Best Mattress Elevator [Complete Buying Guide]

mattress elevator under a mattress on a headboard bed

Have you been experiencing frequent episodes of heartburns especially at night? or Do you snore loudly every time you hit the sack? Either way, the right mattress elevator can improve the quality of your sleep and eliminate many of the side effects associated with lying down flatly.

What is the Best Mattress Elevator?

As a first-time buyer, the various options on the market with regards to mattress elevation can be overwhelming. Elevators come in multiple styles with each brand touting its own as the best.

After extensive tests and customer testimonials, here are the most important factors that can help you choose the best model for upper body elevation in bed.

Mattress Elevator Style

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to mattress elevators. Often, personal preferences and circumstances can determine the best style for you.

If you love the feel of your current mattress then plastic under-bed wedges or elevating incline inserts may offer the best elevation.

However, Elevation Toppers are popular among consumers looking for more comfortable sleeping than what their current mattress surface provides. Wedge Pillows can also be a great option for those in search of better cradling for their neck and shoulders.

Size of Your Mattress 

The Size of your mattress is one of the most important factors to consider when shopping for an elevator.

Whichever model you choose must fit your mattress snugly. Additionally, it should enhance the stability of your current bed or at least maintain it.

However, keep in mind that the queen, king, and California king-sized mattresses can be bulky to handle. Thus, only the most durable and stable mattress elevators can provide the right performance for such mattresses.

Component material

The component material should also be taken into consideration when searching for the right mattress elevator. If the elevator of your choice is a wedge pillow or topper then we recommend memory foam.

This is because memory foam provides optimum cradling for the body, ensuring that you can wake up well-rested and ready to go.

On the other hand, choose models with steel or heavy-duty plastic if you opt for Elevating Incline Inserts or Under-bed Wedges.


How much do you have to spend on your dream mattress elevator? This is an important question to ask even before you start shopping. A quick online search reveals that the price of these elevators can range anywhere from $30 to over $200.

With that in mind, choose a model that meets your comfort as well as budget needs. After all, no one wants to pay an arm and a leg for a mattress elevator.

Ease of Setup

There’s no point spending cash on mattress elevators that are difficult to handle or set up. A few models can be so complicated to assemble that you may need to spend extra on hiring a professional.

Instead, choose models that require little to no instructions. Remember, mattress elevators which are easy to assemble solo are usually preferable over those that require 2 or 3 hands.

The Best Mattress Elevators

Avana Mattress Elevator – Under Bed 7-Inch Incline Foam Support

The Avana Mattress Elevator is the go-to option for anyone who requires a powerful non-invasive method of combatting chronic acid reflux or Sleep Apnea. Placing this elevator on a bed frame offers a 7 to 1-inch incline throughout the full length of the mattress.

Avana Mattress Elevator - Under Bed 7-Inch Incline Foam Support, Queen

This can provide a natural lift for your whole torso resulting in the right inclined surface for memorable sleep.

It is easy to install and requires absolutely no instruction manual. Just lift your current mattress, place the elevator directly on your bed slats or box spring, and put the mattress back.

Besides, the split design makes it easier to install while the full-length engineering gives your mattress even more stability.

We love the fact that every inch of foam used in CertiPUR-US certified meaning zero exposure to toxic chemicals such as Vinyl and Phthalates.

Purchasing the Avana Mattress Elevator gets you an incredible 1-year satisfaction guarantee. This means a full replacement within that timeframe if anything untoward happens.

If you hate lying down on wedge pillows to prevent acid reflux, you’ll love this mattress elevator. After all, it protects your body from being forced to lie down in uncomfortable angles all in the name of preventing Sleep Apnea and GERD.

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LUXELIFT Support Therapy Bed Wedge Pillow

This is another solid option for anyone that needs some sort of upper-body elevation for a good night’s rest. It is highly flexible, giving you the option of placing it on top of your mattress or directly underneath it. However, most online reviewers say choosing the latter gives them the best results.

LUXELIFT Support Therapy Bed Wedge Pillow. Multipurpose adjustable 12 inch or 8 inch height. Cooling Gel-Infused Memory Foam, Back & Leg Pillow. Back Pain, Injury, Acid Reflux, GERD, Sinus & Snoring

The LUXELIFT Support Therapy Bed Wedge Pillow features a 2-inch quality foam at the top that gradually reduces to an inch at the base. This gentle elevation can do wonders for your sleep in many ways.

For instance, if you suffer from chronic snoring, this elevation clears up the airways for proper breathing throughout the night. Besides, the slight slant of the upper body also prevents digestive acids from accidentally flowing back into the esophagus.

We love the fact that all component foams are 100% made in the United States. These foams are strong and designed to hold up to 16-inch mattresses.

Additionally, this mattress elevator can be very comfortable especially since the incline stays invisible as you sleep. The only downside is that regular bed sheets may not be able to stay on your bed for long.

Hence, we recommend getting extra deep pocket sheets for all-night comfort.

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The Wellness Wedge Two Pack of Plastic Wedges

The Wellness Wedge is another innovative option for sleepers. It comes in the form of plastic wedges placed under mattresses to provide elevation. Hence, ultra-busy consumers with no time to care for foam elevators may find this model very convenient.

The Wellness Wedge Your Mattress Elevation Solution; Two Pack of Plastic Wedges

One of the outstanding features of these plastic wedges is the level of flexibility they offer. They’re inter-lockable so consumers get the option of placing them side by side or stacking them up. Keep in mind that stacking offers 5 inches of elevation while side by side placements reduces it by half.

