19 Best Ways to Sleep Without an A/C

cool bedroom with bed and two pillows

Have you ever had to endure sweltering heat at night while trying to sleep? If yes, we can safely assume that it was a nightmarish experience you’re desperate to avoid in the future.

Whether you’re a hot or cold sleeper, your bedroom needs to be sufficiently cool to not only drift off easier but to stay asleep as well.

According to research, the optimum room temperature for sleep ranges between 60-67 degrees. Anything higher than that and you can expect to toss and turn from one side to the other throughout the night.

An Air conditioner is one of the most convenient ways to keep cool at night thanks to its ability to blow cool air into any given space. However, ACs can be an expensive venture due to their higher price tags and an increase in your energy bills.

If money is tight or you want to conserve energy then an air conditioner may not be the most practical idea. The good news is that there’re a ton of smart ways to keep your bedroom cool and enjoy a pleasurable sleeping experience without breaking the bank by installing an AC.

How do you sleep without an AC?

A few of these techniques include the following:

1. Staying Hydrated can keep your body temperature low

The saying water is life has become synonymous with almost every good thing our bodies need.

If you want to enjoy the best sleep, drinking lots of water throughout the day can improve your ability to stay hydrated at night. This can boost digestion and keep the internal body temperature cool, stimulating your brain to release the right hormones for better sleep.

A good tip is to drink a glass of water right at bedtime as this can prevent the need to wake up in the middle of the night due to thirst. Also, avoid drinking iced tea or coffee in the evening as that can be a recipe for disaster by causing dehydration.

Besides, try not to drink more than a glass of water as excessive amounts can disturb your sleep by increasing the need to pee frequently through the night.

2. Sleep Naked to avoid a warm pajamas

Few things can keep the body cooler than going to bed with no clothes. Following this lifestyle comes with the added benefit of saving you the cost of pajamas.

More importantly, sleeping without clothes empowers the body to thermoregulate optimally. This can set up the right internal temperatures for soothing slumber even when the room temperature isn’t exactly cool.

Many followers of this technique report wonderful results for their sleep. Even if you cannot bare it all, hitting the sack while half-naked can be a good start.

3. Get a Cooling Mattress

Did you know that some mattress models provide more cooling than others? Well, getting one of these can boost your sleep thanks to the built-in properties that promote cooler body temperatures.

Whether you prefer a coiled spring, latex, or memory foam model, know that there are good options out there that can suit your tastes. Hybrid options, in particular, can provide world-class cooling without compromising on comfort.

But what if you’ve only recently shelled out on a brand new mattress and cannot afford another? Well, there are several cooling mattress toppers out there for you. They are typically available at a fraction of the cost of a brand new mattress

These mattress toppers can be placed on top of regular mattresses to provide cushioning while ensuring more comfort for the sleeper.

Like regular mattresses, toppers may come with one type of integrated foam or the other. Memory foam is quite popular among consumers but there are a few latex models out there as well.

I love my TEMPUR-Adapt+ Cooling 3-inch Mattress Topper from TEMPURPEDIC (link to Amazon). It comprises exclusive foams that feel super luxurious to touch and offers world-class cooling even during the hottest nights. It is the ultimate cooling mattress topper available for sale today.

I found the Sweetnight Plush PillowTop Hybrid Mattress on Amazon. It combines the cooling effects of coiled springs with the custom contouring effects of memory foam to guarantee superior comfort at night. If you prefer a full-blown mattress instead of a topper, this is the one for you.

4. Get Cooling Pillows

Are you serious about keeping your body cool at night? If yes, cooling pillows are non-negotiable.

Have you noticed that you sweat a lot around the neck area whenever you sleep in hot temperatures? This is why getting pillows that offer the right degree of cooling can be so vital. Water pillows can be a great addition for anyone who wants to enjoy maximum cooling. Buckwheat pillows may be another option if you prefer something natural and vegan.

Besides, there are latex and memory foam pillows that can make those neck and facial sweats a thing of the past. If you decide to go for memory foam, make sure it is infused with gel beads and other potent cooling technologies.

