Why Do Mattresses Squeak? [Complete Guide]

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Somedays, the day can be so bad that you cannot wait to get home and jump into bed. You finally arrive home, take a warm shower, and get into your bed with the expectation of a good night. However,  this annoying squeaky noise hit you and you begin feeling like you ran out of the frying pan into the fire. After a stressful day at work, the last thing you need is a mattress that squeaks at the slightest movement of your body.

This can be so demoralizing that you might spend the rest of the night watching your bedroom ceiling. Then you begin to wonder what crime you’ve committed to deserve such a noisy bed.

Why do mattresses squeak?

The number one cause of squeaky mattresses is worn-out coiled springs. There’s no such thing as a squeaky latex foam or memory foam mattress. The loud noises only come from pure innerspring or hybrid models consisting of foam material and integrated coiled springs.

Now that we know that mattress squeaks come from coiled springs, you may wonder how that happens in the first place. Shall we look at how mattress coil springs reach the point of squeaking when they seem so solid in brand new mattresses?

Why do Beds and Mattresses Squeak?

The fact that your bed may be making noises does not necessarily mean the mattress is to blame. Here are other factors that can lead to noisy beds.

Coiled Springs

Innerspring mattresses and hybrids feature coiled steel springs that provide support for the sleeper’s body. These springs arrive in tip-top shape when you splurge on a brand new mattress. But as the mattress suffers wear and tear over time, the springs begin to lose their strength and springiness.

This deterioration can get so bad that as soon as your body lands on the mattress or you so much as stretch your hands to turn off the table lamp, the springs move along with it, leading to the annoying noises.

Worn-Out Box Springs

One of the most common non-mattress-related causes of squeaky beds is old box springs. Box springs feature springs that provide a bouncing effect to support the weight of the mattress and the sleeper’s body.

Over time, these springs can wear out which results in weaker interconnections with each other. This typically results in squeaks and other loud noises every time you move in bed. If your mattress is in a fairly good condition but your box spring is older, chances are those noises are emanating from the box spring and not the mattress.

But how do you know whether your old box spring is to blame for the squeaks? The smartest option is to remove the mattress and isolate the box spring. Then roll around across every inch and angle while paying attention to the bottom bases and headboard as well as the 4 sides.

If you hear any noises then you can safely lay the blame squarely on the box springs. 

Old Metal Frame

Do you sleep on a metal frame that has been passed down across several generations in your family? That could be the reason why you experience those stressful noises in bed. But before you start shopping for a new metal frame, it is important to be sure that your old frame is the actual cause of the squeaks.

You can do this by taking off the mattress and shaking the frame carefully from one side to the other. Watch out for squeaking sounds as you continue to shake it. If you hear any noises, then it is time to look for a solution.

Remember, loose bolts and screws are usually behind the majority of squeaks that occur in metal frames and most cases, tightening them can end the squeaks. The loud noises could also be coming from wobbling legs or slats which are out of place. In such situations, putting the slats back in place or getting a brand new metal frame puts those noises to bed.

Here’s the best-rated metal frame on Amazon right now.

Loose Floorboards

Did you know that there are times when those squeaky noises may have nothing to do with your mattress, box springs, or bed frames? Your bedroom floor could be the reason why you’re unable to sleep.

This is common in older houses where the floorboards have become twisted over time. In such circumstances, every movement in bed can result in squeaks.

Thus, if you have diligently checked and ruled out your box springs and your mattress as the cause of the squeaks, it is time to pay attention to your bedroom floor.

How do you Prevent a Mattress From Squeaking?

Can you protect a mattress from squeaking? The answer is yes, there are several ways to protect your mattress from giving squeaky noises in the first place. Let us take a look at the top tips that can guarantee that you’ll never have to sleep on a mattress that squeaks ever again.

Ditch Spring Mattresses

There may be several reasons why your bed squeaks every time you lie down on it. This could be down to your mattress or other factors such as the underlying box springs or bed frame. However, the best way to ensure you’ll never have to experience a squeaky mattress specifically is to avoid buying springy mattresses altogether.

This includes not only pure coiled spring models but Foam + Spring hybrids as well.  It is a fact that pure Memory Foam and Latex Foam mattresses feature absolutely no metal parts. Thus, as long as your bed stays in good shape, you’ll never have to worry about unnecessary noise.

Remember, as long as you order a mattress that has any type of spring, you’ll always be at risk of experiencing squeaks down the line.

We found an affordable individually-wrapped coil spring Mattress from Zinus on Amazon that provides amazing comfort and prevents squeaks even after long-term use.

Flip The Sides of Your Mattress

Flipping the sides of your mattress is another effective method to prevent those squeaky noises. Since sleeping on one side continuously puts pressure on the springs in proximity, alternating between different sides is the way to go.

It ensures that the springs on different sides of the mattress take turns in contracting to support the sleeper’s body. This increases the lifespan of the mattress and ensures that it takes a lot more pressure to wear out the integrated springs.

More Tension

tension in a string

You now know that the coiled springs in mattresses contract to provide support for your body. One of the leading causes of squeaks is the presence of excessive space between the mattress and the bed. These noises can be loud whenever you make the slightest movements.

The good news is that placing a board between the mattress, the metal, and the bed frame can eliminate any such noises. The tension created by the board can ensure that you can engage in all kinds of bedtime activities with no disturbance.

How do you Get Rid of a Squeaky Bed?

