Best Platform Beds With Storage [The Ultimate Guide]

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If you’re in a hurry and just looking for the best platform bed with storage, then the DHP Maven Platform Bed is the best one.

Are you tired of that small bedroom or guestroom feeling stuffed with all kinds of furniture to make it appear even less spacious? A platform bed with storage may be just what you need.

These are specially designed beds with built-in drawers and other forms of storage space. The inspiration behind its design is to eliminate the need for other kinds of furniture such as bookcases, nightstands, drawers, and closets.

This under-bed space made available by platform beds can be critical for the storage of loads of personal effects without adding extra furniture footprints.

Fortunately, we’ve uncovered the top platform beds with storage available in the market today for you to go through and make a well-informed decision.

How To Choose The Best Platform Beds With Storage

Your chances of finding the perfect platform bed with storage can be greatly enhanced by considering these important factors.

Construction Quality

Who wants to invest in a bed that provides less than secure sleeping? Well, no one does.

This is why it is important to buy a model that is constructed from top quality components to provide the required support during the 7-8 hours of nightly sleep.

Firstly, consider the quality of the core material as well as the finish. Also, read independent reviews from other current owners to get an idea of the expected quality before ordering a specific model.


The amount of storage provided by your preferred platform bed is another important factor you cannot afford to ignore.

This is especially true for anyone who requires lots of space for storing anything from clothes to gadgets and other personal effects.

The good news is that you can find a wide range of models including those that come with little drawers to ones featuring deep and wide drawers that deliver lots of space. Other options include beds with huge space directly underneath the mattress.

We recommend that you always consider the amount of space required and choose the right platform bed model for it.


Platform beds are renowned for their affordability so even with a small budget; you should have no issues finding the perfect model you can afford.

Also, keep in mind that larger bed sizes tend to be pricier than the smaller models so just be prepared to pay more when searching for a King or Queen Size.

The Best Platform Beds with Storage

DHP Maven Platform Bed

This outstanding model is one of the most popular platform beds with storage in the eyes of consumers right now.

DHP Maven Platform Bed with Upholstered Linen and Wooden Slat Support and Under Bed Storage, Full Size - Grey

The DHP Maven Platform Bed with Under-bed Storage comes in a contemporary low-profile design with clean lines.

Featuring a roll-out drawer, this model is optimized to fit in well with all kinds of small bedrooms by providing extra storage for keeping important documents and other relevant items.

This model helps everyone sleep cool via the built-in Brentwood slat system which provides mammoth ventilation by allowing air to pass freely under the bed to keep your mattress cool and fresh.

Whether you’re suffering from back pain or other forms of aches around your joints and other pressure points, the magnificent back support provided by this platform bed with embedded storage can change your life for the better.

Order the DHP Maven Platform Bed with Underbed Storage if you’re on the hunt for an airy platform bed with generous amounts of storage space.

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Coaster – Phoenix Contemporary Queen Bookcase Bed

The Coaster Phoenix Contemporary Queen Bookcase Bed is an absolute thriller when looking for a great platform bed with storage.


Coaster - Phoenix Contemporary Queen Bookcase Bed with Underbed Storage Drawers.

It is constructed from a combination of quality maple wood, Asian tropical wood, MDF, and Asian hardwood in a warm brown-colored finish which blends in seamlessly with any decor.

This adds a tasteful and refined appearance to your master bedroom or guest bedroom.

Additionally, it comes with a well-designed bookcase headboard that provides a lot of convenience for your sleep as well as 2 sleek and compact drawers for extra storage space.

It also allows you to enjoy hours of deep relaxation whether you’re taking an afternoon nap after a rigorous morning or simply want to push through a bit of reading in the middle of the day or night.

Buy the Coaster Phoenix Contemporary Queen Bookcase Bed if you want deep relaxation in bed without compromising on the glamour and beauty of your bedroom.

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DHP Cambridge Upholstered Platform Bed

This is another outstanding platform bed with storage in DHP’s range of models. The stylish tuft design easily transforms your bedroom into a modern oasis of rejuvenating sleep.

DHP Cambridge Upholstered Linen Platform Bed with Wooden Slat Support and Under Bed Storage, Button Tufted Headboard, Full Size - Grey

The DHP Cambridge Upholstered Faux Leather Platform Bed comes in an innovative design with a huge storage compartment underneath it.

This provides perfect space-saving for anyone who lives in a small apartment or studio with very limited space.

Getting access to the storage space beneath the bed is easy, thanks to the built-in gas lift mechanism which makes lifting effortless.

The Cambridge comes with a suave headboard and footboard which takes your sleeping experience to another level and available in 2 colors i.e. Grey and Black.

This platform bed with storage is easy to assemble even for first-timers with limited DIY experience as it ships with everything you need to make the setup as trouble-free as possible.

The DHP Cambridge Upholstered Faux Leather Platform Bed has got you covered if you’re desperate for a platform bed with tons of storage.

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Novogratz Kelly Upholstered Storage Platform Bed

The Novogratz Kelly Platform Storage Bed is upholstered in linen material with tufted details in the headboard for better sleep and relaxation.


Novogratz Kelly Upholstered Storage Platform Bed - Queen (Dark Gray Linen)

It comes with a strong support system made from bentwood slats which gives your bed the required level of support for any sleeper. This eliminates the need for box springs or any other mattress foundation.

