How To Keep A Mattress From Sliding On Metal Bed Frame

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A mattress that slides on a metal bed frame, box spring, or another foundation at the slightest provocation could mess up the whole bedtime experience. Not only can it wake you up from the deepest stages of sleep but even sitting on the mattress may become uncomfortable.

The situation can get so bad that many folks begin to dread going to bed. After a long hard day, the least anyone deserves is a good night of uninterrupted sleep. However, sliding mattresses could make that impossible.

How To Keep A Mattress From Sliding Off the Bed

A sliding mattress can be detrimental in a variety of ways leading to sleep disturbances and the resultant negatives. Shall we take a look at some tried and tested ways to eliminate the problem?

1. Rubber Padding 

Did you know that padding the mattress with rubber is a tried and tested way to eliminate the majority of sliding issues? The natural friction rubber offers can be put to full use to provide stability for your mattress.

A quick look around the home should reveal rubber-made items that may serve as the perfect padding material including:

  • The original rubber encasement that shipped with the mattress
  • Plastic mattress bag 
  • Gripping Pads
  • Rubber flip flops 
  • Brand new or properly washed rubber mat
  • Thin yoga mat 
  • Rubber shelf liners 

If you cannot find any of these items around the house, a quick dash to your local Walmart should provide a wide range of options to choose from. If you have a thin mattress, make sure any matting or padding selected is flat enough to eliminate the risk of bumps.

The final step is to remove the mattress from the metal bed frame or box spring, place the padding on the surface, and put the mattress back again.

I rely on the CRESNEL Super Thick Tear and Puncture Resistant Polyethylene Bag from Amazon to stabilize my sliding mattress. It covers up to standard Queen size mattresses and keeps out dust, moisture, and bed bugs.

2. Non-Slip Mattress Pad

Non-slip mattress pads are specific pads engineered to eliminate the problem of mattresses sliding on specific bed frames. These pads come in the form of thin layers of rubber or foam and can be found in supermarkets, brick and mortar mattress stores, and online.

Non-slip mattress pads come in different sizes so it is important to choose based on the size of your mattress if you want maximum sliding protection. If you’re unsure of the size of your mattress, you can always buy pads that are larger because the size may be easily trimmed with scissors.

The good news is that that these pads are typically washable so dirt and allergens can be eliminated periodically.

The GORILLA Grip Original Slip-Resistant Mattress Gripper Pad from Amazon helps stop mattresses and toppers from slipping out of the bed. They’re designed to hold even the strongest mattresses in place all night regardless of the sleeper’s body weight.

3. Velcro

Velcro may be a great way to keep slipping mattresses stable and secure. Sometimes known as hook and loop material, smart placements of velcro around each corner of the mattress and a few at the center should be enough to keep it from sliding.

Typically, the larger the size of the mattress, the more velcro you’ll need for stability on the metal bed frame or box spring. The good news is that these materials can be found in any supermarket or online retailer such as Amazon.

Once the velcro arrives, lift the mattress and fix one side directly on the mattress surface and the other on the bed slats or box spring surface. For the best results, always make sure the hook side meets the loop side when fixing the velcro.

4. Vacuum The Mattress Undersides 

mattress being vacuumed

As stated earlier, sometimes the slipping is caused by nothing more than accumulated dead skin cells, pet dander, dirt, food crumbs, and other forms of debris. Vacuuming the undersides of the mattress should eliminate the dirt and debris without problems.

The result is a mattress that no longer slides while you’re sleeping on it. This can lead to amazing nights on a once dreadful mattress.

The Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe NV360 from Amazon is the number-one-rated HEPA certified vacuum cleaner on the market today. It keeps my mattress bed bug free while offering protection against bacteria and allergens that can increase the risk of diseases and infections. It also offers amazing cleaning solutions for floors, carpets, and other parts of the home. I highly recommend it to everyone.

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5. Wedge The Sides of The Mattress 

Placing wedges between the sides of the metal bed frame and the mattress can also be an effective remedy against sliding. This option often works in mattresses that do not fit snugly in the bed frame.

Possible items that could serve as great wedges include:

  • Towels 
  • Denim
  • Spare comforters
  • T-shirts

The only downside is that you’ll have to keep a continuous eye on the wedge material to make changes as and when necessary. Thus, it can be a temporary solution while you look for a more permanent one.

6. Order A New Mattress 

A brand new mattress can be an expensive purchase that may require months of planning and saving. However, there are times when you need to take the plunge by ordering a new one when your old mattress just won’t stop sliding no matter what solution you come up with.

As previously stated, some mattresses shrink over time while others ship with manufacturer defects that may lead to slippage no matter how hard you try.

The Ashley Furniture Signature Design Chime Express Memory Foam Mattress from Amazon has transformed my sleep since it arrived 6 months ago. It offers amazing body contouring, firm support, and pressure relief with an ultra-plush feeling. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.

7. Get A Replacement Bed Frame

A replacement bed frame could also kick sliding mattress problems to the curb once and for all. This may be the last resort when your mattress is new, fully expanded, and showing no signs of indentations.

Bed frames that are simply too large to fit the corresponding standard mattresses should be replaced with one that fits snugly. The good news is that metal bed frames and box springs may be significantly cheaper than the cost of a new mattress.

I love going to bed on the Olee Sleep 14-inch Foldable Dura Metal Platform Bed Frame from Amazon. It features supporting underframe bars to eliminate sliding while ensuring maximum weight and pressure support.