Nobody wants to sleep on a squeaky bed but there are times when that becomes inevitable. Once you notice the squeaks, the onus is on you to find a solution as quickly as possible. Here are the best ways to plug the squeaks from your bedroom.

1. Brand New Mattress

Once you identify your mattress as the culprit behind the noises, buying a new one becomes imperative. Remember, those squeaks are a warning that your mattress is doing a bad job of providing spinal support and further delays can cost your health dearly.

Many of us wait until our mattresses sag conspicuously before we start shopping for a new one. However, by that time, your spine could have suffered irreparable damage from the uneven sleeping surface.

This is why you should be thankful when your mattress starts squeaking. It simply means the built-in coiled springs are struggling to prop up your body. Hence, we recommend ordering a new mattress that provides effective support for your body weight and your sleeping position.

You might be wondering whether the defective coils in your mattress cannot be repaired instead of shelling out on a new one? Well, they certainly are repairable. But, any repairs will last a short amount of time at best before the squeaks begin again.

In our opinion, buying a brand new mattress is a much better option.

2. New Box springs 

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The smartest way to eliminate the noises from your old and tired box springs is to buy a new one. There are lots of different options on the market right now and the majority are available at affordable prices.

Make sure to choose a model that fits the size of your mattress. Also, it should be strong enough to support your body weight.

We found this top-rated low-profile boxspring on Amazon that can transform the quality of your sleep and save you from the discomfort of nightly squeaks.

3. Tighten Your Metal Frame

You can curb those noises from your old metal frame by tightening any loose bolts and screws. If you’re not sure of what metalware holds the frame together, take some time to check it out.

Also, tighten the frame with a screwdriver if it uses screws and a bench in the case of bolts. Adding a couple of washers can also stabilize the bed more and make it dead quiet.

4. Lubricate Metallic Parts

Excessive friction can cause squeaky noises. This occurs when different metal parts rub against each other so much that it culminates in noise.  Fortunately, lubricating the joints in your metallic frame can do the trick in such scenarios.

The best lubricants for squeaky metal bed parts are beeswax and oil. This 100% beeswax pillar on Amazon works well in friction reduction. It is also honey-scented and pollen colored.

5. Pad the Mattress 

There are times when the squeaky noises from your bed are a result of nothing more than disproportionate contact between the mattress and the metal or wooden slats. The coolest way to solve this is to pad the mattress with a couple of old bedsheets or clothes.

This padding can serve as a buffer between the mattress and the bed’s wooden or metallic slats. The result is reduced friction and of course, no squeaks.

6. Furniture Pads

Are the squeaky noises in your bed coming from the friction between the bed’s footing and hardwood floor? If the answer is yes, it is time to order furniture pads. These pads can protect the floor from the bed’s footing and prevent the bed from rocking.

In situations where the flooring has taken a beating over many decades, these pads can prevent further scratching.

Check out the number one rated furniture pads on Amazon right now with tons of raving reviews from consumers.

7. Order a New Bed Frame

When your bed frame is to blame for the squeaky noises, you may have little choice than to order a new one. The good news is that there are thousands of quality bed frames available on Amazon at a fraction of the price of a new mattress.

Take the time to go through them and find one that works well for your needs. Just like mattresses, beds come in several standard sizes so remember to order a model that fits the dimensions of your mattress.

8. Sleep on the Floor

woman lying on the floor with a book

Have you tried lying down on the floor? It is one of the best ways to achieve a good night’s rest. If your bed is still making noises after trying all of the tips above, why not just sleep on the floor?

Floor sleeping puts your spine in a neutral position to alleviate all sorts of joint and muscle pain. It is especially beneficial in the summer when room temperatures can go through the roof.

Have you seen the article we wrote on the benefits of sleeping on the floor during pregnancy? Click here to check it out.

Disadvantages of Squeaky Beds

Hearing squeaky sounds every time you move in bed can be extremely annoying but that is not the only negative. Here are some of the terrible ways in which loud bed noises can affect your life.

Keeps You Awake

A noisy bed can keep you awake all night long. With the slightest body movement resulting in squeaks, many people are forced to curl up their bodies in a small corner in an attempt to avoid moving. This can put a lot of strain on the brain leading to evasive sleep.

Disrupts Your REM Sleep Cycle

Even when you finally drift off to sleep, the continuous noises can disrupt your Rapid Eye Movement sleep cycle. This is the type of sleep that gives you the greatest relaxation in the morning and an inadequate REM sleep cycle affects your ability to wake up with energy. 

The probability of morning fatigue becomes higher, leading to daytime sleepiness.

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Noisy Sex

Few things put couples off sex as much as noisy beds. The squeaking sounds can interfere with the ability of both partners to concentrate during lovemaking which can sniff out all the fun.

Also, the potentially loud sounds can make your intimate moments with your partner less private. Many couples who’re stuck with squeaking beds move to the floor or find alternative platforms to get freaky. But don’t you think you deserve more?


Lying down on squeaky mattresses can be frustrating for everyone so we’re glad that you now have every bit of information to sort out the problem. The first step to solving the problem is identifying the source of the squeaks.

Once you have that sorted, you’ll be able to come up with the right solution to achieve noise-free sleeping. If the mattress tends to be the problem then you have no choice but to replace it. However, there are times when simple solutions such as padding your bed can turn your bedroom blissfully quiet again.

Hopefully, your days of suffering squeaks in bed will be a thing of the past once you put the action points above into practice. Good luck.

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