The center leg design of this platform bed also provides additional support for the sleeper.

It ships in one box and requires minimal assembly which can be completed in a couple of minutes.

This model is complemented by either 2 or 4 drawers depending on the size of bed you choose. Either way, the drawers provide extra storage for keeping vital personal belongings including clothes, and documents.

It is available in Twin, Full, Queen, and King sizes.

If you’re desperate for a well-constructed platform bed with storage, the Novogratz Kelly Platform Storage Bed can be an excellent choice.

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Baxton Studio Ainge Storage Bed

This attention-grabbing contemporary storage platform bed brings a touch of royalty to the bedroom.

Baxton Studio Ainge Contemporary Button-Tufted Fabric Upholstered Storage Bed with 2 Drawers, King, Light Beige

The Baxton Studio Ainge Storage Bed comes in a light Beige fabric upholstery that augments the existing décor in your bedroom or guestroom.

You’re able to rest your head easily whether watching TV or reading in bed thanks to the cozy button-tufted headboard with foam padding.

The combination of plywood and hardwood frame with MDF LVL slats means increased strength and sturdiness for the bed. Additionally, the dark-brown colored wooden legs also provide extra support.

It features 2 large drawers for tucking in relevant sleep items as well as clothing and other personal effects when space is scarce in your apartment.

Hit the Order button on the Baxton Studio Ainge Storage Bed if you want a platform bed that combines fashion with functionality.

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Prepac Platform Storage Bed

The Prepac Platform Storage Bed Storage Bed is a contemporary platform bed frame that allows you to fit a queen size mattress.

White Queen Mate's Platform Storage Bed with 6 Drawers

It is constructed with quality composite wood and melamine laminates as well as solid wood slats and metal support.

This platform bed with storage ships ready to assemble with all the vital hardware included.

Featuring 6 drawers with each one measuring 19 inches deep, this model is the definition of extra storage.

The additional space can come in handy for a variety of uses especially when floor space is hard to come by in your studio or small apartment.

The manufacturer offers a 5-year warranty for each purchase which can be taken advantage of in the event of accidents or manufacturer defects.

Additionally, it weighs 120 pounds when fully assembled which gives you an idea of the quality of weight support it offers to sleepers.

The Espresso Mate’s Platform Storage Bed is a no-brainer if you’re desperate to make your bed the most versatile place in your bedroom.

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DHP Dakota Upholstered Platform Bed

This contemporary and chic bed frame is designed for anyone who values style as much as quality.

DHP Dakota Upholstered Platform Bed with Storage Drawers, Black Faux Leather, Queen

The DHP Dakota Upholstered Platform Bed with Storage comes in a trendy bed frame with tufted diamond detailing.

The structure is very sturdy and has what it takes to support hundreds of pounds of weight. The side rails, center metal rails, and extra metal legs deliver massive support and stability for you and your partner throughout the night.

Air circulation is also enhanced thanks to the wooden slat support system which guarantees just the right amount of air circulation and support from top to bottom. This is critical for a good night’s sleep especially during hot temperature periods of the year.

It is easy to handle and ships with every single component tucked into the headboard. Besides, the multiple sizes and colors available means total freedom to choose what suits your needs best.

You cannot ignore the DHP Dakota Upholstered Platform Bed with Storage if you’re serious about finding comfortable small space living.

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What Is A Platform Bed?

This is a uniquely constructed bed that features a rectangular frame to elevate it off the ground.


This gives a more stunning look to the bed while providing extra support to the mattress on top as well as the sleeper’s body through the integration of horizontal wooden slats placed across the bed frame.

Platform beds with storage are the latest innovation in the industry at the moment. They come in the form of traditional platform beds with drawers beneath them for storing important items.

Another style of platform beds come in the form of storage space just beneath the mattress. This space can be accessed by raising the mattress itself.

Here are a few benefits of platform beds.

Size Variety

Platform beds come in a wide range of sizes. From Twin to Full as well as Queen and King, finding the right size for your needs should not be a problem.

Often, larger size means more storage space so keep this in mind during the shopping process especially when your master bedroom or guest bedroom doesn’t have too much space.


Platform beds with built-in storage are some of the trendiest on the market right now. They are available in a wide range of colors to blend in easily with your overall bedroom design.

Additionally, these beds are constructed with style in a contemporary design that makes them stand out among its peers.

If you’re serious about taking bedroom elegance to another level, you cannot afford to ignore what these types of beds bring to the table.


Sleeping on a bed that makes creaking noises can be annoying and downright uncomfortable. The good news is that platform beds by design are extremely quiet thanks to the strong base as well as the quality of components.

During sex with a partner and other intimate moments, this quietness can make your life so much easier and memorable.


In spite of all the benefits listed above, platform beds are some of the most affordable on the market at the moment.

They usually come with price tags which are only a fraction of the cost of other beds. This makes them perfect for consumers on tight budgets who do not want to compromise on style or quality.


The DHP Maven Platform Bed with Underbed Storage is number one when looking for the best platform beds with storage space. It comes in a distinct low profile design with a huge roll-out drawer for storing a sizable amount of personal items.

This makes it perfect for those of us with small bedrooms due to limited floor space in our apartments.

Also, it is available at a great price and provides optimum weight support regardless of your body size.

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