How to Sleep on the Balcony and What to Keep in Mind

There are many people that sleep on their balcony during the summer months. Others sleep outside in their backyard, and some even sleep outside all year round because they enjoy sleeping out in nature.

There is something to be said for fresh air and enjoying your surroundings while you sleep. But it’s not for everyone. Sleeping on the balcony can be difficult because sometimes it’s too hot, other times too cold, depending on where you live. It may also become uncomfortable when bugs try to join you at bedtime.

This article will explain the benefits and disadvantages of sleeping on the balcony. Read it to learn more about sleeping outside.

Benefits and disadvantages of sleeping on the balcony

Benefits of sleep balcony

There are many people who sleep on their balcony because it provides a refreshing sleep. Many sleep on their balconies during the summer months. Others sleep in their backyard or even sleep outdoors all year round. Some people enjoy sleeping outside because it offers them the comfort of sleeping in nature. And they say that it provides a better sleep than sleeping inside, especially if you have ever slept with fresh air.

Sleeping on the balcony can also be a test to see if you like to sleep outside. And if you don’t like it, you can make a quick leap in to your own bedroom. It is always good to make sure you like to sleep outside before going on a big outdoor trip.

Another problem with sleeping inside during the summer months is that it gets very hot. Nobody wants to sleep in a sauna, and you can sleep on your balcony without turning on a single air conditioner, saving yourself money.

People who sleep on their balcony sleep in a more natural environment, and many say that it’s easier to sleep while being surrounded by nature. You can see the stars during the night and enjoy beautiful sunrises each morning. There is something peaceful about sleeping outside, even if it’s only for one night.

Disadvantages of sleep balcony

A disadvantage is that it can be difficult to sleep on your balcony when it’s too hot or too cold because of where you live. Bugs may also join you at bedtime and make the sleep uncomfortable. Another disadvantage is there is no privacy from prying eyes from the street.

Don’t sleep on the balcony too often if you live in the city. The pollution in the city can be really unhealthy. Exposure to the pollution during a whole night is not good. Clean air is very important for your wellbeing. Choose a night on the balcony, when the night is clear or if there isn’t any pollution.

If you sleep on your balcony, you will have to sleep with the street lights and the cars passing by. Some people sleep better when they are in a completely quiet environment. Some people sleep better when they can hear some sort of noise around them. Only you know the answer. You should also be careful about sleeping on balconies that are more than a few stories high because there may be safety issues.

What do you need to Sleep on the Balcony?


redhead sleeping in a bed with a pillow and white sheets

A sleep mask

Sleep is a reflex, and when you sleep with your eyes open, it can cause sleep disorders.

Headphones or earplugs

Sleep in a city with noise pollution is not possible without music or sound to drown out distractions. Ear plugs are perfect for sleeping in noisy environments, like when sleeping on the balcony. You choose if you prefer white noise or silence.


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A pillow and blanket

For those who sleep outside, sleeping on the ground may not be ideal; also, if you sleep at night without these items, then waking up in the morning will be hard as well.

Mattress or sleep pad

Sleep on a firm mattress or sleep pad to get the quality of sleep you want. Sleeping bags are also useful for sleep balconies and sleep outdoors.

Book light (or LED light)

Sleep on the balcony cannot be done without a source of light to read at night.

When should you go to sleep on the balcony?

If you sleep on a balcony, you should go to bed a little bit earlier than normal. This is because the light in morning will wake you up earlier than usual. Also you should have earplugs so sleep outside doesn’t wake up the neighbors.


To sleep on the balcony is a great way to enjoy the fresh air, sleep balcony isn’t for everyone with its unique disadvantages. These include lack of privacy from prying eyes and potentially polluted city air at night. If you’re interested in sleeping on your apartment balcony or if you have any questions about this particular sleep style, feel free to contact us here! Our team will be happy to answer your queries and offer advice that can help make sure your sleep experience goes smoothly.

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