The Wellness Wedge Mattress Elevator is made from the highest grade of plastic material. Fortunately, the integrated plastic is completely recyclable and 100 percent made in the USA.

Unlike foam-based elevators, this model offers no unpleasant smells and does not require cleaning or washing. Additionally, it repels bacteria, allergens, dust mites, and other potentially harmful organisms.

Many current users have reported significant improvements in health conditions including acid reflux, GERD, and back pain. Others continue to gain relief from nasal congestion, spinal decompression, and chronic loud snoring.

Fortunately, this wedge is perfect for mattresses of all types and thicknesses.

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Sleepnitez Wedge Pillow

The Silverback Wedge Pillow can do wonders for your sleep comforts. It provides support by slightly lifting your box spring and mattress from the frame.

7.5" Wedge Pillow For Acid Reflux - Dr. Recommended Height, Luxurious 2

Many consumers are immediately drawn to the 7.5 inches of elevation it offers.  While it may seem a bit strange the first time you lie down on it, it’s only a matter of time before your body gets used to it. It can ensure the right elevation for the chest and other upper body parts.

Besides, the ease of use makes it a great choice for all kinds of beds and bed platforms.

Lying down on this elevating wedge pillows which can provide refreshing comfort every night

Additionally, the wedge provides neck, back, and shoulder support to help you breeze through the night and wake up fully recharged.

Whether you sleep on a Twin, Full, or Queen mattress, this wedge should work perfectly.  

The Silverback Wedge Pillow is durable thanks to the quality of its components. It is perfect for GERD sufferers, chronic snorers and those recovering from injuries and accidents.

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Soraken Wedge Pillow

The RECCI Wedge Pillow is an affordable option for slanting the upper body as you savor what Dreamland has to offer at night. 


RECCI Wedge Pillow, 100% Memory Foam Orthopedic Support Pillow for Sleeping, Reading, Rest or Elevation Acid Reflux, Removable Cover, Elevated Support for Neck, Back and Legs (28" x 24

The fact that it is the only wedge pillow with 100% memory foam filling means you can be sure of amazing comfort in bed.

It comes in a 2-layer design that augments the sleep of even the most hardcore insomniacs. While the top layer hugs your body and conforms to its curves, the base layer provides the necessary support for neutral spinal alignment.

The result is well-refreshed mornings after long nights of deep sleep. Also, this wedge pillow features a cotton cover that provides cool sleep even during hot summer nights and we love the fact that this cover is removable and easy to wash.

The Wedge Pillow does not only provide proper elevation during the night but it is also suitable for a myriad of uses including reading and watching TV in bed.

It can be the perfect solution for heavy snoring and frequent acid reflux incidents. If you’re suffering from respiratory conditions or recovering from surgery, the RECCI Wedge Pillow can be a priceless addition to your home.

Besides, the 30-day money-back guarantee and full 3-year warranty enable you to order with full confidence.

What is a Mattress Elevator?

A mattress elevator is a piece of foam or equipment that puts a slight slant on your mattress while you sleep. This slant or elevation helps raise the upper body slightly above the lower body to promote healthy sleep.

Sure, there are many ways of raising your upper body a little in bed, but the majority of them can lead to sleep disturbance and body pains. This is why many consumers are turning to these elevators.

Benefits of Mattress Elevators

Lying down with the upper body in a slight upward slant has proven benefits for a wide range of health conditions. This is the idea behind mattress elevators and the reason why they’ve become so popular in the last decade.

Here are a few benefits of mattress elevators for your sleep:

Eliminates Acid Reflux

Acid reflux is characterized by a burning sensation in the chest that can be very uncomfortable. Many of us suffer this condition once in a while, especially when we lie down shortly after eating. Choose one of the best mattress elevator for acid reflux above. 

But if you experience heartburns repeatedly then it could be a sign of more complicated issues such as Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD).

The good news is that mattress elevators can quickly eliminate signs of GERD. The slight elevation they provide may prevent stomach acids from accidentally reaching the esophagus and causing burning sensations.

Sleep Apnea Relief

Have you been diagnosed with Sleep Apnea? Or do you snore heavily throughout the night? If the answer is yes, the right mattress elevator can save your life.

Remember, loud snoring is caused by breathing difficulties that arise when the sleeper’s airways get blocked during sleep. To prevent oxygen starvation, the brain wakes the sleeper up momentarily to open the airways which result in those loud and unpleasant sounds.

Elevating the upper body is a potent way of opening up the airways to allow effortless breathing. This eliminates or at least minimizes snoring.

Back Pain Relief

Lying down in an unnatural position is the number one cause of back pain. This can put avoidable stress on the spinal region, leading to pain and discomfort in the morning.

Mattress Elevators promote healthy alignment of the spine with the rest of the body. The result is soothing relief from pain and stiffness not only in the back but in other delicate joints too.

Types of Mattress Elevators

There are several types of mattress elevators on the market and each one operates distinctly. This means the flexibility to choose the best option depending on your needs at any particular point in time.

Some of the most common mattress elevator types include:

  • Under-bed Support Foams
  • Elevation Toppers
  • Wedge Pillows
  • Plastic Under-bed Wedges
  • Elevating Incline Inserts


Unless you prefer a more invasive medical procedure, mattress elevators can be your best bet to getting rid of Sleep Apnea, GERD, acid reflux, and other health problems.

These accessories can give you the right angle to breathe easily and kick those loud snores to the curb.

This will not only enhance your sleep but that of your spouse as well. Fortunately, we’ve revealed the top models available on the market so choosing the best mattress elevator to order should be easy.

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