The WEEKENDER Ventilated Gel Memory Foam Pillow is my go-to cooling pillow as a hot sleeper. It provides superior pressure relief and amazing cooling even in the summer. My girlfriend and I no longer suffer neck sweating during hot nights.

5. Cooling Sheets are critical in a warm environment

what is the point of investing in cooling pillows without ordering a pair of cooling sheets to complement them?

These sheets usually feature breathable materials ranging from Egyptian cotton to bamboo thanks to their ability to wick moisture away from the sleeper’s body. This can be lifesaving if you’re a natural hot sleeper or find yourself in high temperatures during summer heatwaves.

During cold winters, you can switch to duvets and other bedding that provide more warmth.

I love the feeling of the AmazonBasics Lightweight Super Soft Microfiber Sheet Set from Amazon. It feels cozy and comfortable on the hottest nights which prevents sweating. With over 51,000 positive reviews from buyers (and counting), you cannot afford to miss out on it.

6. Sleep on the Floor to keep the temperature low

woman lying down on a yoga mat

Have you tried lying down on the floor during heatwaves? It can be one of the coolest ways to sleep. This is thanks to the cool air that circulates on the floor of every room regardless of prevailing atmospheric temperatures.

On hot nights, following this hack can be the difference between blissful sleep and tossing and turning all night long.

No wonder many people report falling in love with floor sleeping and ditch their beds for good after trying it a few times.

Have you read the article we wrote on sleeping on the floor? Click here to discover the reasons why you should ditch beds for good.

7. Change your Sleeping Position 

If you’ve always lied down on your sides or tummy, it may be time to switch things up a bit. Many sleepers have reported feeling cool by shifting to their backs. Sure, changing sleeping positions can be extremely difficult if you’re used to lying down on the stomach or sides.

But the overall improvements to sleep quality can be worth it in the long run especially if you live in a hot climate or during the summer.

The best way to enjoy sleeping on the back is to prop up your head with a back sleeper’s pillow. This should provide proper alignment with the rest of the body for superior shuteye.

8. Take a cold shower before bed

flowing shower in a bathroom

Cold showers can be another great way to cool down the body temperature and set it up for good sleep.

If you’re uncomfortable bathing cold water, even warm showers can boost the body’s ability to regulate its internal temperature. So go ahead and take a long, warm shower if that’s your preference.

After all, the evaporating water from the skin after getting out of the bathtub should lower your overall body temperature. Falling and staying asleep right after should be easy to achieve.

9. DIY Air Conditioner

Don’t have an air conditioner? That does not mean you cannot have a rush of cool air blowing into your bed at night.

You can make a DIY air conditioner by putting large quantities of ice cubes in a bowl beside your bed and set a fan on it. You can then enjoy the rush of cool air as the fan continues to blow the melting ice straight in the bed’s direction.

Keep in mind that your fan size can determine how much cool air is blown in your direction. Remember, you may have to adjust the position of the fan to enjoy the maximum cool air from the makeshift AC.

10. Open Your Bedroom Windows

Keeping the windows closed can contribute to the heat in your bedroom during the summer. It may limit the ventilation across the room which can make sleeping even more difficult.

This is why keeping your windows open can feel so heavenly especially when it is windy outside. Besides, the cool breeze can lower your body temperature and make the room feel much cooler.

Sleeping should occur in no time due to the instant comfort opening your bedroom windows can give.

11. Order Blackout Curtains to keep the sun out

Are you looking to take a quick afternoon nap over the weekend? Or you’re trying to sleep in on a Saturday morning after a long week?

Regardless of the underlying reason, one of the best ways to cool down any room during the day is to draw the curtains. This can prevent sunlight from hitting your bedroom directly and heating it.

Blackout curtains are especially recommended if you want to keep the hot sun rays at bay. These curtains also provide a sense of darkness which can trick your brain into getting the body ready to sleep.

Just get the right blackout curtains and your days of waking up to sunlight or the sun’s rays will be over.

