Are Memory Foam Mattresses Hot? All Your Questions Answered!

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Memory foam models are some of the most in-demand mattresses on the market today. While the majority of older Americans grew up on coiled spring mattresses, most millennials have slept on this innovative foam all their lives.

Memory foam mattresses can get hot due to their denser nature which traps more heat and their natural body confirming properties that ensure temperature sensitivity. This results in easy transfer of the sleeper’s body heat to the mattress surface triggering hot flushes, night sweats, and other signs of discomfort.

It is up to everyone to weigh the positives and drawbacks of this foam type to determine whether it can be a great fit or not.

Benefits Of Memory Foam

Memory foam is probably the biggest technological advancement in the mattress industry in recent times. A few benefits of choosing this foam type over the others such as coiled spring and latex models include:

Pain Relief: Memory foam offers genuine pain relief by producing minimal pressure points on the sleeper’s body throughout the night. The foam molds to each individual’s unique body curves to ensure amazing comfort and a higher chance of waking up happy and pain-free.

Motion Isolation: Memory foam also provides world-class motion isolation overnight which ensures that a partner or pet’s movements in bed do not affect your ability to sleep. This can come in handy for light sleepers and anyone who’s easily rattled by the least movements from others.

Hypoallergenic: Memory foam is hypoallergenic meaning natural repulsion of bacteria, molds, allergens, and other potentially harmful organisms.

All of these benefits stipulated above are the top reasons why memory foam has become so popular and continues to make large inroads in the mattress industry. The only downside is that memory foam mattresses can be quite hot compared to coiled spring or latex models.

Should You Ditch Memory Foam For Another Type Of Mattress?

This is one of the most common questions consumers ask themselves when shopping for a new mattress. It is especially popular among those who have experienced the magical benefits of memory foam in the past but have also grown weary of the tendency to get hot during the summer.

Whether to continue with memory foam is a personal choice each consumer has to make. Rivals like latex or innerspring mattresses may not have the denser structure and heat sensitivity properties of memory foam.

But this means their ability to provide pressure point elimination, motion isolation, and body-conforming can also be limited. Thus, it is up to each individual to determine which properties are more important in a mattress and go for it.

How To Cool A Memory Foam Mattress

Ending up with a memory foam mattress that sleeps hot can be the stuff of nightmares. Ideally, this problem should be identified during the 100-night sleep trial period for a swift return for those who shopped online.

However, you might order the mattress close to or in the middle of winter which can make it hard to spot any temperature regulation issues until it is too late. Sure, you can always order a new mattress as a replacement but that can cost several hundred dollars if not more.

Here are alternative and often cheaper methods of cooling memory foam mattresses.

1. Choose The Right Foundation 

Memory foam mattresses may get extremely hot to the point of discomfort and nobody can argue against that. But sometimes, the type of foundation used can also worsen the problem especially for those living in tropical regions.

Choosing a foundation that offers maximum airflow can do the trick in most cases. Slatted beds, in particular, could be just what you need to stave off the unbearable heat during the summer and other hot periods of the year.

If you’re currently stuck with solid wood or box spring, it may be time to get rid of it in exchange for something that allows more airflow.

Sleeping on the Zinus Sleep Master Deluxe Metal Platform Bed from Amazon has transformed my nighttime fortunes since I ordered it 6 months ago. My mattress receives superior air flow which translates to cool sleeping all night long.

2. Breathable Sleepwear

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Going to bed in sleepwear that hinders airflow may lead to sweating, hot flushes, and other forms of discomfort regardless of the type of mattress you may be sleeping on. This is why wearing breathable pajamas and other sleepwear can be so important.

The situation becomes even more critical when stuck with a memory foam mattress that sleeps hot. Remember, memory foam can be temperature-sensitive meaning clothes that heat the body could quickly make the mattress too hot for comfort.

Cotton, linen, and rayon are a few of the best fabrics for maximum temperature regulation on memory foam mattresses. Sleeping naked can also be a great choice if that’s something you’re comfortable with.

3. Cooling Sheets 

Choosing sheets that make you sticky and sweaty is one of the worst mistakes anyone can make on a hot-sleeping memory foam mattress.  After all, the sheets are what the body makes direct contact with during the night.

You may have invested in a mattress that can get extremely hot in the summer. But, taking the plunge to order sheets that naturally trap minimal heat could improve comfort levels significantly.

Linen sheets can be a great choice because the fabric features loose weaves that offer more airflow than even renowned cooling fabrics such as cotton.

Percale consists of a combination of polyester and closely woven cotton resulting in a fabric that feels cool and crisp on the body instantly.

Eucalyptus sheets may also be a great choice for consumers with hot memory foam mattresses. The fabric is extremely breathable thanks to its natural temperature-regulation properties.

Bamboo sheets also provide natural moisture-wicking and amazing comfort throughout the night. They can be relatively more affordable compared with Eucalyptus sheets.

The HotelSheetsDirect 100% Bamboo Bed Sheet Set from Amazon has been a game-changer in my bedroom since I found it online. As a hot sleeper, I now sleep cool throughout the night due to the moisture-wicking and soft-to-touch properties of the sheets.

4. Cooling Pillows 

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Are you tired of waking up to sweat-drenched pillows in the middle of the night? You’re not alone. Wet pillows can be a typical occurrence in the lives of natural hot sleepers and those who lie down on hot memory foam mattresses.