 Drawbacks Of Sliding Mattresses

Nobody wants to deal with a mattress that slides at the least provocation in bed due to multiple potential drawbacks including:

1. Sleep Disturbances 

Nothing can be more frustrating than being stuck with a mattress that shifts or slides throughout the night. It may cause several interruptions when you’re desperate to get some rest after a long hard day.

After stressful days, everyone deserves restful nights to recharge batteries and a mattress that keeps sliding can rob you of that.

2. Intimacy Problems 

man speaking to a therapist

The majority of couples get intimate in their beds even though there are numerous alternatives. A stable mattress is required for the most pleasurable moments and unfortunately, a sliding mattress can rob you of that.

Can you imagine a mattress that shifts with each move you make in bed with your partner? You’ve got a quick mood killer right there.

Why Do Mattresses Slide From Metal Bed Frames And Other Foundations?

Multiple reasons may account for sliding mattresses and it is up to each consumer to detect the specific one affecting his. Shall we take a look at a few reasons why mattresses keep sliding off bed frames?

1. Sizing Problems 

Sizing problems are the number one cause of mattresses sliding off metal bed frames. Sure, every mattress size comes in standard dimensions that ensure proper fitting as long as you invest in the right size of the bed frame.

However, there are times when factory defects may lead to the production of models that are short of the standard dimensions. The result is a mattress that is unable to fit on the bed frame well enough leading to sliding.

On the other hand, there have been many cases of bed frames and foundations exceeding the standard dimensions for a particular size. For instance, you could end up buying a queen size bed frame with excess space on the sides and edges even after placing a standard queen size mattress.

Have you read the article we wrote on Why Do Mattresses Need Frames? Click the link to find out the advantages of a bed frame.

2. Friction Issues

A bit of friction is necessary for a mattress to stay stable on a box spring, platform bed, or metal bed frame. This friction can eliminate potential issues such as sizing problems that may otherwise cause sliding.

According to experts, some mattress types are more susceptible to sliding especially dual-sided models. Thanks to the smooth nature of each surface of the mattress, the problem may pop up whichever way they’re flipped.

 Additionally, some sliding issues are manually created when a cover that struggles to grip the bed frame is encased on the mattress.

3. Shrinking Mattresses

There have been many instances of mattresses that initially fit properly on a bed frame or foundation but slowly begin to slide over time. This usually happens when the mattress shrinks in size.

For instance, you can compress a memory foam mattress when moving into a new house or apartment. However, the mattress may not expand to its previous size even after inflation. This can trigger sliding issues in a formerly perfect-fit mattress.

If you must compress a memory foam mattress for transportation purposes, make sure it is done correctly to guarantee a higher chance of expansion to full size after inflation.

4. Dust and Debris Accumulation

Sometimes, sliding may be caused by nothing more than the accumulation of debris and dirt underneath the mattress. It is no secret that mattresses undergo a lot of pressure from the sleeper’s body weight for long periods.

Also, it can get exposed to dead skin cells, lint, pet hairs, dirt, and debris. These particles may build up under the mattress over time, resulting in sliding problems.

This is one of the reasons why experts recommend changing your mattress within 5-7 years even if it looks perfect from the outside.

5. Missing Barriers

Metal bed frames, platform beds, and similar foundations may feature slats designed to keep the mattress stable throughout the night. However, furniture experts recommend that the slats alone might not be able to steady the mattress.

This is why these bed frames also feature additional barriers that tower over the slats a bit to provide extra stability for the mattress.

6. Bed Skirts 

Bed skirts are a piece of fabric that is placed between the mattress and box spring or metal bed frame. They can offer a stylish appearance to the bed while covering any sides of the bed that may be dirty, stained, or showing signs of rust.

If the space under the bed is used as storage for personal effects, bed skirts can also hide this. Unfortunately, the type of bed skirt fabric could trigger slippage of the mattress and this is why it is advisable to choose cotton if the idea of ditching the bed skirt is non-negotiable.

7. Constant Jumping On The Bed 

senior citizens jumping on a bed

The idea of jumping into bed after a long hard day might seem attractive on paper. However, the mattress could shift slightly every time the force of the jump together with the sleeper’s body weight hits the bed.

This can cause sliding issues over time especially among box spring users. Getting into bed gently could also eliminate the sliding but if that is not realistic, why not try hook and loop strips to keep the mattress in place.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are a few frequently asked questions consumers ask about sliding mattresses.

How do I keep my bed topper from sliding?

Mattress toppers are notorious for sliding off when placed on a mattress. The best way to solve the problem is to use sheet straps or tight-fitting sheets. Non-skid mattresses, velcro, duct tape, and carpet tape may also come in handy for increasing the grip of toppers.

How can you keep a futon mattress from sliding off a metal frame?

Futons may be susceptible to slippage from the metal frame. This can be solved by placing a non-slip futon grip stopper between the frame’s seat and the futon to keep it steady.


Mattresses can be kept from sliding on metal bed frames by fitting non-slip pads between the mattress and bed frame, wedging the sides of the mattress with denim, or encasing the mattress in a plastic storage bag.

These solutions have done wonders for millions of consumers who have experienced the problem in the past. But sometimes, buying a brand new mattress or replacing the bed frame with a more stable one is the best way to eliminate the problem.

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