The NICETOWN Thermal Insulated Blackout Bedroom Curtains from Amazon keeps out sunlight from my bedroom. It is one of the secrets to the cool atmosphere I currently enjoy especially during summers when the sun can be extremely hot.

12. Freeze Your Sheets right before bedtime

bucket of ice cream in a freezer

Freezing your bedsheets can provide a cool feeling at bedtime. The trick is to put the sheets and pillowcases in a plastic grocery bag, tie it, and put it in your freezer at least an hour before you go to bed.

By the time you remove the frozen sheets from the freezer, they should feel so cool and comfy that you may be in Snoozeland even before you know it.

Millions of people around the world swear by the frozen sheets method so you should try it and see the results for yourself.

Also, make sure not to leave the sheets in the freezer for more than an hour to prevent them from actually freezing.

13. Switch Off Your Electronic Gadgets

Electronic gadgets such as televisions and home theater systems generate a lot of heat every time they’re powered on. This can increase the prevailing room temperature, especially in the summer when you’re already suffering from unbearable heat.

Sleep experts recommend switching off these gadgets an hour or so before jumping into bed. This can help lower the temperature in your room to acceptable levels to guarantee pleasant nights.

Even old fans can worsen the temperature in bedrooms as they may blow a lot of heat during operations. Smartphone chargers, laptops, and game consoles are other electronic gadgets you should switch off.

14. Sleep in Moist Clothes

You may be surprised to know that sleeping in moist clothes can help cool down the body temperature and put you to sleep.

Does that mean you should pick wet clothes from the washing machine and put them on without drying? The answer is no. Sprinkling a bit of water on your pajamas can make it damp enough for comfort when it is bedtime.

But how does this mechanism work? Well, the moisture in your clothes can force your body heat to begin evaporating immediately after wearing it. This eventually cools down the entire body and sets it up to enjoy blissful slumber.

15. Keep Bedroom Doors Open

Keeping your doors open during hot nights may be another shortcut to a blissful shuteye. It can promote the circulation of cool air from one room to the other for superior thermoregulation.

From the main entrance to your house to other doors around the home, good air circulation can improve the internal temperature of any home. This can help the body cool down in the absence of a bedroom air conditioner.

16. Turn Off Your Stove

picture of a stove in a kitchen

Running a cooking stove is one of the quickest ways to heat any room. If you live in a studio or small apartment, cooking in the evening can turn the home into a burning furnace.

This is why it is critical to switch off your stove early in the evening. If possible, cook your dinner several hours before bedtime to avoid kitchen-induced heat from ruining the ability to doze off at night.

Another smart solution may be to cook in batches, put them in your freezer, and microwave as and when needed.

17. Cool Your Hands and Feet in Cold Water

OK, so you don’t want to take a cold shower? Fair enough. But putting the hands and feet in cold water can keep your entire body cool in a matter of seconds. You can do this either by placing your hands and feet under running water or dipping them in a bowl of iced water.

Within the space of minutes, the body should cool down enough for you to drift off nice and easy.

18. Turn on Your Fan during the night

Turning on the fan can be a great option in the absence of an air conditioner. Ceiling fans, standing fans, and box fans can provide that cool breeze you need to enjoy quality nights regardless of how hot your room temperature may be.

The quality of my sleep has improved significantly since I started switching on the Honeywell QuietSet 8-Speed Whole Room Tower Fan from Amazon 2 months ago. It blasts spring-like breeze throughout the bedroom for superior shuteye during summer heatwaves.

19. Take an Evening Stroll

During hot nights, evening strolls can be an easy option for lowering the body’s temperature. Regardless of how hot the climate may be, the outdoors will certainly feel cooler than the bedroom and other parts of your home.

Thus, spending some time even in your back yard can offer natural temperature regulation for effortless sleep.


Here’s everything you need to know about cooling down your body without an air conditioner. Following these tips and tricks can create an enabling environment to enjoy a great night of rest.

Hopefully, the days of tossing and turning in bed all night long can be a thing of the past.

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