the kitchen sinks are dry at all times, especially at night before retiring to bed. Additionally, pet water bowls should be emptied at night and refilled in the mornings to prevent mice from relying on them to stay hydrated.

7. Ditch Bed Skirts 

Bed skirts can be a smart way to conceal any weaknesses in the appearance of your bed so it can look crisp and clean. However, the fact that these fabrics often sweep the floor means they can serve as an accidental ladder for mice to climb into your bed.

If you suspect the presence of mice in the bedroom, it is time to ditch these bed skirts. Also, make sure all bed sheets are firmly tucked under the mattress to ensure they do not extend to the floor to serve a similar purpose by accident.

You can resume using your bed skirt when you’re sure that the mice have been eradicated from the home.

8. Avoid Sleeping On The Floor 

More Americans now sleep on the floor than ever in history. From back pain relief to cool sleeping, many folks continue to tout the positives of ditching traditional beds for the floor. However, sleeping on the floor could also expose your mattress to mice especially at night when your lights are turned off.

Choosing some sort of elevated surfaces such as a low-profile box spring or an alternative should do the trick if you hate the idea of a traditional bed. Again, you can resume the floor sleeping habit when you’re sure that there are no more mice in the home.

9. Place Bed Away From The Wall

If the idea of snuggling up to mice in bed sends chills down your spine, it is time to move the bed away from the bedroom walls. Unfortunately, mice can climb up walls using various techniques.

As long as your bed remains attached to a wall, there’ll always be a chance of these rodents finding themselves in it. Positioning the bed in the middle of the bedroom or away from a wall can eliminate this risk.

10. Seal Gaps And Holes 

Sealing gaps and holes in the bedroom and other areas of the home can keep mice away permanently. One of the biggest questions many homeowners ask is how these creatures enter their homes in the first place.

A thorough inspection of the external areas of the home should reveal all cracks and crevices around the house. These should be sealed off promptly to prevent more mice from entering the home.

Once that is out of the way, you can concentrate on how to eradicate the current populations in the home. Keep in mind that these pesky rodents are adept at sneaking through even the tiniest holes.

11. No Leaking Pipes or Drainage Problems 

If there are leaking pipes and signs of drainage problems in the home, it is little wonder that you’re being forced to battle mice infestations. These rodents take advantage of such openings to enter homes, nest, and reproduce to multiply their populations.

Leaking pipes can also serve as a good source of drinking water for rodents meaning the ability to thrive in your home as long as they get enough food to eat.

In the space of a couple of months, the whole house could be swarming with mice. Hence, check for leaking problems regularly and try to fix them as soon as possible to ward off mice and rats.

12. Dining And Kitchen Areas Should Be Free From Food Crumbs

Kitchens and dining areas can be a favorite place for mice to hang out. It is not uncommon for these rodents to nest under cookers, kitchen cabinets, and other cozy areas. They do this because the kitchen gives them ready access to food and water.

This is why it is important to make sure the kitchen is thoroughly cleaned at all times especially after cooking. The last thing you want is for mice to have a field day gnawing on leftover food crumbs on the cookers, countertops, and kitchen floors.

Dining areas should also be properly cleaned after each meal. Additionally, avoid leaving dirty dishes in the sink as mice can enjoy the food crumbs on it.

13. Camphor

Camphor gives off a strong scent that can repel mice, rats, and other rodents as well as insects such as carpet beetles and bed bugs. It is easy to use and only requires placing a couple of balls in areas where the mice love to roam or hideout.

The good news is that camphor is inexpensive and can be found in any supermarket or store you walk into. You can also pick them up from Amazon and other online retailers.

14. Get A Cat 

brownish-white cat with a tongue stuck out

Cats are famous for being the biggest nemesis of mice. If you’ve found populations of these rodents in the home, getting a cat could be a good idea. Remember, felines can sense mice from a mile away and will not hesitate to chase and catch them.

Mice also have a strong ability to sense cats and do everything to stay away from their paths. If you suspect mice in the bedroom, sleeping with your cat can be a fool-proof method for keeping them out permanently.

15. Essential Oils 

Did you know that essential oils can repel mice and other rodents from the bedroom? Sure, these oils give off a sweet scent that relaxes the senses of humans and pets such as dogs to ensure superior sleep.

However, rodents like mice find the scents repelling and often shy away from bedrooms where these oils are used. You can circulate the scent of your favorite essential oil in the bedroom through an electronic diffuser or even dip cotton balls into the oil and leave it around the bedroom.

Peppermint oil is the most popular essential oil for keeping mice away but other options such as lemongrass oil and tea tree oil can come in handy as well.

The Ultimate Aromatherapy Diffuser and Essential Oil Set from Amazon offered me the ultimate degree of relaxation to fall asleep. The sweet-scented aromas reduce anxiety and stimulate the brain to reduce sleep-boosting melatonin. It is highly recommended for everyone with sleep troubles.

16. Ammonia 

Ammonia also gives off a strong smell that keeps mice out of the bedroom. Even areas such as kitchens where these rodents love to play can be empty of these creatures as soon as ammonia is introduced.

Just pour a few teaspoons of ammonia into 2 or 3 separate bowls and leave them at vantage points in the catchment area. Any present mice will seek ways to leave as soon as possible.

17. Inspect The Ceiling 

Ceilings can offer comfortable nesting places for mice. If you’ve been hearing signs of chewing or gnawing in the ceiling while struggling to sleep, a thorough ceiling inspection can come in handy.

If you’re too old to climb the ceiling or have physical limitations that can stand in your way, you may need to seek the services of a third party to get it done. These inspections often uncover thriving populations of adult and young mice in ceilings.

18. Exterminator

If none of the above remedies seem good enough or you’re too busy to engage in DIY activities, why not hire the services of professional exterminators? These professionals specialize in annihilating insect and rodent populations from homes, offices, and other areas.

Sure, professional exterminators may not be cheap to hire. But, they can eliminate these rodents once and for all.

You can find exterminators online or seek referrals from friends, neighbors, and family members who have hired one in recent times. Make sure to discuss your observations and expected results extensively to guarantee the best bang for your buck.


Here are a few frequently asked questions about how to keep mice away from the bedroom.

Will keeping the lights on keep mice away?

Mice are sneaky animals that love to hide in the dark to do as much damage as possible without being discovered. Putting the lights on at night can keep the rodents away temporarily but once they sense long hours of inactivity due to your falling asleep, they won’t hesitate to come out to seek food.

What scent will keep mice away?

Various scents have proven to have repelling effects for mice including camphor, peppermint oil, ammonia, and pepper. As long as these scents are introduced in your bedroom or another area of the house where mice may be hiding, you can expect them to seek a way out.

Why Do Mice Like Hiding Under Beds?

Under-bed areas offer good hiding spots for mice due to the darkness and often cluttered environment. The under-bed area is also likely to be warm and cozy for nesting their young ones.


Keeping mice away from the bedroom might seem impossible when you notice thriving populations of these rodents in the home. However, it is not impossible as long as you clean the bedroom, avoid eating in bed, and get rid of clutter.

Sharing a bed with a pet cat, setting mousetraps all over the home, and introducing mice repellents such as peppermint oil can do the trick.

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