Cooling pillows may come in handy by allowing the free flow of air across the upper body to ensure comfort throughout the night. It is important to choose pillows featuring fabrics that are cool to the touch and repels the buildup of heat.

However, do not forget that the primary responsibility of pillows is to provide neck and shoulder support. Thus, choosing a model that meets all of the factors should be the goal when shopping.

The WEEKENDER Ventilated Gel Memory Foam Pillow is my go-to cooling pillow as a hot sleeper. It provides superior pressure relief and amazing cooling even in the summer. My girlfriend and I no longer suffer neck sweating during hot nights.

5. Wool Bedding

For most people, the provision of warmth during cold weather is the only thing that comes to mind the moment wool is mentioned but that could not be further from the truth. Wool offers world-class airflow which can keep you cool during the hottest nights.

Additionally, it offers natural temperature regulation to ensure cool sleeping even when the room temperature is abnormally high. Wool bedding such as duvets, comforters, and sheets are renowned for their natural moisture-wicking properties.

Even if you end up sweating during the night, the fabric’s ability to wick away moisture means little to no chance of waking up to wet pillows and sheets.

6. Cooling Pads and Toppers

Cooling mattress pads and toppers can be lifesaving for anyone stuck with a hot memory foam mattress. A topper or mattress pad is designed for placement on top of the mattress to insulate the sleeper’s body from a potentially hot mattress.

The good news is that you can choose a latex topper or another model featuring fabrics such as down feathers, gel foam, or organic cotton. These materials may ensure the free flow of air around the sleeper’s body to prevent heat from accumulating on the mattress surface.

This could be an affordable alternative compared to shelling out on a new mattress. While a decent memory foam model starts from around $600, you may find some of the best cooling mattress toppers on the market for up less than $150.

The Sleep Innovations 4-inch Dual Layer Gel Memory Foam Topper from Amazon offers an oasis of comfort at bedtime. It hides all the dips and sags in my mattress so I can enjoy unhinged sleep every night. It is available at an affordable price too.

7. Open The Bedroom Windows 

Even on the hottest nights when bedroom temperatures may soar to unbearable levels, the outdoors typically remain cool. This is due to the often cool breeze that circulates in those environments.

This is why opening the bedroom windows can be such an effective tactic for cooling down your sleeping surface. The results may be quite dramatic if the bed is situated close to a window that allows lots of air into the bedroom.

For consumers who’re lucky enough to have multiple bedroom windows, opening all of them could be the key to ensuring a rush of cool air that can lower the overall bedroom temperature while cooling down the memory foam surface.

8. Fans 

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Sometimes, opening the windows alone may not be enough to cool down hot memory foam to bearable levels. This is where switching on your fan can become a vital piece of the puzzle.

Fans may provide rapid cooling to even the hottest rooms by blowing enough air across all corners. Ceiling fans, in particular, can be an effective option but other types could be great alternatives as well.

You may place box fans and other portable types in proximity to the bed to offer direct cool air on the mattress surface throughout the night. This should prevent the memory foam from heating up which can translate to superior comfort for the sleeper.

Wondering whether a fan can be a good addition to a bedroom after getting a memory foam mattress? Click the link to read the article we wrote on Why Do Fans Help You Sleep? 5 Top Reasons Explained!

9. Bedjet

The Bedjet may be a great way to achieve proper climate control on a hot memory foam mattress. It is an electronic appliance that pulls pockets of cool air in any bedroom and moves it up the mattress to ensure a comfortable sleeping experience.

The Bedjet is easy to install and can provide transformative nighttime rest for consumers with the hottest memory foam units.

10. Air Conditioner 

Air conditioners can be another important solution for anyone stuck with a memory foam mattress that sleeps hot. Switching on the AC blows cool air throughout the entire bedroom resulting in a dramatic cooling down of the sleeper’s body temperature.

Air conditioners offer complete control to determine how cool you want the room to be. Just pick up the remote control and choose the right temperature at any point in time. The fact that they provide cool air means little chance of the memory foam heating up beyond comfort.

Also, since the sleeper’s body temperature tumbles in cool rooms, it eliminates the risk of the memory foam surface accumulating the sleeper’s body heat.

The SereneLife SLPAC105W Compact Freestanding Portable Air Conditioner is the top-rated model on Amazon right now. It can transform the hottest bedrooms to become cool and comfortable at night for superior shuteye.

11. Drink Lots of Water 

Drinking lots of water or other cool liquids can be one of the keys to reducing an individual’s body temperature. The liquids cool down the heat surrounding the organs in the body and the overall internal temperature.

Ingesting a constant stream of cool liquids may also reduce the risk of dehydration which is known for increasing the body’s core temperature.

12. Take A Warm Shower 

A warm shower is a tried and tested hack for enjoying cool sleeping on a memory foam mattress. The warm water initially increases the body temperature before a rapid fall that leads to comfortable sleeping.

With the sleeper’s body temperature reduced, the chances of heat transfer to the memory foam surface can be minimal. The result is a mattress that stays cool throughout the night and resultant benefits such as comfy sleeping.


Memory foam mattresses can be hot due to the natural temperature sensitivity and body-conforming properties that ensure it molds to each sleeper’s unique curves.

The good news is that ending up with hot-sleeping memory foam is not the end of the world. We’ve outlined 12 tips that can cool down memory foam to breathtaking levels for memorable nights. As long as you follow a few of them, those sweat-drenched nights could be a thing of the past.

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